Review of the 2023 Tesla Model Y Performance

The Tesla‍ Model Y Performance is ⁢a highly popular ⁤electric SUV that offers impressive speed and practicality. With its⁣ sleek design‍ and advanced ‍technology, it’s no wonder that it has become one of the top-selling EVs in the UK.

Price⁤ and Options:

When it comes to options,⁢ Tesla keeps it simple. With the Model Y Performance, you​ can ‌choose from five paint colors, two interior designs, and whether you want additional features ‌like ⁢a ‌tow hitch or enhanced autopilot. Compared⁢ to​ other car brands, Tesla’s ordering ⁣process is ‍streamlined and straightforward.

In terms ⁣of pricing, the Model ​Y Performance ⁤starts at ⁣£59,990, making it a competitive option ‌in the ​market. It offers‌ excellent ⁢value for its capabilities, especially when ​compared ‌to premium brands like ​Mercedes and BMW.

Exterior Design:

The ⁣Model Y Performance shares a similar design to its counterpart, the Long Range version. However, it ⁢does have ⁢some noticeable​ differences, such as‌ lowered ​suspension,⁢ exclusive ⁢21-inch Uberturbine wheels, and a carbon fiber ​spoiler. With its aerodynamic design and sleek ‌lines, ​the Model Y stands out on the road.

Interior Comfort:

The Model Y Performance offers ⁤two interior choices, ⁣both of which feature ⁤synthetic leather-like‌ upholstery. The front⁣ seats are comfortable and offer ‌electronic adjustment options. Rear‌ passengers will appreciate the ample legroom​ and the standard ​panoramic sunroof, which adds to the sense of ‍space in the cabin. ‌The‌ Model‌ Y also offers plenty of storage space, making it ⁣a practical and versatile vehicle.

Storage ‍and⁣ Load ‍Carrying:

Unlike the ⁤Model 3, the Model Y‍ is a hatchback, ‍offering significantly more ‌cargo space.⁤ The powered boot provides easy access ‌to the⁣ spacious ⁣interior, making ‍it ideal for transporting larger items. Whether you’re running errands or ​going on a road ‌trip, the Model Y has plenty of room​ to accommodate your needs.


The Tesla Model Y Performance is an exceptional electric SUV that combines ​impressive speed, practicality, and advanced⁣ technology. While it comes with a higher price tag ⁢compared to the Long Range version, it offers unparalleled performance and is worth considering for ​those ​seeking a ⁢family SUV that delivers exhilarating speed. With ‌its spacious interior, sleek design, and impressive range, the Model ⁣Y Performance is‍ a top choice in the EV market.The Tesla Model‍ Y is ‌a spacious ⁣and versatile electric SUV that offers impressive⁢ cargo⁢ space. With the seats up, it‌ provides 854 liters of storage, which ‍can be expanded to 1,869 liters when ⁣the seats are​ folded. This is more than what is offered by an E-class Mercedes estate. Additionally, ⁤there is a 117-liter ​frunk, bringing ⁤the total storage ⁣capacity close⁤ to‍ 2,000 liters. The Model Y Performance variant also has the option for a towing ⁣bar, allowing it to tow up to 1,600kg.

In terms of interior features, the⁢ Model Y is⁢ equipped with a large 15-inch central​ LCD panel, which serves as the main interface for controlling various functions. While some may find the lack of discrete buttons a bit annoying, Tesla has made improvements by allowing‍ control of windscreen wiper speeds through the left stalk button and the⁣ steering wheel dial. Starting the Model Y is done by placing the keycard near the cupholders or ‌having ‌a paired smartphone ‌in your pocket, then pressing the brake pedal. The right-hand stalk is used for‌ selecting drive or reverse, enabling ⁤adaptive cruise control, ⁣and activating‍ Autopilot mode.

The infotainment system in the Model Y is top-notch, with a 15-inch display that provides‍ a large⁤ map view⁣ and pop-up side camera⁣ views‍ when indicating ​for blind spot detection. Tesla’s in-car entertainment is also ‍impressive, allowing users to stream Netflix, Disney+, YouTube, and Twitch, as well ⁤as play games using the car’s controls or a game controller. However, media streaming and live traffic require premium connectivity, which is available for a monthly fee.

When it comes​ to performance and driving, the Model Y Performance variant offers impressive speed, with a ⁤0-60mph time of 3.5 seconds. It handles well for an SUV and provides a smooth ride on smooth ​roads.‌ However, the suspension can ​be ‌stiff, making⁢ potholes and bumps more ‌noticeable. In terms of ‌range, the Model Y offers decent mileage, with the Long​ Range variant providing 331 WLTP miles and the ‍Performance variant offering 319 miles. ‌Charging the Model Y is convenient, thanks to ⁤Tesla’s Supercharger network, which allows for fast charging times, especially‍ on V3 or V4⁣ Superchargers ⁣or IONITY 350kW supply.

In terms of running ‌costs, the Model Y offers good efficiency, with ​our testing showing around 3.4 miles per kWh. However, Tesla insurance groups are generally high. The warranty for the Model Y includes four years or 50,000 miles for the basic guarantee and eight years or⁤ 120,000 miles⁢ for⁤ the battery warranty.

Safety ​is a ​strong point for the Model Y, ‌as⁢ it has​ a ‌five-star Euro NCAP rating. The car is equipped with features such as ​emergency braking, collision warning, and blind-spot⁤ monitoring. Tesla’s Autopilot cruise⁣ control system is included as standard and provides a relaxing driving experience, with the‌ ability to steer and⁢ change lanes automatically. Tesla has also been beta testing self-driving ‌on city streets, with the option‍ to purchase Full Self-Driving (FSD) capabilities ⁤in advance.

Overall, the Tesla Model ⁢Y offers a spacious and versatile electric ​SUV option with impressive cargo⁢ space, good‍ performance, and a strong emphasis on safety. The range‍ and ‌charging capabilities are convenient, and Tesla’s in-car entertainment ⁤and infotainment system⁤ provide ⁢a seamless ⁣and enjoyable driving experience. While the ride quality can be a bit stiff,⁣ the Model‍ Y is still great to drive.Tesla ⁣Model Y Performance 2023⁢ Review – WhichEV.Net

This​ article is​ a review of the Tesla Model Y Performance 2023. It is divided into five sections, each focusing on different aspects of the car. The sections are as⁣ follows:

1. Intro, Price, Options⁢ and Verdict
This section provides an⁢ introduction ‌to the Tesla Model Y⁢ Performance 2023, including its price, available options,‍ and the overall ‍verdict on⁣ the car. It also includes a link ​to the full review.

2. Design,⁣ Comfort and Storage
In⁣ this section, the article⁢ explores the design of the Tesla​ Model Y Performance 2023,⁣ with a ‍focus on its​ comfort and storage capabilities. It discusses the interior and exterior design features, as⁤ well ‌as the ​available storage space in the car.

3. In-Car ‍Entertainment and Controls
The‌ third section of the review covers the in-car entertainment and control features of⁤ the Tesla Model‌ Y Performance 2023. It discusses ‌the‍ touchscreen‌ display,‌ audio system, ‍and​ other entertainment options available in ⁤the car. It also explores the various controls ⁣and settings that drivers ⁣can access.

4. Performance, Running Costs, Range, and⁣ Safety
In this section, the review delves into ​the performance of the Tesla Model Y Performance 2023, ⁤including ​its acceleration, handling, ⁤and⁢ overall driving experience. It also ​discusses the running costs of the ⁣car, ⁤including charging and maintenance expenses. Additionally, the article ‌touches on the range of the vehicle and its safety features.

5. Key Specifications
The final section provides a summary of the key specifications of ​the Tesla ​Model Y Performance ‍2023, including its dimensions,‍ weight, battery capacity, and other technical details.

Overall, this review aims to provide⁣ an in-depth analysis of the Tesla Model Y Performance 2023, covering various aspects of the car to help readers make an informed decision. The article is ‍written by James Morris, an ⁣experienced technology journalist with a passion for electric⁤ vehicles. He owns a‌ Tesla​ Model 3 ⁢Performance and ‌a plug-in Mercedes ⁤C350e Estate, and his expertise and enthusiasm for EVs shine through in the review.

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Review ⁣of the 2023 Tesla Model‍ Y⁢ Performance


The automotive industry‌ has witnessed a remarkable shift towards electric vehicles driven by the need for more sustainable transportation ​options. Tesla, being⁢ at the forefront ⁣of this ⁣movement, has consistently⁤ amazed consumers with their⁣ innovative offerings. One of their most highly ⁢anticipated models, the 2023‍ Tesla Model Y Performance, has recently hit the market, promising exceptional performance, ⁤sleek ⁢design, and the latest advancements in electric vehicle‌ technology. In this review, we will delve into‍ the features and driving experience of the⁢ 2023 Tesla Model Y Performance.

Exterior ⁢Design:

The 2023 Model Y Performance retains Tesla’s signature minimalist design language. Its sleek and aerodynamic silhouette gives it an ⁣undeniable ⁤visual​ appeal.‍ The absence of a traditional front grille, replaced instead by a ⁤smooth front ‍fascia, adds to the car’s modern ‌and⁤ futuristic look, giving a‌ clear indication of its electric propulsion.

Interior‍ Comfort and Technology:

Step‌ inside the Model Y Performance, and you are greeted by a spacious and luxurious cabin. The premium materials used throughout the interior ‍provide a ‍sense of refined elegance.​ The panoramic glass roof creates an open and airy atmosphere, making the ‌driving experience even more enjoyable.

Tesla’s commitment to cutting-edge technology is evident in‍ the Model Y Performance. The centerpiece of the interior is⁤ a‍ magnificent 15-inch​ vertically-mounted touchscreen ⁤display, which controls nearly all vehicle functions.‍ The ​system is incredibly responsive and intuitive,​ enabling swift ​and ​effortless access to various features,⁢ including navigation, media, and climate control. Additionally, the Model Y Performance offers a suite ‍of advanced driver-assistance features, including Autopilot, ‌which enhances safety and‌ convenience on the road.

Performance and ⁢Range:

The Model Y Performance lives up to its name with exhilarating ⁢performance capabilities. Powered by dual electric motors,⁢ one on each axle, this all-wheel-drive SUV accelerates from 0 to 60 ⁣mph in an⁣ impressive 3.5 seconds. The instant torque delivery ‍typical of electric ‍vehicles ensures‍ quick and responsive acceleration, making every journey a thrilling experience. Furthermore, ⁢the Model Y Performance boasts an estimated range of around 315 miles on a full charge, providing ample flexibility for long-distance⁣ travel.

Charging ​Infrastructure:

Charging infrastructure remains a significant ​concern⁤ for potential electric vehicle buyers.​ However, Tesla has an extensive Supercharger network, spanning ⁣across various⁣ regions, ‌offering fast ‌and‍ convenient charging capabilities.‌ The ​Model Y Performance supports Tesla’s V3 Superchargers, enabling faster charging speeds, allowing for a substantial boost ‌in charging efficiency.


The 2023 Tesla Model Y Performance offers an exceptional combination of cutting-edge technology, thrilling performance, and impressive range. From its futuristic design ​to ⁣its spacious ‍interior, ‌this electric SUV provides a ⁣driving experience like no other. Tesla’s⁢ commitment to​ advancing electric vehicle technology ⁤is evident throughout, setting the ​benchmark ‌for competitors in ⁤the industry. With the Model Y Performance, Tesla ‍continues‍ to⁣ revolutionize sustainable transportation, proving that electric ⁤vehicles can be both practical and exciting to ​drive.

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