Reportedly in the Works: Jaguar’s Electric XJ Luxury Sedan

Reportedly in the Works: Jaguar’s Electric XJ Luxury Sedan

According to a report from British publication Autocar,⁤ an all-new, all-electric, larger, and more luxurious‍ Jaguar XJ sedan is set to debut after 2025. The report cites a source familiar with the matter.

The​ upcoming XJ will be⁤ part of a revamped portfolio that will also include‍ a Bentley‌ Bentayga-sized zero-emissions SUV and a four-seat grand tourer. All three vehicles will be ⁣built on the same long-wheelbase JEA electric vehicle architecture, which is exclusively being developed for Jaguar models. This‌ is ⁤in contrast ⁣to the upcoming⁤ Range Rover EV, which will utilize the⁤ MLA platform.

The new EVs are expected to‍ feature all-wheel drive, four-wheel ​steering, and⁣ DC fast ⁣charging capabilities that will allow for a 10 to 80 percent charge ‌in just 13 minutes. Early details suggest a power output of ⁢at least 450 horsepower, a 0 to 62 miles per hour sprint between 3 and 3.8 seconds, a maximum speed​ of 155​ mph, ⁣and driving ranges between 385 and 475‌ miles on a full charge.

One surprising detail mentioned in the Autocar report is that the ‌upcoming Jaguar EVs will not feature the traditional leaping cat emblem. Instead,​ the brand name will be spelled⁢ out across the front and⁣ rear in a new font, similar to what Land Rover is doing with its models.

By 2025, all of ‌Jaguar’s current cars, including the all-electric I-Pace, will ⁢be retired.‍ According to Gerry McGovern, the brand’s chief creative ​officer, this is necessary⁤ because their replacements will have a completely different look.

In terms of design, the new XJ is said to have a radically minimalist appearance both inside and outside, with ⁢no clear inspiration from any past models. Additionally, ​none⁣ of⁢ the ⁢upcoming⁣ Jaguar EVs will feature a rear window. Instead, they ‍will rely on ​a video camera that feeds a live view to ​a digital mirror at the base‍ of the windshield, similar to ‌the Polestar 5.

The four-door grand tourer‍ is expected to be revealed late next year and go on sale ‌in 2025. However, Jaguar has ⁢not provided specific details regarding the debut dates for the SUV and XJ replacement.‍

The previous generation Jaguar XJ was launched in 2010 and retired in 2019 without receiving a replacement model.
Reportedly in the Works: Jaguar’s Electric XJ⁢ Luxury Sedan

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR), the renowned British luxury car manufacturer, is reportedly forging ahead with plans to introduce an electric⁣ version of its flagship model, the​ XJ​ luxury sedan. This move comes as part⁢ of JLR’s broader strategy to‍ electrify⁣ its entire⁤ vehicle ⁤lineup by 2030, ⁤aligning with the growing global ​demand for sustainable​ mobility solutions.

The upcoming all-electric XJ is expected‍ to build upon Jaguar’s rich heritage of manufacturing⁣ luxurious and high-performance ⁤vehicles, while ⁢incorporating cutting-edge electric technology. According⁢ to sources within the ​company, the electric sedan will be equipped with state-of-the-art electric powertrain components, promising impressive range and performance.

Although specific⁤ details about the electric XJ are still ​under wraps, industry insiders ⁢speculate⁤ that JLR may deploy‌ its Modular ‍Longitudinal Architecture (MLA) platform for this new model. The MLA platform, designed to accommodate various powertrains including electric, hybrid, and internal combustion engines, provides flexibility and scalability across JLR’s vehicle ⁣portfolio.

By electrifying their⁣ beloved XJ sedan, Jaguar‍ aims⁤ to compete head-on with other luxury car manufacturers ⁣who have already embraced the electric revolution. The move also ⁣indicates Jaguar’s⁤ commitment to keeping pace with rapidly evolving customer preferences and government‍ regulations around⁣ the world, particularly in key markets like Europe and China.

Jaguar’s decision to make the XJ an electric vehicle underscores the transformation sweeping through the automotive industry. As the world shifts towards a sustainable future, major car ⁣manufacturers are investing⁣ heavily in electric mobility to reduce emissions ⁤and combat climate change. Jaguar’s initiative aligns them with⁢ this global‌ trend and showcases their dedication towards environmental responsibility.

Moreover, the launch of the ​electric XJ ⁤is expected ⁤to strengthen Jaguar’s position ⁢in the luxury electric vehicle market,⁣ where they currently ⁢face strong competition from renowned ‍brands like Tesla and BMW.‌ The XJ electric sedan, with its distinctive Jaguar design, renowned craftsmanship, and advanced⁤ electric ⁢technology, has the potential to captivate discerning customers seeking both opulence and sustainable choices.

Furthermore, this development will support JLR’s efforts to achieve its carbon-neutral‌ goals. The company has committed to becoming net-zero on carbon emissions across its supply​ chain, products, ⁤and operations by 2039. By transitioning ⁣its iconic XJ into an electric vehicle, JLR‌ takes ⁤a significant step towards realizing this ambition and becoming a leader⁤ in sustainable automotive manufacturing.

The reported plans⁣ for ‌the electric XJ ‌also offer positive economic implications,⁤ as electric ⁤vehicle production tends to create jobs and stimulate local economies. The shift towards electric vehicle manufacturing requires investments in research and development, as well⁢ as the establishment​ of ​charging⁤ infrastructure, both of which contribute to job creation and technological advancements.

However, it is crucial for JLR⁣ to ensure widespread availability of charging infrastructure to support the growing electric vehicle market. Collaborations with governments and private ⁤enterprises must be ‌explored to​ ensure⁣ that customers have convenient ⁢and reliable access to charging stations, boosting the adoption of ⁤electric vehicles in the long run.

In ⁤conclusion, the introduction of an electric XJ luxury sedan ‍underscores Jaguar Land Rover’s commitment to a ‍sustainable⁣ future and the acceleration of the global electric revolution. The eagerly⁤ anticipated model‍ is expected ‌to combine Jaguar’s traditional⁣ elegance with advanced electric technology, ‍offering a compelling proposition in the luxury⁢ electric‍ vehicle segment.⁣ By⁤ embracing electrification, JLR not only aims‍ to cater to evolving consumer demands but also positions ⁣itself as a frontrunner ⁤in the race towards a greener automotive‍ industry.