Electric hatch, “Angry” Abarth Scorpionissima, sighted undergoing testing in Melbourne.

Italian car manufacturer Fiat’s performance brand, Abarth, recently announced that its 500e Scorpionissima edition will be available in Australia later this year. The first car has now arrived in Melbourne for engineering evaluation and testing, with images of the electric hatchback shared on an EV Facebook page.

The car, painted in Acid Green, features a charge port located on the right-hand side of the rear end. A scorpion logo is also displayed next to the driver’s door, distinguishing it as an Abarth model rather than a standard Fiat 500e.

Fans reacted positively to the sighting, praising the vehicle’s appearance and unique design elements, such as the painted sections on the headlights resembling eyebrows. Fiat Australia previously described the 500e Scorpionissima as the most responsive and exciting Abarth ever produced, and emphasized its limited availability with only 219 units planned for the Australian market. Each car owner will receive a digital certificate of authenticity to highlight the exclusivity of their model.

The Abarth 500e is equipped with a front-wheel-drive powertrain, delivering a maximum power of 114 kW and a peak torque of 235 Nm. Its acceleration allows it to reach 100 km/h from a standstill in just 7 seconds. The vehicle offers three driving modes: Tourismo, Scorpion Street, and Scorpion Track mode, catering to different driving preferences.

The car’s power comes from a 42 kWh battery pack, which can be fast-charged at speeds of up to 85 kW. This allows for a range of up to 252 km. More details regarding pricing and delivery timelines will be announced closer to the launch.

The electric hatch market in Australia is slowly developing, with various manufacturers introducing their models. Cupra Born kickstarted the trend in late 2022, followed by MG’s anticipated launch of the MG4 X-Power and BYD’s limited edition Dolphin Sport edition in 2024.

The article was written by Riz Akhtar, the founder of carloop, a Melbourne-based company specializing in Australian EV data, insight reports, and trends. Akhtar, a mechanical engineer with a passion for cars, particularly EVs, aims to contribute to reducing transport emissions in Australia. He currently drives a red Tesla Model 3.
Electric hatch, “Angry” Abarth Scorpionissima, sighted undergoing testing in Melbourne

Melbourne, Australia – In an exciting turn of events, car enthusiasts were buzzing with excitement as the all-new electric hatchback, the “Angry” Abarth Scorpionissima, was spotted undergoing rigorous testing on the streets of Melbourne. This sighting has sent waves of anticipation throughout the automotive industry, as Abarth aims to make its mark in the electric vehicle market.

The Abarth Scorpionissima, known for its aggressive design and performance-oriented nature, has always been a favorite among petrolheads. However, in a surprising move, Abarth seems to be embracing the electric revolution with this new development. As the world shifts towards sustainable mobility, it is evident that even sports car manufacturers need to adapt to this new era.

The test mule seen in Melbourne showcased adrenaline-inducing aesthetics synonymous with Abarth. The car’s characteristic aggressive lines were paired with an unmistakable Scorpion logo, showcasing its heritage and dedication to high-performance vehicles. However, one couldn’t help but notice a lack of exhaust pipes, hinting at the electric nature of this new iteration.

While details regarding the powertrain remain scarce, speculations suggest that the Abarth Scorpionissima will likely be equipped with a potent electric drivetrain. Some believe it may inherit technology from its parent company, Fiat, which has already made strides in the electric vehicle segment with models like the Fiat 500e. The use of an electric powertrain could potentially enhance the already exciting performance of the Scorpionissima, making it a worthy successor to its combustion engine predecessors.

Electric vehicles have become renowned for their instantaneous acceleration and impressive torque delivery, providing a thrilling driving experience. If the Abarth Scorpionissima can harness these characteristics while retaining the essence of the brand, it could become an instant hit among performance car enthusiasts and environmentally conscious drivers alike.

The sighting of the Abarth Scorpionissima in Melbourne suggests that the Italian automaker recognizes the significance of this market and aims to establish itself as a front-runner in the electric hatchback segment. With Melbourne’s reputation as a hub for automotive testing and development, it’s no wonder that Abarth has chosen this city for their trials.

As the world eagerly awaits the official unveiling of the Abarth Scorpionissima, this sighting in Melbourne has only intensified the anticipation and curiosity surrounding the electric hatchback. The automotive community is eager to know more about its potential range, charging capabilities, and the performance figures it will deliver. Furthermore, enthusiasts worldwide are excited to witness how the iconic Abarth exhaust note will be translated into the electric realm.

The electric revolution is well underway, and the sighting of the Abarth Scorpionissima undergoing testing in Melbourne serves as a testament to the determination of car manufacturers to adapt and thrive in this evolving landscape. Abarth’s decision to explore the realm of electric vehicles showcases their commitment to staying at the forefront of automotive innovation while retaining their unique and exhilarating driving experience.

With Melbourne bearing witness to this groundbreaking test, car enthusiasts can only hope that the Abarth Scorpionissima will soon hit the production lines, solidifying its place as a pioneering electric hatchback and a new emblem of Abarth’s electric future.