Over 25 Tesla Cybertrucks Spotted At Texas Gigafactory Ahead Of Delivery Event

It looks like Tesla is pulling all the stops ahead of Thursday’s long-awaited Cybertruck delivery event. 

After shipping several showroom-ready units to stores across the country, the Austin-based automaker is seemingly preparing a pretty consistent fleet of Cybertrucks that might be used for test drives after the delivery event, as is usually the case with these things.

Spotted by Tesla enthusiast and drone operator Jeff Roberts (video embedded above), the two-dozen-strong fleet was being washed and charged. With this being said, it appears that most if not all the cars seen in the video are release candidate (RC) units and not production-ready cars, judging by the obvious RC sticker on some of them.


One of the EVs in the group might even be the same one that allegedly traversed the Baja California peninsula in Mexico last month as part of a two-vehicle convoy wearing graffiti-like decals and aftermarket accessories like an LED light bar above the windshield and tire carriers in the bed.

Who knows, maybe Tesla will showcase several trucks that were used during the development phase. There’s also a strong possibility that a Cybertruck with bullet marks from a Tommy Gun might make an appearance during Thursday’s event, as Elon Musk seemed quite proud of the fact that no bullets penetrated the pickup’s passenger compartment.


Whatever the case, we’ll keep an eye on the event and report back here on InsideEVs, so be sure to check back to see how it all pans out. We already know that only 10 finished Cybertrucks might be delivered this week, probably to Tesla employees, as was the case back when the Model 3 debuted.

We also know that the build quality of the latest units is much better than on the so-called release candidate vehicles, which had horrendous panel gaps and alignment issues, including the wrapped Cybertruck that was driven by none other than Tesla design boss Franz von Holzhausen to a cars and coffee event in California.

Air suspension, four-wheel drive, a 2,500-pound payload capacity, and an 11,000-pound towing capacity are also part of the mix, but other than that, we’re pretty much in the dark as far as official details go. Let’s hope we’ll find out more during the delivery event on Nov. 30.

Over 25 Tesla ⁢Cybertrucks Spotted At Texas Gigafactory Ahead ⁣Of Delivery Event

Texas Gigafactory, the⁢ latest manufacturing facility of electric car maker Tesla, has ​been buzzing with activity as over 25 Cybertrucks ⁣were spotted on site ⁤ahead of a highly anticipated delivery event. The‌ unveiling⁢ of⁣ the Cybertruck back in 2019 ⁣created a buzz among auto enthusiasts and Tesla fans⁣ alike, and now ‌the⁤ long-awaited moment of ⁢delivery is just around the corner.

The sighting of over 25 Cybertrucks⁢ at the ‌Texas Gigafactory ‌has sparked excitement ⁣among Tesla followers,⁤ as it indicates that⁤ production is well underway and that the⁤ delivery event is on track. The Cybertruck, with its futuristic design and cutting-edge features, has been‌ a highly anticipated addition to Tesla’s lineup of electric vehicles. With its angular lines, stainless steel ‍body, and impressive performance capabilities, the Cybertruck has captured the imagination of consumers looking ⁤for a sleek and environmentally friendly alternative ⁤to traditional gas-guzzling‍ trucks.

The ‌Texas Gigafactory, ⁤which is Tesla’s ⁤first manufacturing facility in ⁤the southern United States, is set‌ to ⁢be a key‍ hub⁣ for the production of the ​Cybertruck ⁣and ‍other Tesla vehicles. The plant, which is located in Austin, Texas, is expected to create‍ thousands of jobs​ and help boost the local economy. The ⁣presence of over 25 Cybertrucks at the ‍Gigafactory is a testament⁤ to⁤ Tesla’s commitment to meeting the ‍high demand for its vehicles and delivering ⁤on its promises to consumers.

The delivery ⁣event for ⁢the Cybertruck is expected to⁤ be⁤ a‌ major milestone⁢ for ⁢Tesla, as it marks‍ the culmination ⁤of ⁢years of⁢ research, development, and production. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has‍ promised that⁤ the Cybertruck will‍ be a game-changer in the electric vehicle industry, and the sight of over 25 of ⁤these vehicles at the Texas Gigafactory is a ‍clear indication that the company ‍is well on its way​ to delivering on that promise.

As⁢ the ‍world shifts towards a more sustainable and‌ environmentally friendly mode of ‍transportation, the​ Tesla⁣ Cybertruck represents a bold step forward in ‍the ⁣evolution of electric vehicles. ‍With its unique design, advanced ​technology, and impressive performance capabilities, the Cybertruck is poised​ to revolutionize the​ truck market and ‌set a new standard for electric vehicles.

The sighting​ of⁣ over 25 Cybertrucks at the Texas ‌Gigafactory ahead of the delivery event is a clear sign‌ that Tesla is on track to meet ​the high demand for ​its vehicles and ‌continue its mission to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy. As Tesla ‍fans eagerly await the‍ delivery of⁣ their Cybertrucks, the excitement ‍surrounding this groundbreaking vehicle only continues to grow.