Australia’s most affordable electric car, the BYD Dolphin: Initial thoughts

Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer BYD is set to release its first sub-$40,000 electric car in the Australian market. This makes it the most affordable electric car currently available, alongside the MG4 and the GWM Ora. As the Australian EV market continues to expand, BYD aims to boost sales by showcasing the new Dolphin at experience centers across the country.

To get a firsthand look at the Dolphin, I visited an experience center in Melbourne and here are my initial impressions. The Maldive purple Dolphin on display caught my eye with its daytime-running lights. In person, it appeared slightly bigger than it does in photos, although it is only 3 mm longer than the MG4 which we test-drove last week.

The showcased variant was the entry-level Dynamic, priced at $38,890 before on-road costs. Considering its affordability, I was surprised by the premium feel of the car. The interior felt spacious, with ample headspace and the added bonus of a moonroof in the Dynamic variant. The gear shifter’s new location in the center console creates a tunnel between the driver and passenger seat, providing additional storage space. The cupholders were conveniently accessible, unlike some other electric hatchbacks that have them lower to the ground. The steering wheel and controls were similar to the popular BYD Atto 3, offering ease of use.

Moving to the rear, I found plenty of legroom on the flat floor, and the rear seats were comfortable. The boot also offered ample space, with a few deeper compartments for storage. Additionally, the boot included a vehicle-to-load adapter, a home charger, and a tire repair kit, which are all handy features for both home and on-the-go use.

From a manufacturing standpoint, the Dolphin felt well put together, much like the impressive Atto 3 that we reviewed last year. The premium cabin materials, combined with its affordability, make the Dolphin an attractive option in the growing EV market.

With the rising demand for EVs, it’s encouraging to see affordable and compelling options like the Dolphin entering the market. I look forward to test driving it in the coming months. As a mechanical engineer and EV enthusiast, I am passionate about reducing transport emissions in Australia, and vehicles like the Dolphin are a step in the right direction.
Australia’s Most Affordable Electric Car, the BYD Dolphin: Initial Thoughts

In recent years, the demand for electric cars has been growing rapidly as people become more conscious about the environmental impact of traditional vehicles. Australia, known for its commitment to sustainability, has seen a surge in the interest surrounding the adoption of electric vehicles. Among the various options available in the burgeoning electric car market, the BYD Dolphin has emerged as the most affordable and appealing choice for prospective buyers. Here, we present our initial thoughts on this promising electric vehicle.

The BYD Dolphin is the result of the Chinese automaker’s commitment to producing affordable electric cars without compromising on quality or performance. With a starting price of just $35,000, it is significantly cheaper than its competitors in the Australian market, making it an attractive option for budget-conscious consumers. Despite its affordability, the BYD Dolphin boasts impressive features and capabilities that rival its more expensive counterparts.

One of the standout features of the BYD Dolphin is its range. Equipped with a battery pack that offers a range of over 400 kilometers on a single charge, the Dolphin allows for long-distance travel without the anxiety of running out of battery power. This feature is particularly advantageous in a country like Australia, where accessing charging stations in remote areas can sometimes be challenging. With the Dolphin, drivers can confidently embark on road trips or daily commutes without the constant need to worry about battery life.

Moreover, the BYD Dolphin offers fast charging capabilities, allowing users to charge the battery from 0% to 80% in just 30 minutes. This not only saves time but also makes it a convenient option for those who need to recharge their vehicles while on the go. By streamlining the charging process, BYD has addressed one of the main concerns potential electric car buyers often have regarding longer charging times compared to traditional refueling methods.

When it comes to performance, the BYD Dolphin does not disappoint. With an electric motor that delivers 175 horsepower, it provides a smooth and powerful driving experience. The Dolphin accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in just 8.9 seconds, demonstrating its capability and agility on the road. Its top speed of 150 km/h also ensures that users can enjoy a speedy commute when necessary.

Furthermore, safety features are a paramount consideration for any vehicle, and the BYD Dolphin excels in this aspect as well. It is equipped with a comprehensive suite of safety technologies, including autonomous emergency braking, lane departure warning, blind-spot detection, and adaptive cruise control. These features not only enhance the safety of occupants but also make driving the Dolphin a stress-free experience.

Another aspect that sets the BYD Dolphin apart from its competitors is the interior comfort it offers. With a spacious cabin and ergonomic seating, it provides a pleasant environment for both driver and passengers. The Dolphin’s onboard infotainment system, complete with a touch screen interface, Bluetooth connectivity, and smartphone integration, ensures that occupants stay connected and entertained throughout their journeys.

In conclusion, the BYD Dolphin stands out as Australia’s most affordable electric car. Offering an impressive range, fast charging capabilities, powerful performance, comprehensive safety features, and a comfortable interior, it is an attractive choice for those seeking an electric vehicle option. With its affordable price tag, BYD has made electric cars more accessible to a wider range of consumers, contributing to the ongoing shift towards sustainable transportation in Australia. As the market for electric vehicles continues to grow, the Dolphin’s affordability combined with its enticing features make it a strong contender in the Australian electric car landscape.

Disclaimer: This article is based on initial thoughts and observations and should not be considered a comprehensive review. It is recommended to conduct further research and consult authorized dealers before making a purchasing decision.