Online Configurator Now Includes Rivian R1S with 400-Mile Max Pack Battery

Online Configurator Now Includes Rivian R1S with 400-Mile Max Pack Battery

The⁢ Rivian R1S all-electric SUV ⁤now has a new Max Pack battery option, offering a maximum EPA-estimated range of 400 miles. This update was​ discovered by a user on​ the Rivian Forums website. According to the online‌ configurator, a Max Pack-equipped R1S starts at‍ $94,000 and has a range of 400 miles​ with 21-inch road wheels and a dual-motor setup ⁣that produces⁢ 533 horsepower. There is also a Performance⁢ dual-motor option that ⁣increases the power to 665‍ horsepower without affecting the range. However, adding ‌the optional All-Terrain upgrade⁣ with 20-inch all-terrain wheels reduces the range to 355 miles. The Max‌ Pack battery is $10,000 more expensive than the ⁣Large Pack battery option and provides an additional⁤ 48 miles of range. The⁢ CEO and founder​ of Rivian, RJ‍ Scaringe, previously​ announced that​ a Max Pack⁤ + Dual-Motor AWD configuration for the seven-seat R1S with a projected range of 390 miles will ‌be available this fall. While it may be difficult for customers to receive a Max Pack R1S before the end of fall, it is still exciting to have an all-electric SUV with a range exceeding 399 miles. Additionally, Rivian is considering adding ready-made pickups with the Max Pack battery option to its ⁢inventory ​shop in the near future. However, as of now, no such⁢ configurations are available.
Online Configurator Now Includes Rivian R1S with 400-Mile Max Pack⁤ Battery

Rivian Automotive, ⁤the American electric vehicle manufacturer, has‍ recently made an exciting‍ addition to its online configurator. The company has ​included ⁤the Rivian R1S with ​a 400-mile‌ Max Pack battery, providing customers with even‌ more ‌versatility and extended range.

The new addition to​ the line-up demonstrates⁤ Rivian’s commitment to meeting the evolving needs of customers who are seeking long-range electric vehicles. With ⁤the 400-mile Max Pack battery, the Rivian R1S offers an unparalleled driving experience.

The online configurator, available on Rivian’s official website, allows potential⁤ buyers to customize their ⁢R1S according to their preferences. Customers can choose from various options, including color, wheels, and​ trim levels. With the new 400-mile Max Pack ‌battery option, users can now select the long-range​ variant,⁤ giving them the freedom to embark on longer journeys without ⁤worrying about charging infrastructure limitations.

The inclusion of a 400-mile⁢ range‍ battery in ​the R1S is a significant achievement⁣ for Rivian. It not only sets them apart from their competitors but also addresses the concerns of critics who question the⁢ practicality and range anxiety associated with electric vehicles. Rivian continues to push the boundaries of electric vehicle ⁤technology by exceeding expectations and ⁤catering ⁤to the needs of an increasingly conscious consumer base.

The Rivian R1S, equipped with the 400-mile Max Pack battery, boasts⁢ impressive⁣ performance numbers. It can accelerate from ‌0 to⁤ 60 mph in ‌just 3 seconds, ‍which is remarkable for an SUV of its size. Additionally, the vehicle’s⁣ off-roading capabilities, coupled with its extended range, ​make it an ⁤ideal choice for adventure seekers and outdoor enthusiasts who wish to explore remote areas without limitations.

Rivian has received​ widespread acclaim ⁤for its innovative approach to ​electrification and its commitment ⁢to sustainable transport solutions. The inclusion of the 400-mile Max Pack battery in the R1S serves as a testament to⁣ the company’s dedication to providing customers with the best ‌possible electric⁣ driving experience.

While the 400-mile Max Pack battery option may come at​ an additional cost, ⁣the extended range it offers⁣ is undoubtedly worth the investment for⁢ many potential buyers. With this upgrade, Rivian ‍demonstrates⁢ that electric vehicles can be competitive in terms of range‍ and performance, catering to the ⁤needs of those who require long-distance capabilities ⁤without compromising on sustainability.

In conclusion, Rivian’s decision to include the Rivian⁣ R1S with a 400-mile Max Pack battery in its online ‍configurator is a testament to the⁤ company’s commitment to meeting⁤ customer demands for extended range⁣ electric vehicles. By addressing range⁢ anxiety and providing⁣ a customizable experience, Rivian continues to disrupt the electric vehicle market, establishing⁢ itself​ as a leader in sustainable transportation. With the addition of the 400-mile Max Pack battery, Rivian has once again​ proven that⁣ electric vehicles can be practical, high-performing, and suitable for a variety of lifestyles.