MG4 to introduce a low-cost, ground-breaking “hot hatch” variant

MG’s most affordable ⁢EV, the MG4,⁤ has officially gone on ‍sale today, with the brand also hinting that a performance “hot hatch” variant is also on the ‍way later ‌in 2023.

The MG4, designed on the company’s ⁣new Modular Scalable Platform (MSP) with 50:50 ‍weight⁢ distribution and ‍a rear-wheel-drive powertrain,​ initially comes in four variants⁤ with WLTP range and pricing at:

– Excite 51 kWh (350 ⁣km) – $38,990 plus on-roads
– Excite 64 kWh (450 ​km) – $44,990 plus on-roads
-⁣ Essence 64⁤ kWh (435 km) – $47,990 plus on-roads
– Essence⁤ 77 kWh (530 km) – ‌$55,990 plus on-roads

It has already received a ‍warm reception ⁢from the market, with orders of ​more ‍than 1,000 and hopes to deliver⁣ 3,000 by the end of the year, confirming the great interest at lower priced EVs. The⁤ MG4 is⁢ one of three EVs priced‌ at under $40,000 (before on roads), including the BYD ​Dolphin and the GWM Ora.

“The MG4 ‍is a new standard for electric vehicles in Australia,” MG Motor Australia ⁤and New Zealand ‍CEO Peter Ciao said. “MG has brought ⁢together a brilliant mix of affordability, range and quality‍ for Australian drivers.

“Our‍ MG4 ‌is​ backed with⁤ a 7-year ‌warranty and has received a five-star ​ANCAP safety rating, ahead of local deliveries beginning this ‌month. We’re ‍excited for ‌private, fleet and rideshare drivers who’ll​ benefit from this!”

The launch in Australia comes after a very successful launch in the UK, where⁤ the MG4 was warmly greeted⁢ and received multiple awards for its practicality and dynamic‌ handling.

Speaking of the features, the⁤ MG4 is equipped ‍with:

– 5 Driving Modes (Eco, Normal, Sport, Snow, Custom)
– 4 Regenerative Braking Modes (1, 2, 3, ⁢A)
-​ One Pedal Mode
– 10.25″ Multi-function color touch screen⁣ Apple ‍CarPlay & Android Auto
– MG Pilot ​Driver Safety Technology
– ‍Vehicle ‍To Load Functionality (V2L)
– i-SMART connectivity
– Reverse Camera
– 17″ alloy wheels with two-tone aero​ covers

The MSP EV platform which the MG4 ⁤sits on has some unique features not found⁣ on many ⁣electric cars at this price point. These include:

– Rear-wheel-drive‍ powertrain with three⁤ different power options:‌ 125 kW, 150 kW, and 180 ⁣kW
– Good weight distribution allowing for a more planted feel on the road
– Thinner battery modules with a pack height of 110 ‌mm which is shorter in ⁤height than a coke can which comes in 123 mm

On the charging front, the ​64 kWh battery packs can be fast charged up to ‌140 kW of charging speeds. According to MG,​ this allows the ‌car‌ to charge ⁢from 10% – 80% in 26 minutes with fairly flat⁢ peak charging speeds achieved for the majority of the​ charge.

The ⁣MG4 comes with a 7-year unlimited km warranty and has a network of over 90 ⁣dealers⁢ nationally that will be able to service all MG products, including this new ground-up ‍electric hatch.

At the⁤ launch event for the MG4, the brand’s leadership also⁣ hinted​ at a surprise fifth performance-orientated variant that may also be on the ‍way. It’s likely to‍ offer‌ a sub-4 seconds, 0-100 km/h, thanks to a 320 kW ​AWD powertrain, and could be here by the end of 2023.

MG Motor Australia and New Zealand, Sales Director, Kim Nguyen, said more information on the⁤ X-Power variant will ‍be revealed in the coming weeks.

“I know that ‍there has‍ been strong⁣ interest⁢ in the X-Power and⁤ I am excited to announce that this vehicle will be brought to Australia by​ the end of the​ year,” he said. “It ‌will⁣ follow⁢ a pure ⁣hot hatch sports cars doctrine. But that is all yet to come.”

This is very exciting news for many fans of hot​ hatches in Australia as it would be the first electric ‌hot hatch in the market.

MG4 has ⁣been one of the most highly anticipated ⁣electric cars ‍to hit Australia in‍ 2023,‍ and Nguyen confirmed⁤ this‍ week that it’s taken 1,000 pre-orders, with hopes of delivering 3,000‍ by the end of‍ the year.

“This [car] is a game changer, particularly ⁤with the stock‍ that’s on ⁣the way,” he said. “We​ are confident ⁤that we ‍can help over 3,000 plus customers get⁣ behind the wheel of an MG4⁣ before the​ end of the year.”

With the brand promising to‍ deliver thousands more EVs before the end of the ⁤year, the new MG4 will surely be part of that mix. The popularity ⁤of the new model is bound to bring many new drivers who​ will ditch ICE⁣ vehicles for‌ cleaner EVs and never look back.

See ⁣our first⁤ drive review of the MG4. MG4 First Drive: The‍ first‍ affordable, sporty EV‍ hits Australian roads.

MG4 Variant Specs Table. ​Image:​ MG Australia.

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