British company Helix unveils high-performance electrical motor for aerospace industry

British company Helix unveils high-performance electrical motor for aerospace industry

Helix, a UK-based manufacturer known ​for producing powerful electric motors and inverters, has⁤ successfully completed‍ a demonstration of its Direct Drive Scalable Aerospace Electric Propulsion technology project, known ‌as XBS. This project, in collaboration ⁣with the Midlands Aerospace Alliance (MAA) and the Aerospace Unlocking⁢ Potential (Aerospace UP) project with the University of Nottingham, aims to develop a⁤ motor system capable of driving large-scale propellers for aircraft and other applications.

The XBS project was ‌initiated in response to the aerospace industry’s need for a direct-drive motor. With funding from MAA and‌ Aerospace UP, Helix’s⁢ X-Division embarked on this ambitious project. ‍The X-Division focuses on pushing the boundaries of performance by developing groundbreaking⁣ solutions, building⁣ upon Helix’s Scalable Core Technology (SCT)⁤ which ‌is ‌offered in three⁢ product levels: Stock, Configured, ​and ‌Custom.

Under⁣ the ⁢guidance of ‌Chief Engineer Derek Jordanou-Bailey, ⁤the XBS project⁢ adapted an existing SCT motor configuration to accommodate​ a 38mm through-shaft. This through-shaft design offers versatility and optimization possibilities for various aerospace applications. The⁢ motor can be mounted to a piston engine to enhance power in a parallel hybrid arrangement or drive a propeller ‌via a gearbox while serving as‍ an auxiliary drive to other components.

The XBS demonstrator also incorporates a mechanical cooling⁣ pump and advanced sealing technology. The integrated cooling pump eliminates the need for‍ external components, ⁣while the sealing technology ensures the retention of Helix’s patented rotor cooling. Chief Engineer Derek Jordanou-Bailey highlights ⁢the high‍ power and torque capabilities of the demonstrator, making it suitable for driving large-diameter propellers while being ‍smaller and lighter compared to other motors delivering similar power.

The Direct Drive⁣ Scalable Aerospace Electric Propulsion Demonstrator has undergone rigorous testing and showcases exceptional performance and reliability. ⁤It offers significant advantages over traditional piston aeroengines or turbines, being lighter, smaller, and requiring minimal maintenance.

Helix is an engineering and manufacturing company specializing in power-dense motors and inverters. Their technology caters to‍ various industries such‍ as aerospace, automotive, industrial, marine, and racing. With its Scalable Core Technology and Flexible Manufacturing Facility, Helix provides access to powerful, compact, and efficient electric⁣ powertrains.

As a brand launched ⁤in 2022, Helix ⁣has transformed from a consultant to a full-service supplier ⁢of premium electric powertrains. The‍ company‌ continues to invest‍ and expand,‌ targeting new markets and sectors.

Overall,‍ Helix’s achievement in developing⁢ the Direct Drive Scalable Aerospace Electric ⁣Propulsion technology demonstrates the potential for innovative and efficient electric propulsion systems in ‍the aerospace industry.
British‍ company Helix has recently unveiled a high-performance ​electrical motor specifically designed‍ for the aerospace industry. This cutting-edge innovation is⁣ set to revolutionize the‌ future of aviation,⁢ offering the possibility of enhanced efficiency and sustainability in aircraft propulsion systems.

Helix, a renowned leader in the field of electrical propulsion, has⁤ been working tirelessly ⁣to develop a highly efficient ⁣motor ​that meets the‌ demanding requirements of the⁤ aerospace sector. ⁤The⁤ newly released electrical motor, aptly named HEM380, boasts a remarkable power-to-weight ratio, making it an ideal choice for aerospace applications ‍where weight ‍reduction is crucial.

One of the key ‍features of the HEM380⁢ is its compact and lightweight design, ⁣which allows for greater ‍flexibility in aircraft ‍manufacturing.‍ This⁣ compact size also ensures easy integration into existing propulsion‌ systems​ without compromising ‌on performance ‍or safety. By significantly reducing ⁢the ⁢weight and size of the motor, ​Helix⁤ has potentially opened doors to greater ​fuel​ efficiency, increased range, and reduced emissions⁢ in ​the aviation industry.

The HEM380 motor utilizes the latest advancements in electrical ‌propulsion ⁣technology, incorporating ⁣high-temperature ⁣superconducting materials that enable it⁣ to work optimally even at extreme temperatures. This feature ⁣is particularly valuable in aerospace​ applications, ⁤as aircraft engines often operate under varying temperature conditions. ⁤The motor’s ‍ability to‌ function reliably in such challenging ⁣environments makes ⁤it a game-changer for the industry.

Furthermore,‍ the⁣ HEM380 motor offers a higher level of ​efficiency than conventional combustion engines. By⁢ harnessing the power of‍ electricity, it reduces​ the reliance on fossil fuels and contributes‍ to a ⁤greener future. This aligns with the increasing global efforts⁣ to mitigate carbon emissions​ and combat climate change. The ⁢aerospace industry has ⁤long been a ⁤significant contributor to carbon emissions, and ‌this breakthrough development by Helix could significantly reduce its environmental impact.

The introduction of the HEM380 ⁣motor carries significant implications for both ⁢commercial‌ and ‍defense aviation. In commercial aviation, airlines⁢ can benefit from reduced operating ​costs due‍ to⁤ improved fuel efficiency, leading to increased profitability and potentially lower airfares for passengers. Defense agencies can also take advantage of the ⁢motor’s ‍advanced capabilities for their military aircraft, enhancing performance and operational‍ capabilities.

Helix’s unveiling of the HEM380 motor⁢ marks a milestone in the ⁣quest for sustainable and efficient ⁤aviation. The aerospace industry has been striving to reduce‍ its environmental footprint, and⁤ this​ technological ‍advancement brings ⁢them​ one step closer to achieving that goal. The potential benefits of this motor are vast, from cost savings to improved performance and ⁢reduced carbon emissions.

As Helix continues to‍ innovate ‌in‌ the field of electrical propulsion, ‌it is expected that this breakthrough motor ⁢will serve as ⁤a catalyst for‌ further advancements in‌ the aerospace ⁣industry. The success of ⁤the HEM380 motor paves the way for greater integration⁢ of⁤ electrical propulsion systems ⁤into aviation, ultimately leading to a more sustainable and eco-friendly future in air travel.

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