Conceptualized EV5 Electric SUV by Kia Leaked in China, Remains Faithful to Original Design

Conceptualized EV5 Electric SUV by Kia Leaked in China, Remains Faithful to Original Design

The Kia EV5 electric compact SUV, which is based on the ‌E-GMP architecture, has been leaked ‍in China. Images of the vehicle’s exterior design were published by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) and picked up by CarNewsChina. While the leaked photos show the Chinese version of the EV5, it is expected that the vehicle⁢ will ‌have a similar appearance in other markets.

Compared to the Concept EV5 ​unveiled in March, the production model of the EV5 retains most of​ its​ design‌ elements. However, there are some minor changes, such as the inclusion of traditional side mirrors, flush door handles‍ (the concept had no visible handles), smaller wheels, and‌ slightly revised⁣ headlights and taillights. The rims on the production model have the same design as the concept but are slightly smaller in size, measuring 18 or 19 ⁢inches instead of 21 inches.

In terms ⁣of design,⁤ the EV5 is more similar to the Kia⁣ EV9 than the EV6. It features an upright SUV body‍ style ⁣instead of a raised hatchback look. The EV5 is a downsized version of the EV9 and can accommodate five passengers ⁤on two rows of seats, unlike the ‌EV9, which has three ⁢rows and‌ can accommodate seven passengers. According to information from MIIT,‍ the EV5 is 181.7 inches long, 73.8 inches ⁤wide, 67.5 inches high, and has a wheelbase⁢ of 108.2⁢ inches.

The interior of the EV5 has not been shown in the leaked photos, but it is expected to be less futuristic ⁣than the concept version. The MIIT filing reveals⁢ that the EV5 will be equipped with an LFP (lithium-iron-phosphate) Blade battery from BYD subsidiary Xiangyang Fudi Battery Co, which​ powers a rear-mounted electric motor rated at 215 horsepower and 229 pound-feet of torque. While there is no information about a dual-motor AWD variant yet, ⁤it ⁤is‌ likely that Kia will offer it in the future.

It is ​worth noting that the overseas version ‍of the Kia EV5 may not feature an LFP battery. The Korean Car Blog previously reported that the EV5 would have an ⁤82-kilowatt-hour NMC pack outside of ‍China, which would provide a range of up to 373 miles.

Production of the Kia EV5 will take place ⁤in China at the Kia-Yueda joint venture’s plant in Yancheng. Vehicles manufactured ⁣there ‍will be sold ​in China and exported to some markets, as ⁢the EV5 is Kia-Yueda’s⁤ first China-made global EV. The​ official debut of the EV5 will be on August 25 at the Chengdu ⁢Motor Show, with pre-sales beginning in November.
Conceptualized EV5 Electric SUV by Kia‌ Leaked in China, Remains Faithful to Original Design

In ‍recent years, electric vehicles ‌(EVs) have been increasingly gaining popularity worldwide due to ‌their eco-friendly ⁣aspects and advanced technology. Kia Motors, a leading automobile manufacturer, has been at the‌ forefront of this evolving‍ industry with its innovative and efficient electric vehicle offerings. Recently, a leaked image of ​a conceptualized Kia⁢ EV5 Electric SUV has surfaced in China, unveiling‍ an exciting glimpse ⁤of the company’s upcoming electric vehicle portfolio.

The leaked image showcases a sleek and futuristic design language, ‌reaffirming Kia’s commitment to producing visually striking ⁢and ‍functional EVs. Despite⁤ the image ⁤being leaked, Kia enthusiasts​ and EV ⁢enthusiasts alike are thrilled to witness that the EV5 Electric‍ SUV remains faithful to the original design, as seen ⁢in previously released teasers and prototypes.

The EV5 Electric SUV​ follows in the footsteps of Kia’s successful ⁤EV6, which ⁣made its debut ⁣earlier‌ this year. The EV6 has garnered immense‍ attention and ‍positive ‌feedback for its cutting-edge features, ‍impressive performance, and striking aesthetics. It seems that ‌Kia is capitalizing on this success ‍by incorporating similar design elements into the EV5, enhancing the⁣ brand’s electric SUV lineup.

From the leaked image, it is evident that Kia aims to create a harmonious ‌balance between elegance and ruggedness with the EV5 Electric SUV. ⁣The ‍vehicle’s exterior boasts dynamic lines and curves, creating a sporty and aggressive appearance. At the‌ same time, the sleek profile,⁣ aerodynamic ⁢contours, and minimalistic design ⁣elements lend a sense of sophistication and modernity to the SUV.

In terms of size, the EV5​ Electric ​SUV appears to have a compact​ yet spacious dimension,⁤ making it suitable for urban environments while providing ample interior comfort and ‌utility. The ‍leaked image also showcases a panoramic glass roof, ⁤which adds⁢ a touch of luxury and offers an exhilarating ‌open-air experience‌ for passengers.

While the‌ leaked image primarily gives us a glimpse of⁢ the vehicle’s exterior design, it is safe to assume that the EV5 ‍Electric SUV⁢ will‌ offer advanced​ features and cutting-edge technologies in line with Kia’s ⁢commitment to innovation. As seen in the EV6, ⁣Kia’s electric⁣ vehicles often ‍come equipped with high-performance drivetrains, extended⁣ battery ​ranges, and state-of-the-art​ infotainment ⁤systems.

Kia ‍has taken significant strides in recent ⁢years, positioning itself as​ a formidable player in‌ the EV market. The leaked image of the​ EV5 Electric SUV ‌only amplifies the anticipation surrounding Kia’s upcoming electric vehicle lineup. As consumers⁤ increasingly ⁤prioritize sustainability and the benefits of EVs, Kia’s commitment to ​developing high-quality electric vehicles ⁤is well-aligned⁤ with the‌ changing dynamics of ⁢the automotive industry.

In conclusion, ⁢the leaked image of the conceptualized EV5 Electric SUV by Kia has created quite a stir⁢ among ‌automotive enthusiasts. The‌ leaked image ⁣showcases a​ design that remains ‍faithful to the original design, ⁢exuding⁤ elegance, ruggedness, and a sense of modernity. As Kia continues to revolutionize the EV market with its forward-thinking offerings, ⁤it is clear​ that​ the EV5 Electric SUV will be‍ another ‍significant ⁣addition to ‌the company’s electric vehicle portfolio. With the increasing demand for electric‍ vehicles globally, Kia is well-positioned to set⁢ new benchmarks for performance, ⁢innovation, and sustainable‍ transportation.