BYD expresses gratitude to “courageous” early EV adopters as they mark one year in New Zealand

BYD, the electric car maker, has made significant strides in the Australian and New Zealand markets in just one year. The brand has sold over 12,000 units of its Atto 3 electric SUV across both countries. To celebrate its first birthday in New Zealand, BYD sent an email to thousands of customers, expressing gratitude to the early adopters who helped make it the top-selling EV brand at various points throughout the year.

Warren Willmot, BYD country manager, wrote on the brand’s Facebook page, “To our first brave early customers, thank you so much for your confidence in the BYD ATTO 3 and for choosing BYD. You are all part of this incredible journey. We look forward to many more firsts and to bringing more electrified options to suit all Kiwis.”

The email highlighted some key achievements, including the Atto 3 SUV receiving seven awards, making it the most awarded EV in the country. The brand also expanded its showroom network from 4 to 12 showrooms, with more set to open soon. Additionally, BYD established New Zealand’s first manufacturer-backed panel network, which now includes 14 body and panel shops. The Atto 3 vehicles were even utilized to assist flood-impacted areas of Muriwai and Hawkes Bay, showcasing their vehicle-to-load (V2L) capabilities.

Satisfied customers in New Zealand shared their positive experiences with the Atto 3. One owner reported, “Just renewed my rego for the first time. Love driving my Atto and getting close to 30,000km.” Another owner expressed their happiness, stating, “Ordered mine last year on the 4th of August, took delivery in October, couldn’t be happier, just crossed 10k km.”

Currently, BYD has sold 3,588 Atto 3 vehicles in New Zealand. The brand plans to further expand its product range in the country with the introduction of several other models.

Earlier this year, BYD New Zealand announced the pricing and specifications of the BYD Dolphin, offering a smaller and more affordable option compared to the existing Atto 3 SUV. The brand also revealed the upcoming premium sedan, the Seal, at New Zealand’s Fieldays expo. They hinted that customer deliveries of the Seal would begin this year.

With a successful first year and the introduction of new electric models on the horizon, BYD’s future in New Zealand looks promising. This progress not only benefits the brand but also contributes to the overall electrification of transportation in the EV-progressive nation.
BYD Expresses Gratitude to “Courageous” Early EV Adopters as They Mark One Year in New Zealand

(Auckland, New Zealand) – In a laudable tribute to the early adopters of electric vehicles (EV) in New Zealand, BYD, the renowned Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer, expressed heartfelt gratitude for their courage and innovation in embracing sustainable transportation alternatives. As the company commemorates its one-year anniversary in New Zealand, it acknowledges the pivotal role played by such audacious individuals in fostering the EV revolution, ushering in a new era of clean and green transportation.

BYD, with its commitment to providing eco-friendly mobility solutions, has seen a significant increase in EV adoption within the New Zealand market over the past year. This encouraging response has bolstered BYD’s determination to push the boundaries of sustainable mobility further, while remaining dedicated to offering zero-emission transportation for a cleaner and healthier future.

The emergence and acceptance of EVs in New Zealand would not have been possible without the trailblazing actions of the early adopters. These individuals should be commended for their fearless leap into the relatively unknown, transforming a country’s transportation landscape for generations to come. Their audacity not only exemplifies a deep understanding of the environmental challenges we face but also inspires future generations to prioritize sustainability in their decision-making.

BYD recognizes that embracing EV technology requires an overhaul of attitudes and behavior, along with adjusting infrastructure to support increased deployment. It is for this reason that BYD commends the local government and authorities for their crucial role in building EV-friendly infrastructure while providing necessary support, including charging stations and incentive programs, incentivizing further adoption.

The symbolic first year of BYD in New Zealand showcases the successful partnership between BYD and the early adopters, resulting in a considerable increase in EV stock on the country’s roads. These initial, brave EV owners have become ambassadors for the electric revolution, leading the way towards a greener future. Their commitment to sustainable practices has propelled New Zealand into the spotlight as a role model for other nations seeking to navigate the transition towards clean transportation.

Moreover, the enduring support of these early adopters has fortified BYD’s confidence in expanding its operations within New Zealand. BYD acknowledges and appreciates their trust, not only in the brand but also in the vision of a sustainable future that drives the company.

As BYD toasts to this milestone, the future looks brighter than ever. The fusion of BYD’s groundbreaking EV technology with the fearlessness and rapid adoption demonstrated by New Zealanders has created a powerful synergy with the potential to revolutionize the country’s transport sector entirely.

Additionally, BYD extends its gratitude to the New Zealand public for embracing the adoption of EVs and acknowledges that they played an indispensable role in driving this significant change. The company encourages other nations to follow New Zealand’s example, harnessing the early adopters’ spirit by embracing electric vehicles to accelerate the global transition towards sustainable transportation.

BYD once again expresses profound gratitude to the enduring pioneers of the electric vehicle revolution in New Zealand. Their courageous actions will forever be remembered as the catalyst that propelled the transition to cleaner, greener roads. As BYD looks ahead, this gratitude remains central to its commitment of delivering cutting-edge electric vehicle technology that reshapes transportation and fosters a sustainable future.