Acceleration Boost Now Available for Tesla Model Y Long Range, but at a Cost

Tesla has introduced an‍ upgrade for⁢ the long-range⁢ version of its Model Y in the Australian‌ market. ‍The upgrade, ⁤available through the Tesla app, allows⁤ the dual-motor Model Y to enhance its ‍performance, reducing ⁢the‍ 0-100⁢ km/h sprint ⁤time by more than half a second. Previously, the mid-spec Model Y had an acceleration time ‍of 5.0 seconds, but with ⁢the acceleration boost upgrade, ‌it can now‌ achieve the same feat⁣ in just 4.4 seconds.‍

Interested buyers can purchase the upgrade for $3,000, bringing‍ the long-range variant closer in acceleration ​to ‍Tesla’s flagship Model Y, the Performance variant, which has an acceleration time of⁤ 3.7 seconds. Interestingly, ⁢the new Model Y⁢ Long ⁤Range‌ is ⁣priced at $78,400, which is $3,500 ​cheaper than its launch price in April.⁣ This ​means that customers can still add the ⁤acceleration boost and stay within the original launch price.

Furthermore, the Model‍ Y Long ⁢Range is eligible for⁣ FBT (Fringe Benefits Tax) ​exemptions,⁣ making it⁢ an attractive option for leasing in 2023. Tesla remains the only brand in Australia to offer performance ⁤upgrades through software, providing ⁢an ⁢additional revenue stream while enhancing the overall ownership experience for customers.

The article was ⁣written by Riz Akhtar, founder of carloop, a Melbourne-based company specializing in ⁣Australian​ EV data, insights, and trends. Akhtar, a mechanical engineer with a⁣ background in building transport‍ infrastructure, is passionate about reducing transport emissions ​in Australia ⁢and currently drives a⁣ red ⁤Tesla Model 3.
Acceleration ​Boost Now Available for Tesla Model Y Long Range, ​but at a Cost

The electric vehicle industry has witnessed a significant surge in consumer demand over the past few years, with Tesla ​emerging ⁢as a⁤ pioneer in ⁢this space.⁤ Unmatched in many aspects, Tesla’s commitment to innovation⁤ and performance continues to captivate car enthusiasts⁤ around the globe. Recently, Tesla announced a new feature for their Model Y Long Range – the‌ Acceleration Boost. This exciting enhancement promises to elevate the ⁢driving experience to new heights, although at an additional cost.

The Tesla ‌Model Y Long⁢ Range, known for its impressive range and‍ versatility, already boasts an exceptional ⁤driving experience. However, for those who crave even greater acceleration and exhilaration behind the⁣ wheel, Tesla has now provided an ⁤enticing solution. The incorporation of the Acceleration Boost offers ⁤customers‍ a chance to push the performance boundaries of ⁢their Model Y to nearly⁣ the levels of the‍ Performance variant.

With the Acceleration Boost enabled, ⁤the Model Y Long Range can achieve a remarkable acceleration time of 4.3 seconds from 0 to 60 mph, a notable improvement from the standard⁢ 4.8 seconds without this enhancement. This significant reduction⁤ in time showcases Tesla’s commitment to delivering an exhilarating and responsive driving experience. The enhanced acceleration‍ can truly enhance the‌ joy and thrill of‌ driving, catering​ to those who appreciate ⁣high-performance vehicles.

However, this ‍upgrade does not come without its ​price. The Acceleration Boost feature comes ‌at the cost of $2,000, which may discourage⁣ some potential buyers seeking an affordable yet high-performing electric vehicle. It⁤ is important to note that this upgrade is purely software-based, meaning no additional hardware modifications are required. Tesla owners can conveniently purchase the Acceleration Boost through the Tesla mobile app and ‍experience these performance enhancements seamlessly.

While some may argue ⁢that the added cost may not be justifiable for a feature that solely impacts acceleration,⁢ Tesla has always been at the forefront of pushing boundaries⁤ and challenging traditional automotive norms. They strive to continuously enhance the driving experience for⁤ their customers and offer new possibilities through software enhancements. By providing the Acceleration Boost, ​Tesla ensures that even their Long Range variant⁣ can deliver a thrilling and unforgettable experience on the road.

Furthermore, the availability of this upgrade expands the choices available to potential buyers who were initially torn ⁢between the Model Y Performance variant ​and the Long Range version. Now, those ​who desired the Performance vehicle’s remarkable acceleration can achieve a similar driving experience​ at a more affordable price ⁤point.

Tesla’s commitment to bringing​ innovative features to its existing lineup not only enables customers to have a personalized driving experience but also allows the company​ to unlock additional revenue streams. With software updates, Tesla can continuously enhance their ‍vehicles and provide their customers with an ever-evolving product.

In conclusion, the introduction of the Acceleration Boost for the Tesla Model Y ‍Long Range opens up⁢ new opportunities for Tesla enthusiasts​ seeking ⁣an enhanced driving experience. The thrill of increased acceleration and the joy of pushing the boundaries come at⁢ an additional cost of $2,000. Nonetheless, ⁢this feature showcases Tesla’s dedication to continuous improvement, offering customers the‍ chance to elevate their driving experience without the need for additional hardware modifications. As Tesla continues to innovate and push ‌boundaries, one can only anticipate what their next groundbreaking‌ feature will be.