Certification of electric plane propulsion utilizing Equipmake technology scheduled for 2024

Certification of electric plane propulsion utilizing Equipmake technology scheduled for 2024

Equipmake, a UK-based engineering specialist in electrification products, has partnered with H55, a leading electric aerospace propulsion company, to develop and produce certified Electric Propulsion Systems (EPS) for electric aircraft. This collaboration represents a significant advancement in electric aviation technology.

Under the new agreement, Equipmake will provide world-class motors based on H55 specifications, while H55 will supply the certified motor controller. The initial focus will be on commercializing a 100kW fully certified EPS, with plans for certification completion by the end of 2024.

Equipmake’s expertise in advanced electrification technology and rapid manufacturing, combined with H55’s propulsion and battery know-how, will drive the development of cutting-edge certified Electric Propulsion Systems. These systems will pave the way for a future where electric aircraft play a prominent role in aviation.

One of the key projects benefiting from this partnership is the customer program between H55 and BRM AERO, an aircraft manufacturer. Equipmake’s motors will be used in the development of the Bristell B23 Energic aircraft, a two-seater electric trainer designed for flight schools and pilot training. This collaboration will enable the project to transition from prototype development to full-scale manufacturing, providing a highly advanced electric training aircraft.

The partnership between Equipmake and H55 showcases the continuous innovation and progress being made in the field of sustainable aviation. Equipmake has built a strong reputation as an engineering specialist in advanced EV technology, providing electrification solutions to various industries. H55, based in Switzerland, specializes in electric propulsion solutions and battery systems for aircraft.

The collaboration holds great promise for the electrification of the aerospace industry and highlights the potential for electric aircraft to revolutionize aviation. With their combined expertise, Equipmake and H55 are poised to shape the future of electric aviation.

Financially, Equipmake has a business plan focused on building flexible, reliable electric buses for Latin America, India, and York. The company’s work on the next-gen ‘Atom’ has garnered media attention and received government support.

The new production technology partnership between Equipmake and H55 represents a significant milestone in the advancement of electric aviation. It demonstrates the ongoing commitment to sustainable aviation and the development of cutting-edge electric propulsion systems.
Certification of Electric Plane Propulsion Utilizing Equipmake Technology Scheduled for 2024


The aviation industry is witnessing a revolutionary shift towards sustainable transportation solutions as the globe faces increasing challenges posed by climate change. One crucial development in this shift is the electrification of aircraft, which aims to reduce carbon emissions while maintaining high performance and safety standards. In this context, Equipmake’s innovative electric plane propulsion technology has gained significant attention, with plans to certify this groundbreaking system by 2024.

The Significance of Electric Plane Propulsion:

Electric planes have the potential to transform the aviation sector by offering a cleaner and more sustainable alternative to traditional jet engines. The adoption of electric propulsion systems can dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the industry’s overall carbon footprint. Moreover, electric engines are more energy-efficient and produce significantly less noise pollution, contributing to a quieter and more pleasant air travel experience.

Equipmake’s Technology:

Equipmake, a UK-based engineering company, has emerged as a frontrunner in the development of electric propulsion technology for aircraft. Their innovative approach revolves around powerful electric motors and extremely lightweight battery systems, both tailored to meet the unique requirements of aviation.

Equipmake’s electric propulsion system features a high-performance electric motor capable of generating immense power while maintaining efficiency. Additionally, the company’s advanced battery technology offers a high energy density, allowing for longer flight durations and reducing the need for frequent recharging. This crucial balance between performance and endurance forms the core strength of Equipmake’s technology.

Certification Process:

The certification of electric plane propulsion is a meticulous and rigorous process, undertaken by regulatory bodies to ensure the safety, reliability, and performance of such systems. Equipmake, in collaboration with aviation authorities, is actively engaged in a comprehensive certification program to meet the stringent industry standards.

Throughout this process, Equipmake is conducting extensive testing and evaluation of their electric propulsion system. This includes rigorous assessments of factors such as power output, efficiency, reliability, and safety. All aspects of the technology, from the electric motor to the battery system and ancillary components, are subjected to rigorous scrutiny to obtain approval for commercial use.

Future Implications:

If successful, the certification of Equipmake’s electric plane propulsion technology in 2024 will mark a significant milestone in the electric aviation industry. Commercial airlines and aviation manufacturers will be able to leverage this breakthrough to develop and deploy electric-powered aircraft, revolutionizing air travel as we know it.

The adoption of electric propulsion systems in planes will directly contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions from the aviation sector. Given that the aviation industry is responsible for a considerable portion of global carbon emissions, the introduction of electric planes will play a crucial role in achieving climate goals and promoting a sustainable future.


As the world grapples with the challenges of climate change, the aviation industry has a vital role to play in reducing its carbon footprint. Equipmake’s certification of electric plane propulsion technology in 2024 represents a significant leap towards achieving sustainable and eco-friendly air transportation.

By using Equipmake’s cutting-edge technology, aviation stakeholders can embrace electric power as a clean and efficient alternative to traditional jet engines. This innovative approach will not only contribute to a greener aviation sector but also enhance the overall travel experience for passengers with reduced noise pollution and increased energy efficiency.

As we eagerly await the certification of Equipmake’s electric plane propulsion system in 2024, it becomes increasingly apparent that the future of aviation is electric. It is an exciting time for the industry, where sustainability, innovation, and excellence converge to shape a new era of air travel.

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