Expansion of Volta Trucks Secured with Partnership with SGEF

Expansion of Volta Trucks Secured with Partnership with SGEF

Volta Trucks has formed a strategic partnership with Societe Generale Equipment Finance (SGEF) to enhance its Truck as a Service (TaaS) solution. By offering specialized equipment finance solutions, this collaboration aims to make the transition to electric fleets more accessible and economically viable for businesses. The demand for sustainable transportation options is growing, and this alliance can accelerate the shift towards cleaner methods of transportation.

SGEF, known for its excellence in equipment and vendor financing, will now provide its tailored Operating and Finance Lease funding programs to Volta Trucks’ customers in European markets for up to eight years. This support will enable Volta Trucks’ clients to streamline the transition to electric fleets by offering integral product solutions such as financing, insurance, and service & maintenance through their TaaS solution.

Essa Al-Saleh, CEO of Volta Trucks, emphasized the significance of this partnership and highlighted SGEF’s financial proficiency. This collaboration not only promotes the broader adoption of electric fleets but also underlines the potential for lower Total Cost of Ownership, considering the residual value of the Volta Zero.

SGEF’s Chief Commercial Officer, Florence Roussel-Pollet, expressed the company’s enthusiasm for supporting sustainable initiatives, actively contributing to the momentum of electric fleet solutions throughout Europe.

This partnership between Volta Trucks and SGEF marks a crucial step forward in advancing the adoption of electric commercial vehicles. By providing specialized equipment finance solutions, businesses can now more easily transition to electric fleets, fostering a greener future.
Expansion of Volta Trucks Secured with Partnership with SGEF

Volta Trucks, the leading provider of electric trucks, has recently announced a strategic partnership with Societe Generale Equipment Finance (SGEF), a prominent player in the European equipment finance market. This partnership marks a significant milestone for Volta Trucks in its journey towards expanding its presence and accelerating the adoption of sustainable transport solutions across the globe.

The collaboration aims to enhance Volta Trucks’ electric vehicle (EV) offering by providing tailored lease solutions to customers interested in integrating electric trucks into their fleets. SGEF’s expertise in sustainable finance and its extensive customer network make it an ideal ally for Volta Trucks as it aims to strengthen its position in the EV market.

Volta Trucks, a Swedish-British start-up, has been at the forefront of the revolution in commercial electric vehicles with its unique and innovative designs. The company’s flagship vehicle, the Volta Zero, is the world’s first purpose-built full-electric 16-tonne truck, specifically designed for inner-city deliveries. By removing the traditional internal combustion engine and incorporating the latest EV technology, Volta Trucks not only reduces emissions but also provides a safer and more comfortable working environment for drivers.

Through this partnership with SGEF, Volta Trucks will be able to address the issue of traditional diesel truck replacement in urban areas. With tailored lease solutions, customers will have access to cutting-edge electric trucks without the significant upfront costs associated with purchasing new vehicles. This financial support allows fleet operators to transition to sustainable transport solutions seamlessly, contributing to the reduction of pollution, noise, and congestion in cities.

According to Rob Fowler, CEO of Volta Trucks, this partnership represents a crucial step towards the company’s goal of electrifying inner-city commercial vehicle fleets. He emphasizes the importance of providing customers with a total solution, encompassing vehicles, services, and financing, which SGEF perfectly complements. Fowler further highlights that this collaboration will make Volta Trucks an even more attractive proposition for environmentally conscious businesses looking to make a positive impact.

SGEF recognizes the urgency of implementing sustainable transportation solutions and sees the strategic partnership with Volta Trucks as a significant opportunity to support this transition. With their extensive experience in financing equipment and innovative approaches to green finance, SGEF aims to facilitate the adoption of electric truck solutions on a wider scale. This collaboration aligns with SGEF’s broader commitment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, specifically towards clean energy and the reduction of carbon emissions.

The global demand for sustainable transport solutions has been rapidly increasing, driven by evolving environmental regulations and growing societal concerns about air quality and climate change. Volta Trucks, through its partnership with SGEF, is well-positioned to capitalize on this demand and help accelerate the adoption of electric trucks as a viable and efficient alternative to traditional diesel vehicles.

In conclusion, Volta Trucks’ collaboration with Societe Generale Equipment Finance represents a significant step forward in the expansion of the electric truck manufacturer. This partnership will enable Volta Trucks to offer tailored lease solutions, making its EVs more accessible to customers and further promoting sustainable transport solutions. As the world moves towards a greener future, the strategic alliance between Volta Trucks and SGEF is a promising development in the journey towards cleaner and more energy-efficient urban transportation.

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