Osprey collaborates with Motability for charge point partnership

Osprey collaborates with Motability for charge point partnership

Motability Operations, ⁤the UK’s leading leasing company for disabled individuals, has announced a groundbreaking partnership with Osprey Charging, one of the ‍largest electric vehicle (EV) charging networks in the country.‌ The collaboration aims to improve the public charging experience for disabled drivers, ⁤their ⁢families, and caregivers by enhancing accessibility and ⁤confidence in EV charging.

An investigation conducted by WhichEV in April 2022 revealed significant challenges for disabled drivers when it comes to using the charging network. Companies like Osprey had already been working to make charging easier for individuals with movement restrictions, and ‍it seems ⁣that other companies in the‍ industry have followed suit.

Motability Operations selected Osprey Charging as its first charge point‌ operator (CPO) partner due to the company’s commitment to ⁤ease of use for all drivers and continuous expansion and network upgrades. This partnership has the potential to revolutionize the EV ‌charging landscape for individuals who rely on the Motability Scheme.

Motability‌ Operations serves over‌ 690,000 disabled customers in the UK, providing affordable and worry-free motoring solutions. Through the collaboration with Osprey Charging, Motability Scheme EV drivers will have‌ seamless access to Osprey’s nationwide rapid charging network, which consists of over 750 charge points. The Motability Go Charge App enables drivers to locate charging points, initiate charging, make payments, and​ review the accessibility of each​ location.

The integration between Osprey Charging and the Motability Go Charge App ‌is made⁤ possible through Osprey’s Iris platform, which interfaces with Paua’s platform⁢ to enhance user convenience. ⁤This innovative approach ⁣addresses one of the main barriers ⁤to EV adoption for Motability Scheme customers – the accessibility of charging points.

Osprey ⁤Charging has​ demonstrated a strong commitment to making charging easy and accessible‍ for all users. They were ​the first CPO to construct accessibly-designed public charging hubs and ⁢have subscribed to ChargeSafe, an independent EV ⁤charging endorsement body. Additionally, Osprey supports the BSI PAS1899 standards‍ for accessible charging and conducts regular network audits and targets based on⁣ these standards.

This collaboration will ⁤not only benefit Motability Scheme customers​ but also improve Osprey’s ‌charging infrastructure. Reviews of accessibility provided by ‌Motability Scheme customers through the Motability Go Charge App will contribute to Osprey’s mission of creating an easy-to-use and accessible charging network ‍for everyone.

Ian Johnston,⁤ CEO of Osprey Charging, expressed his enthusiasm for ​the partnership and the opportunity to set the bar for inclusivity and user-friendly charging. Jonathan Jenkins, Head of Innovation at Motability Operations, shared his excitement about working with Osprey to support customers’ ‍charging needs and ⁢facilitate a smooth transition to electric vehicles.

Osprey Charging Network is known‌ for its reliability, ease of use, and acceptance of various payment methods, including contactless, app​ payments, and RFID payments. Moreover, all of Osprey’s charging points are powered by 100% renewable electricity.

Motability Operations delivers ​the Motability Scheme to ‌disabled individuals, offering affordable and convenient motoring solutions,⁢ including insurance and maintenance.

The partnership between Osprey Charging and Motability Operations marks a significant step towards making EV charging accessible and hassle-free‍ for disabled drivers and their families, ultimately promoting the⁢ widespread adoption of electric vehicles in ⁤the UK.
Osprey Collaborates with​ Motability for ‍Charge ‌Point Partnership

In an endeavor to create a more accessible⁣ and sustainable future, ⁢Osprey, the leading electric ​vehicle (EV) charging network in the UK, has proudly announced its collaboration‍ with Motability, a charity providing vehicles ⁢and support to disabled individuals. This strategic partnership‍ aims to establish⁣ an⁣ extensive charging infrastructure ‍across the country, catering to the ‍specific needs of disabled EV users.

Motability, with its deep-rooted commitment to‍ improving the lives of ‌disabled‍ people and ⁤their families, has embarked on a mission to enhance accessibility to EV charging points. Recognizing the⁢ pressing need for​ inclusive‍ charging facilities, Motability has sought the⁤ expertise ⁢of Osprey. With their ⁤able collaboration, a robust network of EV charge points will be established, ensuring that all EV users, irrespective of their abilities, can conveniently navigate their charging requirements.

Osprey, renowned for its innovative and ⁣customer-centric approach, is fully equipped to address the unique ⁢charging needs of disabled individuals. By combining their technical expertise and ⁣industry-leading solutions, Osprey and Motability bring forth a charging experience ⁣tailored for mobility-impaired users. This​ partnership prioritizes ‍inclusivity, ensuring that EV charging infrastructure is‍ accessible to all.

With this ‍collaboration, Motability service dealerships will be able to seamlessly ​install ​Osprey’s charging units, thus expanding the EV charging ‍network⁤ and‍ broadening‍ the reach of⁤ sustainable transport options. ‌By integrating Osprey’s smart technology, disabled⁣ EV​ users will benefit from ⁤advanced functionalities such as remote monitoring and seamless accessibility through mobile applications.

The partnership between‍ Osprey⁤ and Motability solidifies ⁤their commitment towards the electrification of transportation,‍ while prioritizing user convenience and accessibility. ⁣As⁣ the UK ​continues to transition ⁢towards sustainable mobility, this collaboration ‍reflects a ‌significant step forward ⁣in creating ‍a genuinely inclusive electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

The strategic ⁢aspect of the partnership is ⁤also worth ‌highlighting. Working together, Motability and Osprey aim to determine the locations for charging infrastructure based ⁢on the real-world requirements of disabled ‌EV⁤ users. This data-driven approach ensures that charging points ⁣are strategically placed⁤ near‌ essential‌ amenities and facilities, ​enabling ease ​of access for ⁣individuals ⁣with⁤ mobility ⁤challenges.

Both organizations understand ⁣that their⁣ collaboration marks an important milestone in‍ the⁤ EV charging ‍sector, emphasizing the significance of a ⁤user-centric approach to service provision. ​Through this partnership, Motability and Osprey demonstrate a strong⁣ commitment ‍to fulfilling the sustainability objectives of the UK government while championing the rights and needs of disabled individuals.

The ultimate goal of this collaboration is ⁣to ​create a comprehensive network of charge points that delivers,⁤ without compromise,‍ to the mobility requirements ⁤of all EV users. By fostering inclusive charging solutions, the partnership between Osprey‍ and Motability opens doors to a greener, more⁤ equitable transport system in the UK.

As the ⁤landscape of transportation evolves towards greater sustainability, partnerships‌ such as this ‍will undoubtedly play a ⁤pivotal role in ensuring that no segment of society is left behind. The collaboration between Osprey and Motability is a ‌significant stride towards​ making electric vehicle charging facilities universally accessible, contributing to⁤ a‍ more inclusive and environmentally-friendly‍ future for‍ all.

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