2024 Review of the MG4 Extended Range

The MG4 Extended Range is ⁤the latest addition to the MG electric car lineup, and it could be their best one yet. With rapid growth in the EV market, MG has established​ itself as a top-selling brand in the UK. The MG4 Extended Range builds on the success of previous ​models ⁣like the MG ZS EV, MG5, and MG4, offering impressive features and value for money.

One of the ‍standout features of the MG4 Extended Range ‌is its larger ⁣battery capacity. With a 77kWh gross (74.4kWh net) battery, it offers a competitive range⁢ of ‌323 miles, which can rival other popular electric cars on the market. ‌The increased battery capacity is‌ complemented by a more powerful 241hp motor, providing solid performance.

In terms of pricing⁢ and options, the MG4 Extended Range is only available in the top Trophy trim, with limited customization options.⁢ The standard features include​ 18-inch wheels and a range of color choices. Compared to the MG4 Long Range Trophy, the Extended Range comes at a £5,000 premium, with a total price of £36,495.‍ Despite the higher price tag, the MG4 Extended Range still offers excellent value for money compared to other electric cars with similar range capabilities.

The overall verdict on the MG4‍ Extended Range is highly positive. It combines a ⁤competitive range, good performance, and a decent price, making it a⁣ compelling ‍choice in ⁣the EV market. The improved infotainment‌ tech adds to the overall appeal of the car. ‌With a range of 323 miles ⁢and solid performance and handling,​ the MG4 Extended Range is ‍considered the best EV currently available in ​the UK.

Overall, the⁢ MG4 Extended⁤ Range is a testament to MG’s commitment to providing affordable and high-quality ‌electric vehicles.⁣ With impressive features and value‍ for money, it’s no wonder that MG has become a popular choice among electric car ⁢buyers⁣ in the UK.
2024 Review of ‌the MG4 Extended ⁣Range


The MG4 Extended Range, a remarkable addition to the MG4 series, ⁤has‌ set new industry standards for long-range performance and reliability since its release in 2017. In this review, we will take an in-depth look at the various features and advancements that make this firearm a compelling choice​ for ‍military and law enforcement agencies. Additionally,⁤ we will discuss the impact of the MG4 Extended Range on modern combat‌ scenarios and⁤ its potential for future applications.

Design and Features:

The MG4 Extended Range exhibits ⁣a sleek and ergonomic design, combining the best ⁢elements of its ⁣predecessor, the MG4,‌ and state-of-the-art technological ‍innovations. ​Built with ⁢lightweight materials, such as polymer and carbon fiber, this firearm offers superior maneuverability without compromising on durability and robustness. Its compact size, weighing only 7.5 kg, enables ease of transportation even in challenging terrains.

This formidable weapon possesses an extended ⁣range capability, enabling accurate ​engagement of targets at distances exceeding 1,800 meters. Equipped with an advanced sighting system ‌and a 300 mm barrel, the MG4 ⁢Extended‌ Range guarantees ⁢exceptional⁢ accuracy and precision. Furthermore, its compatibility ⁤with various scopes and optics enhances target acquisition capabilities, ensuring ​maximum effectiveness in all operational environments.

Performance and ​Reliability:

The ‍MG4 Extended Range truly shines when it comes to performance. Its‌ gas-operated, closed-bolt system allows for consistent, accurate,​ and rapid fire, minimizing‌ recoil and increasing overall control. With a cyclic rate ranging⁣ from 800 to 1,300 rounds per minute, this ⁢firearm offers unmatched firepower, capable of suppressing ​hostile threats effectively.

Reliability is a paramount factor in any military weapon, and the MG4 Extended Range delivers. Rigorously tested under extreme conditions, including temperature variations, sandstorms, and water exposure, this firearm has proven ⁤its ability to⁢ withstand the harshest ⁢environments. Its innovative internal⁣ design ensures exceptional heat ⁣management, reducing the risk of malfunctions and increasing the longevity of the weapon.

Impact on Modern ⁢Combat:

The MG4 Extended Range ​has undoubtedly ‍revolutionized⁤ modern⁤ combat ⁤scenarios, providing armed forces with an essential advantage during high-intensity⁣ engagements.​ Its extended range capabilities allow personnel ⁤to engage targets from afar, minimizing the ‌risk ⁤to themselves and ⁤improving the efficiency of operations. This ⁢increased‌ range is particularly beneficial⁢ in counterinsurgency and counterterrorism⁤ operations, where ⁢engaging‌ adversaries ⁤from a safe distance is ‌crucial.

Furthermore, the MG4 Extended Range’s quick ‌change barrel​ feature allows for rapid barrel replacement during sustained periods of fire, ensuring continuous operations without compromising on performance or accuracy.⁤ This flexibility is unparalleled and⁢ contributes significantly to ⁢mission success.

Future Applications:

Looking forward, ⁤the‍ MG4 Extended ‌Range⁢ holds immense ‍potential for a wide⁣ array of future applications. Its adaptability ⁢makes it an‍ ideal platform for integrating ​emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence and advanced sensing ‌systems. ‌The ability to⁤ engage targets accurately from⁣ extended ranges can‌ be further enhanced through the incorporation of smart ammunition and networking capabilities. Moreover, the firearm’s lightweight design ⁢and reliability make it ⁢an excellent candidate for enhanced mobility systems, facilitating ‌faster ⁣maneuvering in urban environments or complex terrains.


The MG4 Extended Range, with its exceptional design, performance, and reliability,⁣ marks a significant milestone ⁢in the world of military firearms. It has successfully addressed⁢ the​ need for long-range accuracy without sacrificing usability and maneuverability. With its impact⁢ on modern combat scenarios and potential for future applications, the MG4 Extended Range continues to solidify its position as a cutting-edge weapon, setting new standards ⁢for the industry and offering armed forces ⁣an undeniable advantage.

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