Mobileye collaborates with Polestar for self-driving technology

Mobileye collaborates with Polestar for self-driving technology

Polestar has announced a collaboration with Mobileye to integrate its Chauffeur™ technology platform into the upcoming Polestar 4 model. This partnership, supported by ECARX’s manufacturing and integration expertise, has the potential to extend to other vehicles in the Polestar lineup.

The decision to incorporate Mobileye’s technology demonstrates Polestar’s commitment to producing sustainable and technologically innovative vehicles. By incorporating Mobileye Chauffeur, Polestar aims to enhance the convenience and user experience of its electric vehicles, known for their dynamic performance and driver engagement.

The Polestar 4, currently available in China and slated for a global release in 2024, will already feature Mobileye’s SuperVision™ advanced driver assistance system. Initially, the Chauffeur system will enable autonomous highway driving, allowing drivers to be hands-free and eyes-free. Additionally, it will offer eyes-on automated driving capabilities for other specific scenarios.

Both the SuperVision and Chauffeur technologies utilize Mobileye’s EyeQ™ systems-on-chip, the RSS™-based driving policy, a 360-degree camera setup, and the REM™-powered Mobileye Roadbook™ map. Notably, Chauffeur also integrates the latest EyeQ6 system-on-chip and incorporates next-gen active radar and lidar sensors, enhancing its autonomous capabilities.

Polestar CEO Thomas Ingenlath expressed excitement about the partnership, emphasizing the company’s commitment to innovation. He stated, “Driving isn’t always about the thrill; sometimes, it’s about convenience and enjoyment. With this technology, our customers can choose autonomous driving at their discretion.” Mobileye President and CEO Prof. Amnon Shashua echoed this sentiment, highlighting the safer and more accessible autonomous driving experience that Mobileye Chauffeur aims to provide. Further details about the integration process will be shared closer to the production launch.

Source: Polestar Press Release
Mobileye, the global leader in advanced driver-assistance systems, has announced its collaboration with Polestar, the Swedish automotive brand, to develop cutting-edge self-driving technology for future vehicles. This partnership aims to revolutionize the automotive industry and pave the way for safer and more efficient autonomous driving experiences.

Mobileye, a subsidiary of Intel, has been at the forefront of the autonomous driving revolution, focusing on developing state-of-the-art vision-based technology. Their advanced driver-assistance systems provide crucial safety features such as emergency braking, lane-keeping assistance, and adaptive cruise control. By partnering with Polestar, Mobileye seeks to integrate its advanced autonomous technology into the platform of the Swedish car manufacturer.

Polestar, a brand well-known for its emphasis on sustainable performance and innovative design, is committed to shaping the future of electric mobility. By joining forces with Mobileye, Polestar aims to enhance its electric vehicles with industry-leading autonomous capabilities, optimizing safety and convenience for its customers.

The collaboration between Mobileye and Polestar will leverage Mobileye’s Roadbook™ technology, which uses advanced high-definition mapping and real-time localization to enable precise, efficient, and safe self-driving navigation. This innovative technology helps vehicles perceive their surroundings accurately, allowing for improved decision-making and proactive maneuvers on the road.

Additionally, Mobileye’s Responsibility-Sensitive Safety (RSS) model will play a crucial role in ensuring the safety of self-driving vehicles. RSS sets a framework of safety criteria for autonomous systems, determining how they should act in various traffic scenarios. By adhering to this model, the collaboration aims to guarantee the highest standards of safety and compliance in autonomous driving, gaining public trust in this rapidly evolving technology.

The partnership will focus on integrating these technologies into Polestar’s future vehicle platforms, enabling them to offer a range of autonomous driving capabilities to their customers. These capabilities include hands-free driving on pre-defined routes, advanced parking assistance, and even fully autonomous travel in certain environments.

Both Mobileye and Polestar understand the significance of establishing clear regulations and industry standards for autonomous vehicles. To this end, the companies plan to actively collaborate with policymakers, regulators, and other industry stakeholders to promote responsible deployment and adoption of self-driving technology.

Amnon Shashua, CEO of Mobileye, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, “Polestar’s commitment to technological excellence perfectly aligns with Mobileye’s goal of developing the most advanced autonomous driving systems. Together, we will push the boundaries of innovation and deliver an unmatched autonomous driving experience.”

Thomas Ingenlath, CEO of Polestar, also emphasized the importance of this collaboration, saying, “Partnering with Mobileye will enable us to achieve new milestones in our journey towards sustainable mobility. By incorporating their autonomous driving solutions into our vehicles, we can further enhance Polestar’s position as a leader in safety, performance, and cutting-edge technology.”

As the automotive landscape continues to evolve, partnerships like the one between Mobileye and Polestar will play a pivotal role in advancing the adoption of autonomous driving technology. By leveraging each other’s expertise and resources, these companies are set to accelerate the development and deployment of self-driving systems, ultimately transforming not only the way we drive but also paving the way for a safer and more efficient future on the roads.

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