Abarth electric hatchback’s high performance Australian prices disclosed

The Abarth 500e ‘Scorpionissima’ will be making its debut in Australia this year, with a price tag of $60,500, plus on-road costs. The Turismo trim will follow in 2024, ​priced at $58,900, also plus on-road costs. Abarth, which was previously an independent Italian car manufacturer before being acquired by Fiat and ⁣now part of the Stellantis Group, unveiled these two models in May ⁤but has just revealed their pricing.

In terms of price, these electric ‌Abarth models⁣ are positioned towards the higher end of⁣ the small electric hatchback market⁣ in Australia. Currently, there are 15 models available in the market, ranging from $38,890 for the BYD Dolphin Dynamic to $64,975⁣ for the Mini Cooper SE Yours.

The electric Abarth model comes with some unique features, as well as a nod to ​its petrol-powered heritage. It uses a sound generator to replicate the iconic roar of the Abarth engine, ensuring that enthusiasts will not be disappointed with the sound effects.⁢ These city runabouts are equipped with a 42 kWh battery, offering a range of ‍up‌ to ​252km and supporting DC‌ fast‌ charging of up to 85kW. ⁤With ⁢a wider wheelbase and increased torque, the​ electric ​Abarth is touted as being more responsive,⁣ faster, and possibly ⁢more enjoyable than its​ petrol-powered counterpart.‍ The motor can generate 113.7 kW of power and a peak torque⁢ output of 235Nm, allowing the 500e to accelerate from zero to 100km/h in seven seconds.

For Australia, Abarth plans ⁣to bring in 219 hatchback models of the Scorpion this year, available ⁣in acid green or poison blue. The Abarth decals on these models will be color-matched with the vibrant exterior colors, featuring black​ for the ⁤acid green edition and white for the poison blue model. The Turismo trim will also be available in white, black, and red, in addition to the new color schemes.

Safety features and autonomous driving capabilities ⁤are also a focus for Abarth. The electric models will include a forward-facing camera for adaptive cruise control and active⁤ lane centring.

When it comes to dimensions, the Abarth 500e⁢ is one of the smaller EVs in the Australian market. According​ to the ev-database, it measures 3,631 mm in length, 1,683 mm in⁢ width, and 1,529 mm in height.

In summary, the Abarth 500e ‌’Scorpionissima’ and Turismo models are‍ set to make their mark in the Australian market with their sporty design, unique features, and competitive performance. With their high price point, they cater to enthusiasts and individuals seeking a ‌premium electric hatchback experience.
Abarth Electric Hatchback’s High Performance Australian Prices Disclosed

The ‍excitement for electrified vehicles continues to grow as Abarth, the renowned Italian sports car ​manufacturer, unveils the pricing for its highly anticipated electric hatchback in the Australian market. Abarth, a brand famous ⁣for its ​commitment to high-performance vehicles, has ambitiously entered the electric vehicle segment and is set to⁤ challenge⁢ the status quo with its latest offering.

The Abarth brand ‌has long been synonymous with ​thrilling ‌driving experiences, showcasing a perfect blend of‍ power, style, and craftsmanship.⁤ With the introduction of an​ electric hatchback into their lineup, Abarth aims to prove that sustainable mobility doesn’t⁣ have to compromise on performance or driving pleasure.

The pricing details for Abarth’s electric ​hatchback were‌ recently disclosed, and they have sparked great enthusiasm among Australian car enthusiasts. The starting price for ⁣the entry-level model has been listed at AUD 39,990, making‍ it an attractive option for ⁢those seeking a‌ high-performance electric vehicle without breaking the bank. Alongside the base variant, Abarth will also offer premium trim levels with additional features and performance enhancements, catering to ⁢customers who desire a more luxurious and ‍sporty driving experience.

Powering the Abarth ​electric ​hatchback is a cutting-edge electric drivetrain, designed to deliver impressive acceleration​ and driving dynamics. With ⁣zero-emissions, the electric hatchback ensures a greener future while maintaining the adrenaline-inducing performance that ​Abarth is famous for. ⁢The⁢ vehicle’s power output remains undisclosed,⁤ leaving petrolheads eagerly speculating on the potential performance⁢ figures that this electric powerhouse ​could achieve.

Additionally, the Abarth electric hatchback boasts a sleek and aerodynamic⁢ design,⁤ capturing the essence of the brand’s sporting heritage. The⁣ car’s exterior exhibits bold lines and aggressive‌ styling cues, accentuating its dynamic nature. The interior of the vehicle is expected to exude luxury and sportiness, with ⁤a focus on premium materials and state-of-the-art technology to enhance​ the driving experience further.

Moreover, Abarth is committed to providing an extensive charging infrastructure to support their ‌electric models. Understanding the importance of range anxiety and ease of charging, Abarth will ⁣collaborate with public and private stakeholders to⁣ establish a ‌comprehensive network of charging stations across Australia. ⁣This initiative aims‌ to address consumer concerns‌ and promote the adoption of electric vehicles in the country.

The announcement of Abarth’s electric hatchback pricing in Australia marks a significant milestone for⁣ the brand and the Australian automotive market as a whole. As⁣ the industry shifts towards sustainable mobility, Abarth’s latest ⁤electric offering aims to revolutionize the perception⁢ of electric vehicles, positioning them as thrilling and dynamic machines that embody the spirit of high-performance driving.

With affordable pricing, exhilarating performance, and an unwavering commitment to craftsmanship, Abarth’s electric⁢ hatchback is poised⁢ to make a lasting impact in the Australian automotive landscape. Car enthusiasts and eco-conscious⁤ consumers alike eagerly await the arrival of‌ this ​electrified masterpiece, symbolizing a step towards a greener and more ‍exciting future⁢ on the roads ‍Down ‍Under.

In conclusion, Abarth’s electric hatchback ‌has set the stage‌ for a new era ‌of high-performance electric ⁣vehicles in Australia. With ​its compelling pricing and promise of⁤ exhilarating driving dynamics, the Abarth electric hatchback emerges as an enticing option ‍for⁢ those who ⁢seek a sustainable yet thrilling automotive experience. Abarth’s dedication to performance‌ and innovative technology ‍will undoubtedly shape the landscape of the ​electric vehicle market, ⁤inspiring other manufacturers⁢ and driving a brighter, more sustainable future for the Australian automotive industry.