Details of high-performance EV with quad-motors unveiled by Zeekr.

Chinese electric⁣ car manufacturer Zeekr, which is under‍ the same parent company as Volvo ​Cars‌ and⁣ Polestar,⁣ has revealed its mass-produced high-performance electric hypercar,⁢ the Zeekr 001 FR. The vehicle‌ was officially launched​ for sale last week in the‌ Chinese market, with a starting price⁢ of ⁢769,000 yuan (approximately‌ $165,000 AUD). ‌The⁤ Zeekr 001 FR boasts impressive⁣ acceleration, going from ‍0-100 km/h in ⁢just 2.07‍ seconds, making it ⁣the fastest-accelerating mass-produced all-electric vehicle. The​ car achieves this feat with its quad-motor ⁣powertrain, generating 1,265 horsepower or 930 kW. In comparison, the Tesla ‍Model S Plaid, which ⁤has been in production since 2021, completes‍ the same sprint‌ in 2.1 seconds.

Zeekr engineers collaborated​ closely with⁤ renowned Formula One racer Kimi Räikkönen, who serves as the company’s chief⁣ performance advisor,​ to achieve these exceptional performance figures. The car comes equipped ‌with a unique “Räikkönen-mode” that⁤ offers additional features for drivers who want to push the limits of this high-performance electric hypercar.

To optimize power ‌delivery, ‌the Zeekr 001 FR utilizes an 800V architecture combined with⁤ four silicon ​carbide motors. These motors are⁣ powered by a 100 kWh ⁣battery pack developed by CATL, named the “Qilin” battery. With the right high-powered charger, the battery​ pack can be ⁤charged from 10-80%​ in ​just 15 ​minutes.

Zeekr plans to use the 001 FR‌ as a halo ‍car to expand its presence internationally. ‌The brand has ‌already introduced​ Zeekr⁢ vehicles in parts​ of Europe ​in‌ 2023 and aims ⁤to ‌further expand into other​ markets by 2024. This ​expansion ⁢strategy is expected to ⁣enable the company to ⁤deliver approximately 140,000 ‍electric vehicles globally in 2023, with even higher production targets for 2024.

The Zeekr ‍001 FR ⁣showcases the performance capabilities achievable in⁤ mass-produced⁣ electric cars. It will be intriguing to see how this hypercar⁣ performs on the track, ⁢including‍ the‍ renowned Nürburgring⁣ track, ‍where the Tesla Model S‌ Plaid ‍with the track pack⁤ has⁢ set ​benchmark times for mass-produced electric hypercars.
Details of High-Performance EV with⁢ Quad-Motors Unveiled by⁢ Zeekr

In the ever-evolving realm of electric vehicles (EVs), Zeekr, a renowned automotive ​company, has recently unveiled their latest masterpiece – a high-performance EV equipped with quad-motors.‍ This groundbreaking innovation represents a major leap forward in the⁤ world of electric mobility, promising enhanced performance, superior⁣ efficiency, and a remarkable driving experience.

Zeekr, a subsidiary of leading Chinese automaker Geely, boasts a rich automotive heritage and⁤ a commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation. With the unveiling of this‍ high-performance EV, Zeekr is primed to ‍establish itself as a trailblazer in the industry.

At ‍the heart of this remarkable vehicle lies its quad-motor system, a technological marvel that propels ⁤the EV into a league of its own. This advanced drivetrain is ‌designed to⁢ optimize power distribution, maximize torque output, and‌ deliver unparalleled acceleration. By utilizing⁢ four independent motors, each capable of precise torque⁢ vectoring, Zeekr ensures that power is efficiently delivered to all four wheels, providing unrivaled stability⁢ and control. This groundbreaking design sets a new standard for EV⁢ performance, allowing the vehicle ⁢to effortlessly accelerate from 0 ‍to 60 mph in an astounding time of mere seconds.

Moreover, the quad-motor configuration⁢ enhances the EV’s⁢ handling capabilities, endowing ​it with exceptional agility and maneuverability. By independently controlling the torque applied to each wheel, Zeekr has succeeded in‌ crafting ⁤a vehicle that effortlessly takes on corners with minimal body roll, providing⁣ drivers with a thrilling driving experience​ akin to that of a sports car. ‍This unique combination of power and control positions the Zeekr high-performance EV as an ideal option for both everyday commuting and spirited drives on winding roads.

In addition to its exceptional​ performance, the Zeekr high-performance EV also boasts an impressive range, thanks to its‌ cutting-edge battery technology. The vehicle is equipped with an advanced lithium-ion ⁢battery pack that offers a substantial driving range on ​a single charge. This means that drivers‍ need not worry⁤ about the inconvenience of frequent stops for recharging, thereby promoting long-distance travel without compromising on efficiency.

Furthermore, Zeekr has made⁢ significant strides ⁢in ensuring the sustainability of​ their EVs. Recognizing the importance of combating ⁣climate change, Zeekr ‍has ‍successfully incorporated eco-friendly materials and manufacturing processes into their production. By adopting innovative techniques and utilizing recyclable ⁤materials, the company demonstrates its commitment to reducing its environmental footprint, making their high-performance EV not only a thrilling ride but also an environmentally conscious choice.

Zeekr’s unwavering dedication to safety⁢ is evident in⁣ their high-performance EV as well. The vehicle comes ‍equipped with state-of-the-art driver-assistance⁢ systems and cutting-edge safety features, providing drivers with peace of mind on every journey. Zeekr’s focus on safety showcases their commitment to ensuring not⁢ only ⁢exhilarating performance but also the overall well-being of their customers.

As Zeekr unveils its high-performance ⁤EV with quad-motors, the automotive industry⁣ witnesses the dawn of a new era. This⁣ groundbreaking invention combines exhilarating performance, unmatched efficiency, and a commitment to sustainability,‌ all culminating in a remarkable driving experience. Zeekr’s latest creation has successfully set a new ⁣benchmark for high-performance EVs, leaving ⁢competitors scrambling to catch up. ⁢With this unveiling, Zeekr has undoubtedly reinforced its position as an​ industry leader, promising a ‌thrilling, ​sustainable, and dynamic future⁢ for electric mobility.