Eichrecht Certification Awarded to ZEROVA EV Chargers

Eichrecht Certification Awarded to ZEROVA EV Chargers

ZEROVA Technologies, a leading manufacturer of electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions, has announced that its DS Series and DD Series EV chargers have successfully met the stringent requirements of German Eichrecht certification. This certification positions the DS and DD Series as industry leaders in terms of energy metering accuracy, end-user data protection, and overall transparency.

The Eichrecht certification, governed by the German Weights and Measurement Act, has recently become a requirement for commercial EV charger sales within Germany. This certification ensures that the energy metering in ZEROVA’s DS and DD Series chargers is precise and trustworthy, providing clear energy consumption data directly to the user. It also signifies that the chargers adhere to strict data protection protocols, including encrypted data transmission.

Key points about the DS Series and DD Series include:

– The DS Series is a versatile DC charger with power options ranging from 60 to 180 kW, compatible with multiple charging standards such as CCS, CHAdeMO, and GB/T.
– The DD Series offers even more robust power options, ranging from 180 to 360 kW, and is designed to withstand various outdoor conditions.
– Both series feature advanced energy metering and data security measures, meeting the comprehensive standards set by Eichrecht certification.
– ZEROVA’s user-centric design includes features like a 7-inch LCD screen for the DS Series and liquid-cooled connectors capable of handling up to 500A for the DD Series.

Earning the Eichrecht certification is a significant achievement for ZEROVA Technologies, showcasing the company’s commitment to accuracy, security, and transparency in EV charging solutions. This certification not only gives ZEROVA a competitive advantage in the German market but also sets a global standard for EV charger functionality and safety. By collaborating closely with customers worldwide, ZEROVA ensures that its EV charging solutions continue to meet and exceed industry standards.
Eichrecht Certification Awarded to ZEROVA EV Chargers

In today’s rapidly evolving era of electric vehicles (EVs), the infrastructure supporting these vehicles plays a pivotal role in their widespread adoption. As the demand for sustainable transportation increases, so does the necessity for reliable and efficient EV charging solutions. In line with this need, ZEROVA, a leading provider of innovative charging solutions, has recently been awarded the prestigious Eichrecht certification for their EV chargers.

The Eichrecht certification, regulated by the German Federal Agency for Legal Metrology (Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt or PTB), is recognized as a seal of approval for measuring instruments, guaranteeing their compliance with standardized legal requirements. This esteemed certification is a testament to ZEROVA’s commitment to manufacturing high-quality and accurate EV charging equipment.

With this achievement, ZEROVA’s portfolio of EV chargers has solidified its position as a reliable and trustworthy choice for both individual consumers and businesses alike. The Eichrecht certification assures users that ZEROVA’s chargers meet the strict regulations established by PTB, ensuring fair and transparent billing, precise measurement of energy consumption, and compliance with legal trade regulations.

The certification process involved rigorous testing and assessment of ZEROVA’s charging equipment against numerous performance and safety parameters. Importantly, the Eichrecht certification verifies that ZEROVA’s chargers adhere to the European Measuring Instruments Directive (MID), guaranteeing the accuracy and reliability of the measurement data provided. This compliance builds trust among EV users, allowing them to confidently monitor their energy usage, rationalize costs, and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Furthermore, the Eichrecht certification establishes ZEROVA as a technologically advanced and forward-thinking company within the EV charging industry. Their chargers encompass cutting-edge features, such as compatibility with various communication protocols, smart grid integration capabilities, and user-friendly interfaces. This recognition solidifies ZEROVA’s status as a provider of innovative solutions, consistently pushing the boundaries to cater to the evolving needs of EV users.

As the transition towards electric mobility gains momentum worldwide, the demand for certified and reliable charging solutions becomes increasingly crucial. The Eichrecht certification awarded to ZEROVA EV chargers not only validates their excellence in meeting legal requirements but also instills confidence in customers regarding the accuracy, safety, and efficiency of their charging infrastructure.

Additionally, the certification augments ZEROVA’s reputation as an environmentally conscious brand, in sync with sustainability goals and governmental regulations. This recognition will undoubtedly attract new business partnerships, foster collaborations with governmental agencies, and strengthen ZEROVA’s market position by becoming the charging solution of choice for discerning customers.

In conclusion, ZEROVA’s attainment of the esteemed Eichrecht certification for their EV chargers is a significant milestone in the EV charging industry. This recognition showcases their commitment to excellence, accuracy, and safety, while also reinforcing their position as a dynamic and innovative company. As the world accelerates towards sustainable transportation, ZEROVA is poised to cater to the increasing demand for reliable and certified charging infrastructure, making electric mobility more accessible and convenient for all.

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