Only 999 Units of the Hand-Built Fisker Ronin Super GT Convertible to Be Produced

Only 999 Units of the Hand-Built Fisker Ronin Super GT Convertible to Be Produced

Fisker, the California-based ⁢EV startup,‍ has released new details and photos of its flagship model, the Ronin. The ⁣Ronin is described as a Super GT convertible and was unveiled during Fisker’s Product ‌Vision Day 2023​ event.

The Ronin⁢ will feature⁣ an integrated battery pack that ‍allows for a range of 600 miles on a full ​charge and can seat five people. It functions as a sports sedan when the‌ folding hardtop is raised, similar to the discontinued Mercedes-Benz S-Class ⁣convertible but ‍with a carbon fiber roof and two extra doors.

The foldable roof⁤ is smartphone activated and retracts into the ⁣trunk, providing some luggage space. The vehicle also has ⁤a front trunk ⁣for additional storage.⁤ All doors can be opened remotely using a smartphone, and there is a single door handle on each side. The front doors open electrically by swiping the handle or using the smartphone app, and the handle extends when the rear butterfly ‍doors are ready to open.

Only 999 units of the ​Ronin will be hand-built, with a price tag of $385,000 each. This puts ​it in the​ same price range as the Bentley Continental GTC Mulliner W12 range-topper. The Ronin is projected to have⁣ a 0 to 60 mph time of approximately 2 ​seconds and a top speed of ‌170 mph. It will ⁢have over 1,000 horsepower and utilize ​lightweight materials ‌such as an aluminum⁢ space frame and carbon fiber wheels.

Inside, Fisker aims to set new standards for sustainable‍ luxury by using recycled and sustainable materials. The company wants to make ⁤the ⁤Ronin⁤ the world’s ‍most sustainable supercar. The interior will feature a 17.1-inch high-resolution screen and instrument cluster, with one photo showing a screen on the steering wheel.

Reservations ​for the⁢ Fisker Ronin are currently open on the company’s website, with a $2,000 deposit for the first​ pre-order and a fully refundable $1,000 deposit for the second. Fisker’s Chairman and CEO, Henrik Fisker, stated that the Ronin is designed for people who ⁣love to​ drive and ⁣appreciate ⁢automotive art and design while also embracing ​a sustainable‌ future.
Only 999 Units of the Hand-Built ⁢Fisker Ronin Super GT Convertible‌ to Be‍ Produced

In a world where mass production has become the norm, the announcement of a limited edition, hand-built ‍vehicle is something that captures the attention of automobile enthusiasts worldwide. Fisker Automotive, a pioneering electric vehicle manufacturer, has recently unveiled their latest creation – the Fisker Ronin Super GT Convertible – and has set the industry abuzz with the news that only 999 units of this exclusive vehicle will be produced.

The Fisker Ronin Super GT Convertible epitomizes luxury, performance, and innovation. Combining elegant aesthetics with cutting-edge technology, this convertible represents the pinnacle of automotive ‌engineering. ⁢The hand-built ⁢nature of ⁣the vehicle only adds to its allure, ‍as each unit will be ‌meticulously crafted by skilled artisans, ensuring unrivaled⁤ attention to ⁤detail and precision.

Under the hood, the Fisker Ronin Super GT​ Convertible boasts an impressive powertrain. Its all-electric system delivers exhilarating performance, ‌providing a​ thrilling driving experience without ⁤compromising on⁤ sustainability. With‌ a range that surpasses most electric vehicles currently available on the market, this convertible is sure to turn heads with its remarkable acceleration and smooth handling.

The exclusivity of the Fisker Ronin Super GT Convertible goes beyond its limited production numbers. Fisker Automotive ‌has collaborated‌ with renowned fashion designer, co-founder, and CEO of Fisker Inc., Henrik‍ Fisker, to create an​ exclusive range of interior ​design options. This collaboration ensures that each owner of the Ronin Super GT Convertible‍ will enjoy ​a bespoke and personalized driving experience, reflecting their unique tastes and preferences.

The Fisker Ronin Super GT Convertible is not just a vehicle; it is a work of art. The sleek and​ aerodynamic design exudes confidence and sophistication, catching the eye of onlookers wherever it goes. The convertible top perfectly complements the exterior, allowing the driver to fully embrace the ‍open road and feel the ⁢wind rushing through ⁣their hair.

Investing in a limited edition vehicle comes with many advantages, and the Fisker Ronin Super GT Convertible is no exception. ‌With only 999 units available worldwide, owning one of ⁢these exquisite cars is a symbol of exclusivity, refinement, and discernment. The value of these vehicles is expected to appreciate significantly, making them⁣ a wise investment for collectors‌ and⁢ enthusiasts alike.

For those⁢ fortunate enough to secure a unit of the Fisker⁤ Ronin ⁣Super GT Convertible, a world of perks awaits. Owners will gain access to exclusive events, tailored experiences, and personalized concierge services.‌ Fisker Automotive ‌is committed to providing unparalleled customer service, ensuring that the ownership experience is as impressive as the ​vehicle itself.

As the world embraces electric​ vehicles and sustainable transportation, the⁣ Fisker Ronin Super GT ⁤Convertible stands at ‍the forefront​ of innovation and luxury. With ‌limited production numbers and its hand-built nature, ‍this convertible offers ⁤a unique blend of power, elegance, and exclusivity. From‌ its breathtaking design to⁢ its exceptional performance, the Fisker Ronin⁤ Super GT Convertible will⁣ undoubtedly become a ‍coveted gem in the automotive⁢ industry, leaving an everlasting‌ mark on​ those fortunate enough to experience its magnificence.