Collaboration of EV Connect with Leaders for NEVI-Compliant Solutions

Collaboration of EV Connect with Leaders for NEVI-Compliant Solutions

EV Connect is expanding its partnership ecosystem in order to support the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) Program led by the U.S. Department of Transportation. The goal is to facilitate state-level electric vehicle (EV) charging projects by teaming up with a vast network of NEVI-compliant partners.

The NEVI Program’s mission is to strategically deploy DC Fast Charging infrastructure, and it has a $5 billion budget to support this effort. Eligible projects can recover up to 80% of approved costs through NEVI grants. By expanding its partnerships, EV Connect aims to help states adhere to the program’s rigorous criteria and ensure efficient EV charging deployment.

Some key points about EV Connect’s NEVI Software Package include interoperability of charging networks, streamlined data collection, access, and reliability. Notable collaborators in the charging industry ecosystem include financial contributors like Luminace, infrastructure suppliers like Schneider Electric, installation facilitators available via Qmerit, hardware producers such as ABB E-Mobility, BTC POWER, FreeWire, Tritium, and Zerova, and operations and maintenance experts like InCharge Energy, Pearce, and Qmerit.

EV Connect’s platform meets all NEVI requirements, including data access, payment security, and ensuring a reliable charging experience. States like Hawaii have already benefited from NEVI funding and EV Connect’s charging solutions.

In conclusion, EV Connect’s strengthened alliances with industry leaders aim to help states take advantage of the NEVI Program’s benefits. This collaboration seeks to optimize EV charging infrastructure, ensuring convenience and reliability for all stakeholders. By fostering partnerships and adhering to NEVI’s guidelines, EV Connect and its associates are playing a role in driving the United States towards a more sustainable transport landscape.
Collaboration of EV Connect with Leaders for NEVI-Compliant Solutions


The burgeoning electric vehicle (EV) industry presents an incredible opportunity for sustainable transportation and reduced carbon emissions. As the world seeks to transition to a cleaner energy future, EV adoption has become a vital part of the global climate action agenda. However, one significant challenge confronting the EV sector is the lack of standardized infrastructure and interoperability across charging networks. In response to this obstacle, EV Connect, a leading provider of electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) solutions, has joined hands with industry leaders to develop NEVI-compliant solutions, ensuring seamless collaboration among various charging network systems.

The Need for NEVI Compliance

To comprehend the significance of NEVI (Networked EV) compliance, it is crucial to understand the current state of EV charging infrastructure. Currently, different charging network providers utilize proprietary software and communication protocols, leading to a fragmented and inefficient system. This fragmentation restricts interoperability and poses a significant hurdle for EV drivers looking for a hassle-free charging experience. To address this issue, the industry seeks to establish a common standard for charging infrastructure, enabling any EV to access any charging station, regardless of the service provider. NEVI compliance aims to create a unified ecosystem that seamlessly connects different networks and streamlines the charging process.

EV Connect’s Commitment to NEVI Compliance

As a leader in the EVSE industry, EV Connect has taken a proactive approach in furthering the NEVI compliance initiative. By collaborating with other industry frontrunners, EV Connect aims to develop a standardized communication protocol that promotes interoperability and integration between various charging networks. This collaboration is driven by the belief that a unified and open charging infrastructure will greatly accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles worldwide.

Partnerships with Industry Leaders

Recognizing that collaboration is the key to success in standardizing NEVI compliance, EV Connect has partnered with several industry leaders to achieve this common goal. These partnerships include not only charging network providers but also automakers and other stakeholders invested in the EV ecosystem. By working together, these industry players can leverage their combined expertise to develop comprehensive solutions that ensure seamless integration and an enhanced charging experience.

Benefits of NEVI-Compliant Solutions

The collaboration between EV Connect and industry leaders for NEVI compliance promises a multitude of benefits for the EV community and the environment at large. Some of these benefits include:

1. Improved Charging Experience: NEVI-compliant solutions will empower EV drivers to seamlessly access and utilize charging stations, regardless of the charging network provider. It eliminates the hassle of searching for compatible networks and streamlines the charging process.

2. Accelerated EV Adoption: Standardized infrastructure opens up a broader network of charging stations, making EV ownership convenient and accessible to a larger population. This increased accessibility will undoubtedly drive the uptake of electric vehicles, further contributing to the decarbonization of transportation.

3. Future-Proofing Infrastructure: Developing NEVI-compliant solutions ensures that the charging infrastructure is adaptable to technological advancements and future innovations in EV technology. This future-proofing safeguards against obsolescence and maximizes the longevity of charging infrastructure investments.


The collaboration between EV Connect and industry leaders for NEVI-compliant solutions represents a significant step towards the establishment of a standardized and interoperable EV charging infrastructure. By working together, industry players can overcome the challenges posed by fragmented networks, promoting a seamless charging experience for EV drivers and providing a solid foundation for accelerated electric vehicle adoption worldwide. As the transition to sustainability gains momentum, the collaboration between EV Connect and other stakeholders is a testament to the industry’s commitment to revolutionize the transportation sector and combat climate change through innovative and collaborative solutions.

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