Beam Europe Launched as Beam Global Acquires Amiga in Europe

Beam Europe Launched as Beam Global Acquires Amiga in Europe

Beam Global, a sustainable products and technologies provider in the electric vehicle (EV) charging space, has successfully acquired European firm Amiga DOO Kraljevo and will rebrand it as “Beam Europe.” This strategic move marks Beam Global’s entry into the European market, utilizing Amiga’s expertise in producing structures and equipment for energy and communication infrastructures. It will enhance Beam Global’s position in the green economy, strengthening its commitment to energy storage, outdoor media, and energy security solutions.

The European Union’s transition to zero-emission vehicles by 2035 and its goal of achieving a net-zero energy infrastructure by 2050 make this acquisition significant. Events like the Ukraine conflict have emphasized the EU’s focus on energy security and reliance on indigenous renewable sources. However, Europe’s older streets and infrastructures present challenges for grid-tied EV solutions, making Beam Global’s off-grid products appealing as they require no construction or electrical work. This acquisition is expected to raise entry barriers for potential competitors.

Desmond Wheatley, CEO of Beam Global, highlighted the thorough eleven-month process that led to this acquisition. He expressed confidence in Beam Europe’s potential, citing their 30-year track record in serving 16 nations and their readiness to meet the growing demands for EV charging infrastructure.

Amiga, established in 1990 and known as one of Europe’s top street light manufacturers, has approximately 210 employees. With Amiga’s integration, Beam Global anticipates faster product development cycles without increasing its U.S. engineering workforce.

Amiga reported revenues exceeding EUR 8.5 million in 2022, with positive cash flow trajectories, indicating significant growth potential for Beam Global. The company aims to capitalize on Europe’s commitment to green initiatives and its robust vehicle market, which surpasses those of the U.S. and China.

Overall, Beam Global’s acquisition of Amiga and the establishment of Beam Europe position the company for success in the European market, tapping into Amiga’s expertise and expanding its presence in the green economy.
Beam Global, a renowned technology company, has recently announced its acquisition of Amiga, the iconic brand in the world of personal computing, for its European operations. This strategic move has prompted the establishment of Beam Europe, reinforcing the company’s foothold in the European market. With the integration of Amiga’s rich legacy and Beam Global’s expertise, this partnership promises to revolutionize the tech industry in Europe.

Beam Global, a leader in providing cutting-edge technology solutions worldwide, has consistently demonstrated its commitment to innovation and expansion. By acquiring Amiga, a brand that has enjoyed a loyal following since the 1980s, Beam Global aims to tap into its vast pool of fans and utilize its intellectual property to propel its growth even further.

Amiga, renowned for pioneering multimedia capabilities, gaming experiences, and software development, was one of the most influential computer platforms of its time. Acquiring such a cherished brand allows Beam Global to leverage its popularity and infuse its technological expertise in order to meet the ever-evolving demands of the European market.

The formation of Beam Europe signifies a significant milestone for both Beam Global and Amiga enthusiasts. With a dedicated team in Europe, Beam Global is poised to enhance its customer service, establish stronger business relationships with European partners, and ultimately provide greater support to Amiga users. This synergy between Beam Global and Amiga lays the foundation for future innovation and growth in the European technology industry.

Moreover, Beam Global’s commitment to preserving and revitalizing the Amiga brand aligns with their dedication to historical significance and cultural relevance. By investing in Amiga, Beam Global aims to reignite the passion for this iconic brand among both loyalists and new generations of technology enthusiasts.

The newly formed Beam Europe will focus on expanding the presence of Amiga in Europe by introducing innovative products and services that cater to the evolving needs of the market. Harnessing the synergy between Beam Global’s far-reaching expertise and the legendary status of Amiga, Beam Europe is set to reimagine the possibilities of personal computing and bring forth new and exciting technology for European consumers.

The launch of Beam Europe not only signifies a significant milestone for Beam Global and Amiga but also highlights the growing importance of the European market for technology companies. Europe has long been a key player in the global tech industry, boasting a vibrant startup culture, a highly educated workforce, and a consumer base with a strong appetite for innovation. By establishing a dedicated presence in Europe, Beam Global aims to align its operations with the region’s tech-savvy population and capture a larger market share.

In conclusion, the launch of Beam Europe following Beam Global’s acquisition of Amiga marks a significant turning point for the tech industry in Europe. This strategic move allows Beam Global to leverage the iconic Amiga brand and infuse it with their technological expertise, introducing innovative products and services to the European market. With the formation of Beam Europe, the stage is set for a new era of personal computing, and technology enthusiasts are eagerly anticipating the exciting advancements to come.

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