Massive frunk opening on Tesla Cybertruck spotted in New Zealand

The Tesla ⁢Cybertruck has been spotted in New Zealand, where it is undergoing winter testing ​before production. Photos ​shared by‌ Cybertruck enthusiasts on Twitter show the‍ vehicle being‍ unloaded from a shipping container on ‌the back of a Semi truck. Notably, the front trunk (Frunk) of the Cybertruck is also lifted in⁢ the images, providing ⁢a rare ⁣glimpse of this feature. It is unclear ⁢why the Cybertruck in New Zealand is camouflaged, but one theory suggests that it⁤ is to protect the stainless⁢ steel outer ⁣body during testing in winter ‌conditions. Similar sightings of camouflaged Cybertrucks have been reported in the US as well.

In other news, drone footage captured by Joe Tegtmeyer, a professional ⁣drone pilot ⁣and Tesla enthusiast, reveals that two fully assembled ⁢9,000-ton Giga‍ Press machines have​ been installed at Tesla’s GigaTexas factory. These machines will⁤ be used to produce the large underbody castings of the Cybertruck and are‍ the largest ones Tesla has used ⁤so far.⁤ The sighting⁤ of these machines has generated ⁣excitement among the hundreds of thousands of reservation holders eagerly awaiting the⁤ start of production.

As Tesla ⁤approaches​ the⁤ final stages⁤ of pre-production‍ testing ⁣and with all indications​ pointing towards production beginning ‌soon, anticipation for the unique Cybertruck​ is growing. The developments surrounding this‍ highly anticipated vehicle will continue to⁣ be covered as they unfold.
Title: Massive Frunk Opening on Tesla Cybertruck Spotted in New ⁤Zealand


Tesla’s highly anticipated all-electric ‌pickup truck, the Cybertruck, continues to​ captivate car enthusiasts ⁣globally. Demonstrating its futuristic design and bold features, ⁣a recent sighting of a Tesla‌ Cybertruck in New Zealand has sparked excitement⁢ in the automotive community. Of particular‍ interest is the ⁣massive frunk (front trunk)⁤ opening, ⁣which ⁢showcases the vehicle’s remarkable storage capacity. This article delves into the significance of the frunk opening on the Tesla Cybertruck and its⁣ potential implications ‌for the pickup truck ⁢market.

Unveiling the Tesla Cybertruck:

First announced by Elon ‌Musk, CEO of Tesla, in November ​2019, the Tesla‍ Cybertruck boasts an extremely distinct design, looking more ‌like something out of a⁢ science​ fiction movie than a​ conventional​ pickup truck. With its angular exoskeleton made of ultra-hard‌ 30X cold-rolled stainless steel⁣ and unbreakable glass, ‌the Cybertruck reflects​ Tesla’s commitment to pushing⁢ the⁢ boundaries of automobile engineering.

The Massive Frunk Opening:

Recent images captured‍ in New Zealand depict the Tesla Cybertruck with its frunk opened, revealing a‌ surprisingly cavernous storage compartment.⁤ As​ opposed to traditional pickup trucks which ⁢have limited storage space ⁢in the front, the Cybertruck’s ​frunk‌ opening‍ presents ⁤a significantly ‍larger‍ area, providing owners with abundant storage capabilities.

Implications for⁤ the⁤ Pickup Truck Market:

Sizeable frunks, generally ‌reserved for luxury sedans,⁣ have not ​been a ⁣common feature in⁢ conventional pickup trucks.⁣ However, the Tesla Cybertruck’s extensible frunk changes ⁢the game by ‌allowing customers to haul and store their belongings‌ with ease. This bold‍ innovation⁢ blurs the ⁢lines between ⁣luxury sedans and utility vehicles, ⁤potentially influencing future design choices within the pickup truck market.

Enhanced Utility and Practicality:

The⁢ ample⁤ storage space provided by⁤ the Cybertruck’s frunk offers ‌numerous ‍benefits to‍ owners. Whether it is storing tools, camping ⁣gear, or even groceries, the frunk allows for organized and secure transportation of goods. This expanded storage capacity could revolutionize how pickup truck owners​ utilize their vehicles, catering to a wider ‌range of utilitarian needs.

Disrupting ⁣Conventional ‌Perception:

The presence ‌of a ⁣generously​ sized frunk on the⁤ Tesla Cybertruck challenges the current perception ⁢of pickup‌ trucks‍ as primarily sturdy vehicles built for towing and hauling. By incorporating‌ an innovative storage ⁤solution, Tesla is expanding the potential applications of pickup trucks, making them ​more versatile⁤ for ⁣day-to-day use.

Shaping the Future of Electric​ Vehicles:

Tesla‍ has always⁢ been at the forefront of technological advancements in the electric vehicle ​industry.⁢ The Cybertruck’s frunk ​opening serves as yet another testament to Tesla’s commitment to pushing the boundaries ⁢of innovation and⁢ redefining traditional vehicle design. By introducing unique features ⁤such as the expansive ⁤frunk, Tesla continues to pave​ the way for a future‍ where ⁤electric vehicles seamlessly integrate into all aspects of life.


The⁣ massive frunk⁢ opening on the Tesla Cybertruck,⁤ recently spotted in New Zealand, showcases⁤ the vehicle’s exceptional storage capacity. With its ‍futuristic design‍ and pioneering features, the Cybertruck has the potential to disrupt the conventional notion of a‌ pickup truck, appealing⁤ to a broader market⁢ by combining utility⁤ and practicality with cutting-edge technology. As Tesla continues to ‌revolutionize the electric vehicle industry, the‌ frunk opening serves as a ⁤symbol of the company’s commitment to innovation, setting new standards for the pickup truck market.