Hyundai Unveils Pricing and Specifications for Ioniq 5 N, Its Inaugural High-Performance Electric Vehicle

Hyundai has⁣ unveiled the pricing, specifications, and pre-sales details for its first high-performance electric vehicle, the Ioniq 5 N, in Australia. The⁢ Ioniq⁢ 5⁣ N ​is an upgraded version of the popular Ioniq ⁢5, known for its ‌design and spaciousness. While the standard Ioniq 5 is​ more of a⁣ family‍ car, the N variant offers enhanced performance​ to compete with⁤ the EV6 ⁤from sister company Kia.

The Ioniq 5 N boasts a maximum power ⁣output of 448 kW, making it one of the most powerful electric cars in the Australian market. It will be available in ⁣a single variant with a price tag of‍ $111,000‍ before on-road costs. Customers will also have the option to add two features: Vision Roof for $2,000⁢ and Matte Paint for $1,000.

To kick ‌off the launch of ⁢the Ioniq 5 ‍N, Hyundai ‌has organized a pre-sale event on​ September 15. Customers will have the opportunity to order the vehicle online for ​a ⁣12-hour window, starting at midday and running until midnight AEST. As part‌ of the⁣ pre-sale promotion, customers‌ will ⁤receive N-branded ​merchandise ⁤called⁢ the “Hyundai N ‍x ⁣Pelican set,” which​ includes two cases, a torch, and additional items. First deliveries of the Ioniq 5 N are expected to begin in the ​first ⁤quarter of ⁤2024.

Unlike traditional pre-configured⁤ vehicles, ⁢each Ioniq 5 N will be custom-built according to customers’ preferences. The vehicle’s⁤ powertrain includes motors producing ‌a total output of⁣ 448 kW, with an option for a boost output ‍of 478 kW⁣ through an electronic limited-slip differential. This setup allows the car​ to accelerate from 0-100 km/h in just 3.4 seconds. The Ioniq 5 N will also feature Pirelli P-Zero tires on 21-inch aluminum ​wheels.

The vehicle is equipped with an 84 kWh battery ⁢pack, which​ can be charged⁣ from 10% to 80%⁤ in just 18 minutes⁢ using‍ the appropriate ultra-rapid charger. In terms of ⁣styling, the Ioniq 5 N includes various⁣ exterior upgrades such as graphics, a lip spoiler, and side-skirts. Inside the car, N-branded features, a new steering wheel, sports seats, and pedals create ‍a sporty atmosphere.

While the “N” vehicles ‍traditionally refer to performance variants of Hyundai’s internal combustion ⁤engine (ICE) ‍vehicles, ​the introduction of an ‌electric N⁢ performance variant⁣ shows Hyundai’s commitment to its ambitious electric vehicle plans. With the⁤ Ioniq 5 N, Hyundai aims to cater to the growing ‍demand‍ for high-performance electric vehicles in the Australian market.
Hyundai Unveils Pricing and Specifications for IONIQ 5‌ N, Its⁣ Inaugural High-Performance Electric⁤ Vehicle

Seoul, South Korea – Hyundai Motors, a leading automaker ‌renowned for its commitment to innovation and sustainable mobility, has recently announced the pricing and ​specifications for its highly anticipated IONIQ 5 N. This marks the company’s foray‍ into the ⁤high-performance electric vehicle (EV)⁤ segment⁣ and further solidifies its position as a forward-thinking player in the global⁢ automotive industry. ‌With the IONIQ 5 N, Hyundai aims to revolutionize the driving experience, combining thrilling‍ performance with eco-friendly technology.

The IONIQ 5 N boasts an impressive array‌ of features designed to deliver an exhilarating driving experience. The model is equipped with dual motors, providing all-wheel drive and generating an astounding power output of 429 horsepower. This electrifying powertrain‌ enables ​the car to accelerate from ⁤0⁣ to 60 mph in just 4.5 seconds, making it one of the fastest electric vehicles in its class. Furthermore, the IONIQ 5 N incorporates an advanced electronic⁤ chassis system, ensuring optimal handling and control, even at higher speeds.

In terms of range, the IONIQ 5 N is equipped with a spacious battery pack, offering an estimated range of up to 330 miles (approximately 531 kilometers) on a single charge. This impressive range eliminates the concerns ‍associated with long-distance travel, ‌making the IONIQ 5 N suitable for both daily commuting and extended⁢ road ⁣trips. Moreover, the vehicle supports fast charging capabilities, allowing for a remarkable charge speed of up to 80% ​in just 18 minutes, utilizing a 350 kWh charger.

The design of the IONIQ 5 N ‌is‌ another ⁤striking aspect of this high-performance EV.⁤ Hyundai has seamlessly blended futuristic aesthetics with a touch of sportiness, resulting ‌in ⁣a visually captivating vehicle. The dynamic profile, characterized ⁢by a sloping roofline and bold lines, exudes a ‍sense of dynamism and modernity. The sleek LED headlights and taillights further enhance the overall appeal, ensuring that the IONIQ⁤ 5 N ⁣stands out on the road.

Hyundai recognizes the importance of advanced safety features in today’s automotive landscape, and the IONIQ 5 N incorporates cutting-edge technologies to provide a⁢ secure driving environment. The model includes an extensive⁣ suite of driver-assistance systems, such as adaptive cruise control, blind-spot monitoring, ‌and ⁣lane-keeping assist. These features not only enhance safety but ⁣also contribute to a more enjoyable and stress-free driving experience.

Now, let’s talk about pricing and availability. The IONIQ 5⁢ N starts at a base price​ of $60,000, making it a viable choice for EV enthusiasts seeking ‌both performance and sustainability. This⁤ competitive price point positions the⁢ IONIQ 5 N favorably against other⁢ high-performance electric vehicles in the market. The model is set to hit showrooms worldwide by⁢ the end of this year, and Hyundai has already started accepting pre-orders.

With the unveiling of the IONIQ 5 N, Hyundai has‍ once again demonstrated its commitment‍ to‍ the electrification of the automotive industry. The company has ‌successfully combined ⁢high performance, cutting-edge design, and sustainable technology, culminating in a vehicle that is set to redefine the EV landscape. As Hyundai‌ continues ⁣to push the boundaries ‍of what is‌ possible, the IONIQ 5 N serves as a testament to the ethos of innovation and excellence that ⁢drives the company forward.

In⁤ conclusion, the IONIQ 5 N represents⁤ a significant milestone for Hyundai Motors‍ as it ventures into the high-performance EV segment. With its exhilarating powertrain, exceptional range, and eye-catching design, the IONIQ 5⁢ N is set to captivate EV ⁤enthusiasts around the⁢ world. Hyundai’s dedication to sustainability and innovation shines ‍through this model, establishing the company as a visionary leader in ‌the global automotive market. As we eagerly await its arrival ⁣in showrooms worldwide, it is evident that the⁤ IONIQ 5 N will mark the beginning of a new era of high-performance electric vehicles.