OTA Software Update Enhances Ride Comfort for Rivian R1T and R1S

OTA Software Update Enhances Ride Comfort for Rivian R1T and R1S

Rivian has released a new software update for its R1S and R1T electric vehicles, enhancing their features and improving ride comfort. The update, version 2023.34.0, focuses on improving the balance⁢ between ride and handling in Sport Mode and enhancing comfort in All-Purpose Soft Ride Mode. It reduces the abruptness of the suspension response when ⁢driving over sharp road impacts and​ minimizes harshness when encountering bumps and dips at parking lot speeds. The update also introduces ⁣a new⁣ setting for cruising speed in Highway Assist‌ and Adaptive Cruise Control, allowing drivers to choose between Speed Limit mode and Current Speed mode. Additionally, ⁣a new Screen Clean feature has‌ been added, which turns off all displays inside the vehicle to enable easier cleaning.

The update also‌ brings improvements to range loss during sleep, with a ⁤more than 25% reduction when Gear Guard is set to “Off at Home” or disabled. The vehicles will ‍also send a notification through⁣ the smartphone app if an issue is detected with the⁣ 12-volt ‍battery.

Rivian has⁣ a history⁣ of adding new features to its vehicles,⁢ including Kneel Mode, Camp Mode, and Snow Mode, demonstrating its commitment to continuous improvement.

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OTA Software Update Enhances Ride Comfort for Rivian R1T and‍ R1S

Rivian,‍ the American electric⁢ vehicle (EV) manufacturer, has recently ​announced an Over-The-Air (OTA) ‍software update that aims to enhance the ride comfort of its highly anticipated ⁢R1T⁤ pickup truck and R1S ⁣SUV. ⁣This ‍update represents Rivian’s commitment to continuously improving their⁢ vehicles and delivering a superior driving experience to its customers.

The OTA software update focuses on enhancing the suspension system, bringing improved‌ ride quality and comfort⁢ to the occupants. Rivian has developed a recalibration of the‌ active air ⁣suspension⁣ system, which allows for​ the adjustment of⁣ the vehicle’s ride height and damping characteristics. By fine-tuning ⁢these parameters,​ Rivian aims to provide a smoother ⁢and more comfortable⁣ driving experience, ⁢regardless of the driving ​conditions.

One of the main ⁢advantages of the OTA update is the convenience it offers to Rivian owners. In⁤ the past, improvements to a vehicle’s performance or comfort would often‌ require a visit to⁤ the service center. However, with the advent of OTA technology, Rivian is able to remotely update their vehicles’⁢ software, saving its customers the time⁤ and hassle of scheduling‌ a service appointment. This ‌demonstrates Rivian’s commitment to staying at the forefront of automotive innovation and providing ⁣its customers with​ cutting-edge technology.

Rivian’s OTA update system also allows for more seamless integration of customer⁢ feedback. With the capability to monitor​ vehicle performance through⁢ remote diagnostics, Rivian can gather valuable data on how their‌ vehicles are performing in⁣ real-world scenarios. This data is then analyzed, ⁣allowing ‍Rivian to identify areas for ‍improvement and develop software updates ⁤to directly address customers’⁣ concerns. By actively ⁢engaging with their customers and responding to their needs, Rivian is⁢ able to continuously enhance their vehicles and ⁤provide the best possible⁢ ride ⁢comfort.

Furthermore, this OTA software update highlights ⁣the ⁤inherent advantages of electric vehicles. Unlike ‍traditional internal combustion engine⁣ vehicles, which are ‌limited in ‌their potential for improvements once they leave⁢ the factory, ​electric vehicles can benefit from continuous software‍ updates that can optimize various aspects of the vehicle’s performance. This ability to update software remotely ensures that ​Rivian owners‍ are not only experiencing the best performance and safety, but also the ⁢highest level of ride comfort.

Overall, Rivian’s OTA software update represents a significant step forward in⁢ their mission to provide a truly exceptional⁢ driving experience. By actively listening to customer ⁢feedback and utilizing ⁣innovative technology, Rivian is‍ able to continually refine and ⁣improve their vehicles’ ride comfort. This commitment to customer satisfaction ⁢and forward-thinking engineering ‍sets Rivian apart in the rapidly evolving EV market. As the Rivian R1T ⁢and R1S vehicles hit the roads, owners can be confident that their driving experience will only get better with ⁢time, thanks to the promise of ⁣OTA software updates.