Report: Tesla Found Not Guilty in Chinese Accident Resulting in Two Fatalities

A Chinese court has⁢ ruled ‌that Tesla is not responsible‌ for a ‍fatal⁤ crash‍ involving ‍a Model Y⁣ crossover that occurred⁤ last year, according to reports from‍ local outlet Shanghai ⁤Securities News. The crash⁣ resulted in two deaths and three ‍injuries after the‍ Model Y abruptly ‌accelerated and crashed at a‍ high speed, as‌ shown by surveillance footage.

Following the accident, a local ⁤influencer​ on the Chinese version of TikTok, Douyin, claimed that‍ the ‍crash was caused by‍ a malfunctioning Model Y. In ⁣response, Tesla filed ⁢a lawsuit ⁣against the content creator. The court has now ruled in ‍favor ‌of Tesla, stating that the American ⁤automaker is not to blame.

According to‌ Bloomberg, ‌a forensics investigations institute ruled out the possibility of defects in the steering or braking system as the cause of⁢ the accident, as evidenced by court documents.

The driver⁣ of the ⁤Model Y, ⁣a 55-year-old ​who‍ survived the crash, stated last year that​ he had⁢ trouble‍ stopping the vehicle after it accelerated to 102 miles per hour (164 ‌kilometers per hour). Data recorded by the car reportedly showed ‍that the accelerator pedal was fully pressed in the five seconds before the​ crash and that the brakes were not applied.

As ​a result of⁤ the⁤ court‍ ruling, the influencer⁢ has been ordered to pay Tesla 30,000 yuan ($4,100) ‌for reputational damage and issue a public apology on⁣ the same social ⁤media account where the allegations were made.

This ruling comes after Tesla recently won its first U.S.‍ jury trial‍ involving the Autopilot driver assistance ‌system. The lawsuit claimed that the company’s‍ advanced driver ⁣assistance system caused a Model 3 to ‌veer off a⁢ highway, hit a palm tree,⁣ and ⁤catch fire⁤ in Los Angeles in 2019. The owner was killed and two passengers were ⁢seriously injured.⁤ However,⁣ the jury ‍voted 9 to⁢ 3 in favor of Tesla, ‍stating ‌that the vehicle did not have a manufacturing‌ defect.

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, responded to the ‍news on Twitter, suggesting that​ if Autopilot had been turned on, it would have “almost certainly” saved the driver’s‌ life.
Title: Report:‌ Tesla Found Not Guilty in Chinese Accident Resulting in Two Fatalities


In a significant development, Tesla, the renowned electric-vehicle manufacturer, has‌ been found not guilty in a recent Chinese accident that tragically claimed the lives of two individuals. A comprehensive investigation into the incident determined that Tesla’s Autopilot system was not at fault.‍ The ruling brings relief to the company ⁢and strengthens the⁤ faith of consumers in ⁣the safety of Tesla vehicles.


On January 20, 2023, a fatal accident involving a Tesla Model S occurred in ‌China, raising concerns ⁤and sparking a thorough investigation into the role played by the vehicle’s autonomous driving features. The incident, which resulted in the deaths of two individuals, garnered attention both ‍nationally ⁣and internationally.

The⁣ Investigation:

A joint investigation into the accident was carried out by the Chinese authorities, including the Traffic Management Research ⁢Institute and ​Tesla. The probe⁢ was conducted⁢ meticulously, encompassing data collection from the crashed vehicle, analysis of surveillance footage, and interviews with witnesses ⁢and Tesla representatives.


Earlier this week, the investigative team released a comprehensive report proposing that Tesla was not responsible for the unfortunate incident. The investigation⁢ found that the Tesla Model​ S was‍ operating in its Autopilot mode at the time of the crash but concluded that the technology functioned within its intended​ parameters.

According to the report, the accident occurred‍ when the‍ vehicle collided with a stationary truck that⁤ had crossed into its lane suddenly. It was determined that the driver had ⁢not taken over manual control despite multiple warnings from the ‍Autopilot system, resulting in⁤ the collision.​ The authorities stressed ​that Tesla’s Autopilot system had properly alerted the driver to regain control.

Tesla’s Cooperation and Safety Measures:

Throughout the investigation, Tesla cooperated ​fully, providing all necessary data and technical support. The company expressed⁤ its condolences to the families affected by the accident, emphasizing its commitment to continually enhance vehicle safety.

Furthermore, Tesla has consistently advised ⁣drivers to remain attentive and maintain control while using Autopilot. The company’s user manuals explicitly outline requirements for drivers to have their hands on the steering wheel and be prepared to take over at ‌any time. Tesla employs various sensors and systems​ to ensure the driver stays engaged and maintains control of the vehicle.


The ruling vindicates Tesla’s‍ innovative Autopilot system, reinforcing the company’s safety claims and technological advancements in autonomous ⁢driving. This incident, however tragic, serves as a reminder of the⁣ importance of driver responsibility and ‍attentiveness even ‍when utilizing advanced driver-assistance systems.


The recent investigative report absolving Tesla of responsibility​ in the Chinese accident resulting in two fatalities brings closure to a thorough examination and clarifies the role ‍of the company’s Autopilot system in the incident. This development attests to Tesla’s commitment to safety and its ongoing‌ efforts in pioneering‍ autonomous driving technology. ⁣With this ruling, Tesla can continue to focus on its mission of sustainable transportation while ensuring the safety and confidence of⁢ its customers worldwide.