Nissan offers potential savings of thousands for businesses following ULEZ expansion

Nissan offers potential savings of thousands for businesses following ULEZ expansion

Nissan’s all-electric Townstar EV presents an opportunity for businesses in London to reduce costs and lower their carbon ⁢footprint following the recent expansion of the Ultra⁢ Low Emission Zone (ULEZ). With stricter​ emissions regulations and daily ⁤charges in place,⁤ the Townstar compact electric van ⁣offers​ a more​ economical and environmentally ⁣friendly​ solution for businesses.

Nissan claims⁤ that the Townstar EV not only reduces emissions but⁣ also cuts⁤ expenses. Eligible businesses can⁣ save up to £12,000 through special deals and ‍incentives ​when adopting this innovative vehicle. By retiring older, polluting vehicles and switching to zero-emission models like the Townstar, businesses​ can avoid the £12.50 daily ULEZ charge, ​resulting in yearly savings of over £3,000.

To further support the transition ⁢to electric vehicles, London’s Mayor has introduced a scrappage scheme that offers a grant ‌payment of £9,500 to ⁢businesses replacing or retrofitting vehicles that do not ‌meet ULEZ emissions standards. Additionally, the Plug-in Van Grant (PiVG) administered by the Office for Zero‌ Emission Vehicles (OZEV) ‌provides incentives for businesses acquiring electric ‌Townstar vans, with the largest grant currently⁢ available at £2,500. OZEV also offers grants for EV ⁤charging infrastructure installation.

The timing of the Townstar​ EV’s availability aligns perfectly with the ULEZ expansion, and Nissan ⁤reports ample ⁣stock of⁣ this electric commercial vehicle through its Van‍ Centres.⁤ The Townstar has already received ‍recognition from fleet industry bodies.

In addition to its emission-reducing benefits, the Townstar EV offers over 20 technologies, advanced ‌safety systems, and driver assistance features. It provides versatility in ⁤carrying capacities, ranging from 3.3 to 4.3 ⁢cubic meters of ⁢load space, and has a maximum braked towing capacity ‍of 1,500 kg.

The Townstar EV boasts a⁤ class-leading zero-emission range of up to 183 miles WLTP Combined‌ (or up to 269 miles ⁢on ​the City Cycle) thanks⁢ to its cutting-edge electric powertrain. It supports both AC and DC charging, allowing for an 80% charge⁤ in as little as 37 minutes.

Allan Newman, LCV Product⁤ Section Manager at Nissan GB, highlights the value⁢ of the Townstar EV within London’s ULEZ, stating that it is compact, capable, and an ideal choice‍ for businesses.

As London-based businesses navigate stringent emissions regulations while aiming to reduce expenses, the Nissan Townstar⁤ EV offers a compelling solution that combines savings, sustainability, and efficiency in a single package.
Title: Nissan Offers Potential Savings of Thousands for Businesses ‌Following ULEZ Expansion


The recent expansion of⁣ the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) in London has presented businesses⁣ with both challenges and opportunities. As companies strive to ‍reduce their carbon footprints, Nissan⁤ has ⁢emerged as a frontrunner in promoting sustainable mobility ‌solutions. By‌ harnessing innovative electric vehicle ⁤(EV) technology, the company offers ‌businesses ⁤the potential to save thousands of pounds while adhering to ULEZ requirements. This article explores how Nissan’s‍ electric fleet can drive financial and environmental ⁤sustainability ​in the face of stricter emission regulations.

The ULEZ Expansion: A Catalyst ‌for Change

On October 25th, 2021, the ULEZ boundaries in London expanded to ⁢create a larger area that requires stricter emission⁣ standards. This expansion⁤ aims to improve air quality ‌by discouraging ‌high-polluting vehicles from entering the zone. ​As ⁤businesses navigate the changing landscape of transportation‍ regulations, investing in electric ⁤vehicles has become an imperative for staying compliant‍ and reducing penalty costs⁤ associated with non-compliance.

Nissan’s Electric Vehicle Solutions

To support businesses in this transition,‍ Nissan ⁢offers a range of electric⁤ vehicles renowned for their exceptional performance, reliability, and cutting-edge‌ technology. Nissan’s ‌EVs, including the Nissan LEAF and e-NV200, provide a sustainable and cost-effective alternative to traditional petrol or diesel models, offering potential savings of thousands of pounds annually.

Financial Savings

One of the significant advantages of electric vehicles, particularly for businesses operating within the ULEZ, is the⁤ monetary savings they offer. Electric cars have significantly lower running⁤ costs as compared to their fossil-fueled counterparts, with nearly 70% savings on fuel expenditure. ⁢Moreover, charging an electric ​vehicle is usually cheaper than purchasing petrol or diesel, ​providing businesses‍ with greater long-term financial stability.

Additionally, electric vehicles are ‌exempt from the ⁣Congestion⁢ Charge – an added expense for businesses ‍operating ⁢in⁢ central London. By ‍choosing Nissan’s zero-emission vehicles, ⁢businesses‍ can achieve ⁤significant ​savings by avoiding costly Congestion Charge fees, which can exceed £15 per day.

Environmental Benefits

By embracing​ Nissan’s electric fleet, ⁣businesses can contribute ⁣significantly to reducing harmful emissions and improving air quality. Electric vehicles produce zero tailpipe emissions, ‌making them a vital tool in combating climate change and ‌meeting sustainability ‌goals.⁤ As London aims to become a carbon-neutral city by ⁤2030, businesses aligning themselves with Nissan’s EV solutions can demonstrate their commitment to environmental stewardship.

Nissan’s Charging Infrastructure

Recognizing ​the need for‌ streamlined charging solutions, Nissan has taken ‍significant strides in expanding ‌the charging ​network infrastructure. Being a pioneer in the EV market, Nissan’s extensive ⁣network of dealerships and ⁢strategic partnerships ensures that businesses have access to convenient and reliable‍ charging stations across the UK. This infrastructure, combined ⁤with the integration of advanced technology such as vehicle-to-grid (V2G) systems, enhances the overall charging experience, making electric‌ vehicles more practical and accessible ‌for businesses.


As the ULEZ expansion necessitates businesses to adopt ‌sustainable transportation alternatives, Nissan’s electric vehicles​ present a viable solution. By investing in a Nissan EV fleet,‍ businesses⁣ can reap substantial financial savings, reduce emissions, and align with London’s vision of ‍creating a cleaner and greener city. Furthermore, as future government regulations aim to tighten emissions standards, adopting⁣ EVs proactively positions‌ businesses ahead of ‌the curve.

With​ Nissan’s commitment to ‌electric mobility, businesses are empowered to ⁢navigate the evolving landscape‍ of urban transportation, drive sustainability, and contribute to a brighter future for the environment and​ their bottom line.

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