Gridserve introduces a solar-powered electric super hub on the bustling A30.

Gridserve introduces a solar-powered electric super hub on the bustling A30.

Gridserve, a leading technology company in the UK’s EV charging market, has unveiled its latest innovation at Cornwall Services. The Electric Super Hub, located on the A30, features a state-of-the-art solar canopy and cutting-edge charging technology. This groundbreaking solution combines a solar canopy and a 1MWh battery to provide rapid EV charging capabilities, well ahead of the availability of traditional grid connections.

The Electric Super Hub at Cornwall Services includes six High Power 350kW chargers for quick top-ups and six Low Power AC chargers for overnight guests at the onsite hotel. By utilizing the existing 100kW grid connection along with the solar canopy and 1MW battery, Gridserve has replaced two outdated 50kW chargers with 12 advanced chargers, significantly enhancing the charging capacity along this busy route.

The chosen location is easily accessible from major local towns and cities such as Truro, St Austell, Newquay, and Bodmin. Key features of the Electric Super Hub include:

1. Innovative EV Charging Solution: Gridserve’s Electric Super Hub incorporates a solar canopy and a 1MW battery, providing a forward-thinking approach to deliver EV charging services well before new grid connections would typically be available.

2. Software-Optimized Charging: Gridserve Technologies’ advanced software optimizes the available grid and solar energy to maximize charging speeds through dynamic load sharing. This ensures a seamless charging experience for EV drivers.

3. Zero Carbon Solar Farm: Planning permission has been submitted for an adjacent 1MWp solar farm that will directly supply zero carbon energy from the sun to electric vehicles, reducing the carbon footprint of EV charging operations.

4. Ten Times the Charging Power: Gridserve’s innovative solution supplements the existing 100kW grid connection with a 1MW battery and solar energy, delivering ten times the charging power at Cornwall Services.

Gridserve’s SEC 1000 battery is equipped with intelligent programming to efficiently manage its load and output. The software takes into account factors such as available grid connection power, battery state of charge, time of day, solar output, and power requested by all charging vehicles. This maximizes charging speeds and throughput while minimizing waiting times.

The company’s usage data shows a close correlation between solar energy generation and energy consumption across the chargers throughout the day, highlighting the value of solar as a sustainable energy source to support the grid connection.

Toddington Harper, CEO of Gridserve, expressed his delight in delivering this innovative technology to Cornwall Services and emphasized the potential for it to serve as a blueprint for other electric super hub on the bustling A30.”>locations facing similar grid connection challenges. The Electric Super Hub has already experienced significant usage during busy periods and is expected to undergo continuous refinements and optimizations for an enhanced charging experience.

Andrew King, Commercial Manager at Cornwall Services, also expressed enthusiasm for Gridserve’s increased commitment to the location, noting the positive impact on customer convenience and the reduction of environmental impact.

Gridserve is dedicated to rapidly expanding its UK-wide charging network, ensuring all EV drivers have access to reliable, fast, and affordable charging powered by sustainable zero-carbon energy. With expertise in solar, EV charging, remote power, and battery storage infrastructure, Gridserve aims to collaborate with various stakeholders who share the vision of transitioning to a greener and more sustainable future.

In addition to the Electric Super Hub at Cornwall Services, Gridserve is pushing the boundaries of EV charging with its “Try Before You Lease” service in Norwich and Braintree, demonstrating its commitment to advancing the possibilities of EV charging.

Overall, Gridserve’s Electric Super Hub at Cornwall Services represents a significant milestone in the UK’s EV charging landscape, showcasing the potential for rapid charging capabilities and sustainable energy solutions.
Gridserve introduces a solar-powered electric super hub on the bustling A30

Gridserve, a leading sustainable energy company, has unveiled an innovative project aimed at revolutionizing the way we charge our electric vehicles. The company has introduced a solar-powered electric super hub located on the busy A30, promising a greener and more efficient charging experience for electric vehicle owners.

The A30, a major arterial road connecting London to the West Country, is a popular route for commuters and holidaymakers alike. As the demand for electric vehicles continues to rise, so does the need for reliable and convenient charging infrastructure. Gridserve’s super hub intends to meet this demand by providing a cutting-edge facility capable of accommodating a high number of electric vehicles simultaneously.

At the heart of this new development is a colossal solar farm, boasting an impressive array of photovoltaic panels, which harness the power of the sun to generate clean and renewable energy. This renewable energy is then used to charge the electric vehicles connected to the super hub. With a capacity of over 70 megawatts of power, the solar farm can generate sufficient energy to charge thousands of electric vehicles every day.

Gridserve’s solar-powered electric super hub is more than just a charging facility. It will also feature state-of-the-art amenities for the convenience of electric vehicle owners. These amenities include comfortable waiting lounges, free Wi-Fi, and a range of food and beverage options to cater to the needs of drivers during their charging sessions. Additionally, the super hub will provide contactless payment options, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience for users.

The introduction of this solar-powered electric super hub on the A30 aligns perfectly with Gridserve’s commitment to sustainability and reducing carbon emissions. By leveraging solar energy, Gridserve aims to significantly reduce the carbon footprint generated by the transportation sector. This bold initiative is a step towards achieving a greener and more sustainable future, eradicating the reliance on fossil fuels and embracing renewable energy sources.

Gridserve’s groundbreaking approach to electric vehicle charging presents a shining example of how solutions can be found to combat the environmental challenges faced by our world today. By combining solar energy with cutting-edge technology, the company is spearheading a new era of sustainable transportation.

Furthermore, this project is also likely to have a positive impact on the local economy. The creation of the super hub is expected to generate numerous job opportunities, contributing to the growth and prosperity of the surrounding communities. Moreover, the increased flow of tourists and travelers to the area could lead to a boost in spending, supporting local businesses and further stimulating economic development.

The introduction of Gridserve’s solar-powered electric super hub on the bustling A30 marks a significant milestone in the advancement of electric vehicle infrastructure in the United Kingdom. It represents the innovation and determination needed to address the environmental concerns of our time. With this visionary endeavor, Gridserve is playing a pivotal role in shaping the future of sustainable transportation, one charge at a time.

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