Highland’s Arrival Leads to Tesla Canceling Model 3 Performance Orders in Australia

Tesla has allegedly canceled orders for the Model 3 Performance in Australia shortly after the release of the facelifted Model 3 in the country. Numerous customers who had placed orders for the flagship variant took to the Tesla Owners Australia Facebook group to express their disappointment and frustration. Tesla sent a message to affected customers stating that the Performance model is currently unavailable and offered them the option to select an alternative vehicle with “priority matching.” The most likely alternative would be the larger Model Y Performance, but customers can also choose the facelifted Model 3 RWD or Long Range. Another option is to purchase a pre-update Model 3 Performance from Tesla’s current inventory.

The cancellation of these orders raises questions about the future of the Model 3 Performance. There are two possible explanations for this decision. It could mean that Tesla plans to introduce the Model 3 Performance at a later date after the launch of the updated Model 3 RWD and Long Range variants. Alternatively, it could imply that the Model 3 Performance has been discontinued.

If the latter is true, the new Model 3 Long Range could serve as a suitable replacement since it still offers impressive performance with a 0-62 mph acceleration time of 4.4 seconds, albeit 1.1 seconds slower than the Performance model.

Upon checking Tesla’s online configurator in countries where the new Model 3 has already been released, the Model 3 Performance is not listed. Although this doesn’t completely rule out the possibility of its future release, it also raises concerns that it may not return at all. Buyers are left wondering about Tesla’s plans for the Model 3 Performance and whether the company will introduce a performance variant under a different name, such as the Tesla Model 3 Plaid.

Overall, the cancellation of Model 3 Performance orders in Australia has left customers uncertain about the model’s future availability and has sparked speculation about Tesla’s intentions for its performance lineup.
Highland’s Arrival Leads to Tesla Canceling Model 3 Performance Orders in Australia

In a surprising move, Tesla recently made the decision to cancel all Model 3 Performance orders in Australia following the arrival of Highland on the market. This unexpected development has left many Tesla enthusiasts bewildered and disappointed, raising several questions about the reasoning behind this decision and its implications for the electric vehicle (EV) industry in Australia.

Highland, an Australian electric vehicle startup, has emerged as a strong competitor to Tesla, presenting a significant challenge to the American EV giant. Highland’s electric sports car, the H3, offers similar performance capabilities as Tesla’s Model 3 Performance, but at a considerably lower price point. This sudden disruption has forced Tesla to reevaluate its strategy in the Australian market.

The cancellation of Model 3 Performance orders has been met with mixed reactions from Tesla enthusiasts. While some lament the lost opportunity to own one of Tesla’s high-performing vehicles, others express excitement about the increased competition and potential for more affordable EV options in Australia.

Tesla has not provided any official statement regarding the rationale behind this decision. However, industry experts speculate that the cancellation may be a strategic move aimed at preserving Tesla’s market share in the face of growing competition. By removing the Model 3 Performance option, Tesla may be redirecting potential customers towards their other offerings, such as the Model S or upcoming Model Y.

This move also highlights the significance of the Australian EV market in the global context. Historically, Australia has lagged behind many developed countries in terms of EV adoption. However, recent developments, such as the growth of charging infrastructure and the emergence of local manufacturers like Highland, indicate a potential turning point for the country’s EV industry. Tesla’s decision to cancel Model 3 Performance orders suggests that the Australian market is becoming increasingly influential in shaping the strategies of global EV manufacturers.

Furthermore, this cancellation serves as a reminder that the EV market is not immune to the principles of competition and market dynamics. As more players enter the scene, consumers benefit from greater options and competitive pricing. Tesla’s dominance in the EV market has been a catalyst for the industry’s growth, but the arrival of Highland demonstrates that even the most prominent players can face challenges when their competitors step up their game.

While Tesla’s decision to cancel Model 3 Performance orders may disappoint some, it ultimately signals a positive shift for the Australian EV market. With Highland’s arrival and its competitive offerings, EV enthusiasts now have an alternative option to consider, forcing Tesla to innovate and refine its strategies to remain at the forefront of the industry.

As the dust settles on this unexpected announcement, the impact of Highland’s arrival and Tesla’s response will likely unfold in the coming months. One thing is clear: the Australian EV market is poised for exciting advancements, and consumers can look forward to a wider range of affordable electric vehicles in the near future.