London sightseeing buses to be supplied by Equipmake with open-tops

London sightseeing buses to be supplied by Equipmake with open-tops

Equipmake, a British electric commercial vehicle manufacturer, has secured⁤ a deal to supply⁤ Big Bus Tours, the world’s largest⁣ sightseeing company, with advanced open-top​ buses. This collaboration will allow Big Bus Tours⁢ to upgrade its ‌fleet⁤ with cutting-edge electric drivetrain technology. The partnership‍ will involve equipping 10 iconic double-deck, open-top buses with Equipmake’s Zero-Emission Drivetrain ​(ZED) technology.

As millions of tourists visit the capital each week, many choose to experience ⁤the city’s ⁣famous landmarks on an open-top bus. In line with Big Bus Tours’ commitment to sustainability, Equipmake is working closely with the operator to convert a significant portion of its existing diesel​ fleet into fully electric vehicles.

The selected vehicles for this electrification initiative are Ankai double-deck sightseeing buses. Each bus will undergo a transformation to incorporate Equipmake’s ZED technology, which includes a 327kWh capacity battery ⁣capable of providing a daily range of ‍over 120 miles. The first electrified bus is ‍scheduled to enter service in the first quarter of ⁤2024.

This project builds ⁤on Equipmake’s previous ⁤experience of helping First Bus in York transition to an all-electric fleet last year, as well as delivering Jewel E units to London’s ⁢largest operator, Go Ahead, in 2021.

Ian Foley, CEO of Equipmake, expressed⁣ his excitement about the partnership, ⁤highlighting ‌the company’s delight in working with forward-thinking companies that recognize the benefits of repowering. ‍Gerry Price, Executive Vice ‍President at Big Bus Tours, added that the collaboration with ⁤Equipmake will support their transition to zero emissions ⁣and is an exciting opportunity for the company.

Equipmake’s repowering⁣ process is tailored to each vehicle’s ⁣specific requirements, with service routes simulated to optimize battery performance and achievable mileage. The ZED ⁢system, applicable ⁢to​ single and double-decker buses,‌ includes Equipmake’s in-house developed electric motor, inverter, power electronics, and the ‌latest lithium-ion⁢ batteries.

One prominent ‍feature of the ZED system is Equipmake’s patented ultra-efficient thermal management ​system, which ensures‍ optimal operating temperatures for the battery pack, ‌motor, and inverter. This system maximizes the vehicle’s⁣ range and provides ‌interior heating during cold conditions using captured⁢ thermal energy.

By repurposing existing buses, Big Bus Tours aims to⁤ achieve significant cost and ‍environmental benefits. Converting existing bus chassis and bodies can save up ‍to 90 tonnes of embedded CO2 compared to producing new electric double-deck buses. Additionally, each conversion costs less than half of a ⁤new ⁢electric bus, offering substantial savings for operators ‍over⁢ the ​vehicle’s operational life.

Equipmake, with over 20​ years of ⁢experience in developing innovative electric powertrains, has become a global leader in bus⁣ repowering. ⁢Led by CEO Ian Foley, ⁤a highly-experienced engineer with a background in global motorsport, the company has successfully completed⁤ various projects, including the ⁢all-electric repowering of the New Routemaster and collaborating with ⁢First Bus to upgrade its fleet. Equipmake’s expertise ⁣also extends to the electrified aerospace sector, providing electric motors for rockets and VTOL applications,⁣ as well as contributing to electric sports car and hypercar projects.

In conclusion, Equipmake’s partnership ​with ⁤Big Bus Tours ​to supply advanced open-top buses equipped with⁤ its innovative electric ‍drivetrain technology is a significant step towards sustainable ⁣transportation in the tourism industry. By repowering existing buses, both cost and environmental benefits⁤ can be achieved, making electric buses a more viable option for operators. Equipmake’s ​expertise and experience ⁢in developing electric powertrains further⁢ solidify its position​ as a leader in the ⁤field.
London Sightseeing Buses to ‍be ⁤Supplied by Equipmake with Open-Tops

London, known ‍for its iconic landmarks and historical sites, has long been a top tourist ‌destination. Exploring the city’s attractions has always been a popular activity among visitors, and sightseeing buses have become ​a go-to option‌ for⁣ those wanting a comprehensive tour of the capital. To further enhance ​this experience, Equipmake has recently been awarded a contract to supply​ London‍ sightseeing buses with open-tops, providing visitors with an unobstructed view of the city’s breathtaking skyline.

Equipmake, a renowned British engineering firm specializing in electric vehicle technology, is internationally recognized for its innovative approach to ‌sustainable⁤ transportation. With its expertise in electric ⁢drivetrains, the company has been at the forefront of driving the electric vehicle revolution. ⁤This collaboration with ‌London’s sightseeing industry aims to combine ⁣comfort, environmental consciousness, and unrivaled‌ sightseeing experiences in one package.

The decision to⁣ introduce open-top buses, replacing⁢ the​ conventional closed-top models, stems from the desire to offer tourists an unparalleled perspective of the city. With London’s picturesque landscapes and world-renowned architectural gems, a convertible top ​allows visitors​ to ⁤fully⁤ immerse themselves in the beauty that surrounds ‌them. Be it the ‍dazzling lights of Piccadilly Circus, the​ historic ⁢grandeur of Buckingham Palace, ​or the iconic ⁣Tower Bridge, tourists will now ⁣be able to enjoy panoramic views and capture memorable moments⁢ from the comfort of their seats.

In addition to providing an amazing sightseeing experience, Equipmake’s buses will also ‌have⁢ an environmentally friendly ⁤edge. The open-top buses⁣ will be powered by electric drivetrains, significantly reducing ​carbon emissions. This move aligns with London’s commitment to becoming a greener city and promoting sustainable transportation. By opting for electric-powered open-top buses,‌ the⁢ city ensures a⁣ lower carbon footprint without compromising⁤ on the comfort and enjoyment of its tourists.

These ‍electric ‍buses​ will be equipped with ⁣state-of-the-art technology⁢ to enhance the overall experience. Passengers will have ⁢access to information ‌screens offering⁢ historical​ facts, interesting trivia, and insightful ​commentary about the city’s ⁤landmarks. This allows‌ visitors to not only⁢ appreciate ‌the view but also gain valuable knowledge about the sites they ​are seeing.

London, with‍ its vibrant culture and rich​ history, attracts millions of visitors each year. ⁣The ⁢introduction of Equipmake’s open-top electric buses​ is set to ‌transform the sightseeing experience ⁤and create incredible memories ⁢for tourists. These buses will serve as a‌ convenient and sustainable mode of transportation, offering visitors an⁤ unparalleled way to explore the city’s ⁣finest attractions.

As the global push for sustainable tourism gains traction, London is taking a significant step towards embracing green transportation solutions. Equipmake’s collaboration with London’s ⁣sightseeing industry represents a win-win ⁤scenario. Not only will the city’s visitors be able to appreciate its breathtaking beauty,‍ but they can also do ⁤so in an environmentally conscious manner.

London’s move to introduce⁤ open-top electric buses⁣ signifies its commitment to providing tourists with an unforgettable experience while championing a greener ​future. With the city’s​ iconic landmarks in ⁢clear sight, tourists will undoubtedly feel a⁢ deeper connection to⁢ the heart of‌ London as they traverse its vibrant streets. The ‌collaboration between Equipmake and ⁤the sightseeing⁣ industry ​is a testament to the city’s dedication to elevating ⁣the tourist experience whilst ensuring a sustainable​ future for all.

In ⁢the coming years, as London’s open-top electric buses become ⁣a common sight on the capital’s⁢ roads, it is certain that the‌ city’s tourism​ industry will⁣ witness exponential ⁤growth. Visitors can⁤ look forward⁢ to⁣ immersing themselves‍ in the sights ‍and ⁣sounds of this magnificent city, knowing that their chosen mode⁢ of transportation ⁤not‍ only provides comfort but also contributes towards a cleaner and greener London.

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