Novuna introduces cutting-edge electric vehicle charging hub in Trowbridge

Novuna introduces cutting-edge electric vehicle charging hub in Trowbridge

Novuna,⁢ a vehicle leasing specialist, has achieved a significant milestone ​by⁢ opening a state-of-the-art Electric Vehicle (EV) charging forecourt in Trowbridge. This facility ​features the UK’s first permanent cableless, fully wireless EV charging feature, demonstrating ‌Novuna’s commitment to advancing sustainable mobility.

The forecourt is equipped with 12 Alternating Current (AC) charging bays that can deliver up to 22 kW ​of power. This capacity allows an‍ average EV with an 11 kW onboard charger and a⁤ 50 kWh battery to achieve a full ⁢charge in less than five hours. Additionally, the site includes‌ four Direct Current (DC) rapid charging bays capable of supplying up to 100 kW‍ of power, enabling near-full charges for EVs within one hour.

What⁣ sets this facility apart is its innovative approach to power generation. Sixteen electric ​vehicles can be charged simultaneously, drawing energy from a solar canopy over the AC bays combined with a ‌grid connection. Approximately 70% of the energy used for employee charging comes from Novuna’s⁢ own renewable generation. The site also features a 180 kWh battery storage facility with an energy management system, allowing the⁣ storage of unused solar-generated energy and enabling peak-saving trickle charging, resulting in lower CO2 emissions.

The forecourt is constructed using lower CO2 concrete and equipment and introduces the UK’s first permanent cableless, fully wireless EV charging facility with integrated charging pads across each parking bay, accommodating cars, vans, and accessibility bays.

This landmark ⁤installation not only showcases Novuna Vehicle Solutions’ leasing innovation but also highlights its commitment to providing end-to-end EV‌ charging infrastructure ​capabilities. Fleet owners visiting the site can experience‌ various charging hardware technologies applicable to their⁢ own depot and workplace sites.

The installation includes a charge point management system and a‌ corresponding driver app called ‘My Novuna Charging.’ This system allows Novuna Vehicle​ Solutions to effectively manage its ⁣own⁣ charging ⁢network and its customers’ charge points. It ‍provides fleet drivers with real-time visibility into charging events and ‌energy consumption,⁢ as well as remote hardware maintenance‍ for fleets. In the future, the system will⁣ also provide access to other ⁢corporate, private, and public networks.

Jon Lawes, Managing Director of Novuna Vehicle​ Solutions,⁤ highlighted the significance of the forecourt, stating ​that it represents a major milestone for the contract hire and leasing industry. He emphasized the facility’s role in showcasing the company’s end-to-end charging capabilities and energy management ​solutions. Lawes​ also emphasized the forecourt’s contribution to carbon ‌neutrality, labeling it as ‌one of the ⁤largest⁤ and greenest charging facilities in Wiltshire.

The launch event attracted industry professionals, including⁣ BVRLA ‌Head of Policy ⁢and Public Affairs Thomas McLennan and the co-founder of ZapMap. Major manufacturers such as ⁤BMW, Volvo, Cupra, VW, Genesis, and Hyundai were ‌also present, along with visionary partners ⁤including Michelin, RAC, and Gridserve. Over 600 Novuna employees attended the event.

Novuna Vehicle Solutions is⁣ one of the UK’s top 10 largest leasing companies, with⁤ over 30 years of experience in providing⁤ bespoke fleet finance‌ and fleet management services. More⁣ than 30% of Novuna’s fleet is already pure electric, and this number continues to grow. With a fleet exceeding ‍140,000 vehicles, including cars, vans, and Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs), Novuna offers comprehensive funding, maintenance, accident, and daily rental management services, supporting customers at ⁣every stage of the vehicle life cycle.

Novuna Vehicle Solutions aims to differentiate itself ​in the market by offering an end-to-end decarbonization solution, covering vehicle leasing and management ⁤to infrastructure, charge point ​management, and energy storage. As part of Mitsubishi HC Capital Inc., one of the world’s largest financial groups, ‍with assets exceeding £60 billion, Novuna Vehicle Solutions is at the forefront of leading the charge‌ on electric vehicle adoption.
Novuna‌ Introduces Cutting-Edge Electric Vehicle Charging Hub in Trowbridge

TROWBRIDGE, England – Novuna, a global leader in ⁣innovative sustainable⁣ solutions,‍ has recently unveiled its latest groundbreaking project‌ – an advanced electric vehicle ‍(EV) charging hub‍ in‍ the heart of Trowbridge. This state-of-the-art ⁤facility aims to revolutionize‍ the local EV infrastructure, promoting a cleaner and more sustainable future for the town⁤ and⁣ its residents.

With the growing awareness of‍ the detrimental environmental ⁤impact of fossil fuel-powered⁢ vehicles, the transition towards electric mobility has become a global priority. ​Novuna’s new ​charging hub is designed to address the rising demand for efficient and accessible EV‌ charging points, thereby encouraging the adoption⁢ of‍ electric vehicles and reducing carbon emissions in Trowbridge.

Situated strategically near ‍shopping centers,‍ office ​buildings, and residential areas, Novuna’s ‍charging hub is conveniently located to ⁤cater to the needs of EV users. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, the facility can accommodate‍ multiple electric vehicles simultaneously, ensuring a seamless charging experience for residents and visitors alike.

What sets Novuna’s charging hub apart⁣ is its use of innovative charging solutions. Leveraging the latest advancements in electric vehicle charging technology, the ⁢hub offers fast-charging capabilities, significantly reducing charging time and ​enhancing convenience for EV owners. This,‌ combined with ⁣its‍ location and accessibility, makes Novuna’s‍ charging hub a game-changer⁣ in the Trowbridge EV charging landscape.

Additionally, Novuna has prioritized sustainability throughout the design and⁣ construction of the charging hub. The facility is powered ​by renewable ‌energy sources, further ‌reducing its⁣ carbon ⁢footprint. This commitment aligns ⁤with Novuna’s overarching ‍mission‌ to contribute to a⁣ greener and more environmentally friendly future.

To ensure optimal functionality and ease of ​use, Novuna has also developed a user-friendly mobile application, allowing users to reserve charging slots‍ in advance, monitor charging ⁣progress, and access real-time information about the⁣ hub’s availability. This smart integration of technology enhances the overall⁤ user experience,⁤ promoting the widespread adoption of electric vehicles in Trowbridge.

Simon ‌Thompson, CEO of Novuna,​ expressed his enthusiasm about the new charging hub, stating, “We are⁣ proud to introduce this state-of-the-art charging facility‍ to Trowbridge. Novuna remains committed to‍ delivering sustainable ​solutions that address the evolving needs ‌of communities worldwide. With this new hub, we aim ⁢to contribute to Trowbridge’s‌ transition ⁢to cleaner ⁤transportation options and ultimately ⁤create a more‍ sustainable and vibrant‌ community.”

The introduction⁣ of Novuna’s electric vehicle charging hub in Trowbridge marks a significant milestone in the town’s commitment to ⁣sustainable ‍mobility. By providing an advanced infrastructure, Novuna empowers residents and businesses to embrace⁤ electric vehicles, ultimately​ reducing their carbon footprint and contributing⁣ to a greener future for ​Trowbridge.

As the⁢ world continues to shift towards ⁤sustainable transportation, Novuna’s innovative ⁢charging hub sets an inspiring example⁣ for other communities to follow. With its cutting-edge technology, commitment to sustainability, and user-centric approach, ⁢this project undoubtedly marks a turning point in the evolution of EV charging infrastructure in⁢ Trowbridge and beyond.

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