Hyundai unveils surprising cheaper and more compact variant of 2024 Ioniq 5

Hyundai has ⁣unveiled the pricing and specifications for the ​2024 version of its popular Ioniq 5 electric SUV, and there’s a surprise ‍addition. The new⁣ lineup includes a‍ more affordable base model variant, making the Ioniq 5 more accessible to a wider range of drivers.

The ​Techniq variant has been replaced with two new options: a rear-wheel-drive‌ (RWD) version and an ⁣all-wheel-drive (AWD) ‌version. The main difference is that the RWD version comes ⁢with ⁤a smaller battery (58 kWh) and is priced at $64,500 before on-road costs, while the AWD version ​has the larger battery (77.4 kWh) and ⁤costs $70,500. This new entry-level RWD variant is significantly cheaper than the previous ‍starting price of $72,000.

Hyundai Australia’s CEO, Ted Lee, expressed excitement about the enhanced lineup, stating that it makes the Ioniq 5 even more appealing and ‍accessible to customers. The Ioniq 5 has already received ⁢multiple awards globally,⁢ but its availability in Australia has been limited due to supply issues. Only 631⁢ units have been sold in Australia this year.

The new pricing strategy aims to position the Ioniq‌ 5‌ as ⁣a strong competitor⁢ against the market ⁣leader, the Tesla Model Y. However,⁤ its success will depend on the availability of supply. One of the standout features of the Ioniq 5 is its vehicle-to-load capabilities, which ‍allow it to supply power to external devices. Additionally, ⁤Hyundai has also released a performance version of the Ioniq 5 called the N, which comes at a higher price point.

The‌ full ​2024 lineup and pricing ⁢for the Ioniq ‌5 are⁢ as follows:

– ⁢Ioniq ⁢5 RWD (58 kWh) – $64,500 before on-road ‌costs
– Ioniq 5⁣ AWD ⁤(77.4⁣ kWh) – $70,500⁣ before on-road costs
– Dynamiq RWD (77.4 kWh) – $76,000 before on-road costs
– Dynamiq AWD (77.4 kWh)⁤ – $80,500 before on-road costs
– Epiq RWD‌ (77.4 kWh) – $79,500 before on-road costs
– ⁢Epiq AWD‍ (77.4 kWh) – $84,000 before on-road costs

The RWD version of the Ioniq 5 will be eligible for certain⁢ state and territory subsidies due to its ⁢lower price‌ and smaller⁤ battery size. It offers a claimed range of 384 km on⁢ the WLTP cycle, making it ⁤suitable for ⁢city driving and occasional road trips.

Other updates to the lineup include an updated AWD version for the Dynamiq variant and the introduction of a new RWD⁣ version for the Epiq ⁤variant.⁣ The Dynamiq variant also receives⁣ 20-inch alloy wheels as‍ standard. The range-topping Epiq variant previously‍ included⁣ digital mirrors as standard, but ‌Hyundai has changed this based on customer feedback and now offers them as an option‍ for $3,000. The ‍Epiq variant⁣ also includes a ‌digital ⁢center⁢ mirror.

The new 2024 Ioniq 5 ⁢range is‌ currently​ available for order. It features a heat pump ‌that is offered across the range, ​as well as standard battery ​conditioning, which ⁢helps achieve faster charging speeds more frequently.

The article also ⁤provides a powertrain summary and detailed ‍specifications⁤ for the different variants of the Ioniq 5.

Overall, Hyundai’s introduction of a ⁣more⁤ affordable base model variant for the Ioniq 5 ⁤aims ⁣to increase its competitiveness in the market and attract a wider range ‌of customers.
Hyundai Unveils Surprising Cheaper and More Compact ‌Variant of 2024 Ioniq 5

In an exciting move, Hyundai has recently unveiled⁣ a ‌surprising addition to its​ electric vehicle lineup, introducing a cheaper and more compact variant of the eagerly anticipated 2024 Ioniq 5. ⁤The ⁢South Korean automaker’s commitment to sustainable mobility is once again highlighted through this new offering, providing consumers with even ⁢more options in‍ the electric vehicle market.

The original Ioniq 5, introduced ⁤earlier this ​year, received widespread acclaim for its futuristic design, cutting-edge‌ technology, and impressive range. With its sleek and​ stylish appearance, ⁣coupled with advanced features, it set a new benchmark for electric mobility. However, some potential buyers​ were deterred by the initial price range, prompting Hyundai to ​develop a more affordable version.

This latest addition addresses the concerns of potential​ buyers on a tighter budget without compromising on quality or performance. Hyundai has masterfully ⁣retained the core attributes that made the Ioniq 5 so‍ popular while making it more accessible to a wider‍ consumer base.

The⁤ compact version ​of the⁤ 2024 Ioniq 5 maintains the same stunning design principles as‌ its larger counterpart but with slight modifications ‍to its dimensions. The smaller footprint enables greater maneuverability and​ ease of use ⁢in ​urban environments, ⁤allowing drivers to navigate crowded streets and parking spaces⁣ effortlessly.

Despite its reduced size, ⁤the compact Ioniq 5 does not compromise on power⁤ or performance. ⁤Equipped with Hyundai’s signature electric powertrain, ⁢it delivers exceptional acceleration ⁢and a satisfying driving experience. Additionally, it boasts an impressive range on⁤ a single charge, allowing‌ for longer trips without the need for frequent ⁤recharging.

Hyundai’s commitment to sustainability ⁣also extends to the materials used in the manufacturing of the compact Ioniq⁣ 5. Just like its larger sibling, it features an eco-friendly ⁢interior constructed from‌ sustainable materials, further reducing its impact on⁣ the environment.

The inclusion of advanced technological features‍ further emphasizes Hyundai’s⁤ dedication to‍ innovation. The⁣ compact ⁣Ioniq ‍5 ⁣is equipped with state-of-the-art connectivity options, including an intuitive infotainment system that⁣ seamlessly‌ integrates with smartphones and other smart devices. Furthermore, safety features such as advanced driver-assistance systems ensure‌ a secure and confident driving experience.

Hyundai’s decision to introduce a‍ more affordable and‌ compact variant of the 2024 Ioniq 5⁢ reflects the evolving needs and desires of consumers in the electric ‌vehicle ‌market. As awareness of environmental concerns continues to ‍grow, ⁣a wider range of individuals seek sustainable⁢ transportation options. With this new addition to the Ioniq 5 lineup, Hyundai ‍aims ⁤to ⁣make environmentally friendly driving⁣ more ⁤accessible​ to a broader range of⁤ consumers.

The unveiling of the ⁣surprising cheaper and more compact variant of the 2024 Ioniq 5 heralds yet another milestone in Hyundai’s journey towards sustainable mobility. By keeping their finger on the pulse of the market and responding to consumer demands, Hyundai continues to revolutionize the electric vehicle industry, offering cutting-edge technologies packaged in stylish and affordable models. With the⁣ compact Ioniq 5, ‌Hyundai further cements its position as a leader in the‍ transition towards a greener future on the roads.