Cybertruck Teardown: See The Inner Workings Of Its Huge Windshield Wiper

Cybertruck Teardown: See The Inner Workings Of Its Huge Windshield Wiper

The Tesla Cybertruck is full of innovations like steer-by-wire, a 48-volt electrical system, and, perhaps someday soon, a range-extending battery pack you can plop in the bed. 

Sure, that’s cool. But have you seen its windshield wiper? 

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The Cyberwiper

The Tesla Cybertruck is full of outside-the-box design decisions. That includes a hilariously huge windshield wiper.

The truck’s comically large wiper has been a major point of intrigue since pre-production Cybertrucks started popping up on social media a couple of years back. Tesla’s initial concept, unveiled in 2019, lacked wipers and side mirrors. That’s typical of early prototypes. 

The wiper isn’t just gigantic. It also lies vertically when not in use rather than horizontally along the bottom of the windshield like normal, so it’s hard to miss.

The huge wiper has elicited lots of questions. Could a single wiper tackle heavy-duty snow and the like? How does the thing work? 

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Lucky for all you Cyberwiper stans out there, engineering firm Munro & Associates is tearing down a Tesla truck to explain all of its inner workings. This week, the firm posted a video dedicated specifically to the wiper. Check it out and let us know what you think. 

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The Cybertruck, Elon Musk’s highly anticipated electric pickup truck, has been making waves in the automotive industry since its unveiling in 2019. With its futuristic design and cutting-edge technology, the Cybertruck has captured the imagination of consumers and critics alike. One of the standout features of the Cybertruck is its massive windshield, which spans the entire width of the vehicle and gives the truck its distinctive angular look.

Recently, a group of engineers and automotive enthusiasts conducted a teardown of the Cybertruck to get a closer look at its inner workings, particularly its windshield wiper system. The windshield wiper on the Cybertruck is unlike any other wiper on the market, as it is designed to accommodate the truck’s unique windshield shape and size. The wiper blade itself is much larger and more robust than traditional wipers, allowing it to effectively clear the large expanse of glass.

During the teardown, the engineers discovered that the windshield wiper system on the Cybertruck is a marvel of engineering. The motor that powers the wiper is a high-torque, high-speed unit that is capable of moving the large wiper blade across the windshield with ease. The wiper arm is also custom-designed to fit the contours of the windshield, ensuring that the blade makes full contact with the glass for optimal cleaning.

In addition to its mechanical components, the windshield wiper system on the Cybertruck is also equipped with advanced sensors and electronics. These sensors monitor the speed of the truck, the intensity of the rain, and other environmental factors to automatically adjust the wiper speed and frequency. This sophisticated system ensures that the windshield remains clear and free of debris at all times, providing the driver with optimal visibility in all weather conditions.

Overall, the Cybertruck’s windshield wiper system is a testament to Tesla’s commitment to innovation and excellence in design. The engineers who conducted the teardown were impressed by the precision and attention to detail that went into the development of the wiper system, as well as its impressive performance on the road. As the automotive industry continues to evolve and embrace electric vehicles, the Cybertruck stands out as a shining example of what is possible when technology and design converge to create a truly unique and groundbreaking vehicle.