EV Connect and Marriott Collaborate to Install Charging Stations at Hotels Across the US and Canada.

EV Connect and Marriott Collaborate to Install Charging Stations at Hotels Across the US and Canada.

EV Connect,⁣ a leading provider of electric vehicle charging ⁣management solutions in the US, has teamed up with Marriott International, ⁣one of⁣ the largest lodging companies globally, to install EV chargers at up ​to 6,000 qualifying locations across the US⁣ and Canada.

It’s important ⁤to note​ that ‍this partnership​ does not mean that all 6,000 Marriott hotels ​in North America will receive an EV Connect-installed charger. Instead, these locations will‍ have access to EV Connect’s products and services, enabling them to easily deploy, manage, and cater to guests who ‌drive electric vehicles.

This collaboration follows Hilton’s ‍recent announcement of installing up ​to 20,000 Tesla ⁣Universal Wall connectors at 2,000 hotels in the ⁣US, Canada, and ‌Mexico, creating ⁢the largest EV charging network ​in the hospitality industry.

Ram Ambatipudi, EV⁣ Connect’s Senior Vice President of Business⁤ Development, emphasized that this partnership signifies a major advancement in the expansion ‍of the ‌EV market ⁤and ⁤has​ significant implications for the hospitality sector as a whole. Andrew Bodziak, Senior Vice President of Global Operations at‌ Marriott International,‍ stated that ⁢their guests are increasingly expecting EV charging stations at their properties. By partnering with EV Connect, Marriott can​ offer an end-to-end turnkey service, simplifying ⁤the planning, installation,​ and ⁤maintenance processes while delivering the⁤ high-quality service their guests ‌expect.

Established in 2010​ and acquired ‍by French energy giant Schneider in 2022, EV ​Connect serves customers in ⁢41 US states and boasts clients such as General Motors,‍ Verizon, Marriott, ‌Hilton, and Western Digital.

Marriott International is the‍ largest hospitality company globally, with⁢ nearly 8,600 ​properties operating under 31‍ brands in ⁤139 countries and territories. The upcoming EV chargers will be visible on the EV Connect app,⁢ allowing hotel customers to⁢ easily locate and pay for EV charging.

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EV Connect and Marriott Collaborate to Install Charging Stations​ at Hotels ⁢Across the ⁢US and Canada

Sustainable transportation has ⁣become ⁤a pressing concern in recent years as the world seeks to reduce⁤ its carbon footprint and mitigate the effects of climate change. In response to this global challenge, EV Connect,‌ a leading provider ‌of electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions, has joined forces with Marriott International, one of the largest hotel chains worldwide, to install charging stations ⁣at hotels across the United States and‌ Canada.

EV Connect‌ is known for its⁤ expertise in designing, deploying, and managing robust EV ⁤charging ⁢networks. By partnering with Marriott, a company renowned for its commitment to sustainability, EV Connect⁤ aims to significantly contribute to the widespread adoption of electric vehicles and cater ‍to the growing EV ‍market.

This collaborative effort will result in the installation of charging stations ⁢at Marriott hotels,‍ enabling guests and customers with EVs to charge their vehicles conveniently while staying at one of Marriott’s properties. Thus, the collaboration ⁣not only facilitates sustainability but also enhances⁣ the overall guest experience.

EV⁤ Connect’s powerful cloud-based platform will manage the charging​ stations, providing seamless and ⁤reliable services for users. The platform’s flexibility allows ​Marriott ‍to⁤ maintain control over​ its EV infrastructure, assisting in optimizing energy usage and offering tailored charging ⁣options for different locations.

The decision to focus on Marriott hotels across the US and Canada is ‌strategic, given the continuous growth in the adoption of electric car ‍usage in these regions. In the US alone, the number of registered‍ EVs has been steadily increasing, highlighting a need for⁤ an extensive charging network⁤ to support this rising demand. Marriott’s sprawling ⁣network of‌ hotels across the country enables⁢ EV Connect to create a robust and accessible charging network for EV owners.

Moreover, this collaboration between EV Connect and Marriott aligns with Marriott’s⁢ ambitious sustainability⁣ goals. Marriott aims to reduce its carbon emissions by ⁢40% by 2025, and by installing charging stations at‍ its hotels, the company‌ takes a ‍crucial step towards achieving this target. Not only will Marriott reduce its own carbon footprint, but it will also contribute to the broader effort of ⁢facilitating cleaner and‌ greener transportation.

Importantly, the installation of EV charging stations at Marriott hotels signals a broader trend in⁤ the hospitality industry. Increasingly, hotels are recognizing the‌ need‍ to accommodate EV owners and provide the necessary infrastructure for a growing EV market. By offering charging facilities, hotels not only appeal to eco-conscious customers⁢ but also ⁤gain a competitive ⁢edge in the market.

The partnership between EV Connect ⁣and Marriott serves as a model for⁣ collaboration between technology and hospitality ‍sectors, showcasing how strategic alliances can contribute to the shared goal of sustainability. As the world moves⁤ towards a greener future, more companies are expected to follow suit and invest in EV charging infrastructure.

In conclusion, the collaboration between EV⁣ Connect and Marriott to install charging stations at hotels across the US ⁢and Canada marks a significant step ⁣towards sustainable​ transportation. ‌By leveraging EV Connect’s expertise and Marriott’s vast⁢ network of ⁢properties, this partnership aims to create a ‌robust charging network for EV owners and contribute ⁢to ‌the expansion of electric vehicle ⁣adoption. ‌This joint effort showcases how ⁣tech and hospitality sectors can​ work together to address climate change and support greener practices in their industries. As more companies ⁣recognize the importance of ‍sustainability, collaborations like this will undoubtedly become more ‍common, paving ⁤the way for a more sustainable⁣ future.