Road-ready Scania Truck Harnessing Solar Power and Hybrid Technology

Road-ready Scania Truck Harnessing Solar Power and Hybrid Technology

A groundbreaking solar-powered hybrid Scania truck is currently undergoing public road tests as part of a two-year research alliance. The project involves Scania, Uppsala University, Eksjö Maskin & Truck, Midsummer, Ernsts Express, and Dalakraft. The truck, which features a trailer fully wrapped in solar panels, aims to showcase a new era of reduced operational costs and carbon emissions.

This initiative is a significant step towards sustainable transport systems. For the first time, solar panels are directly fueling a truck’s powertrain, demonstrating how renewable energy can greatly reduce emissions in the transportation sector. Stas Krupenia, Head of the Research Office at Scania, explains that the project places them at the forefront of next-generation truck development.

The 18-meter trailer is equipped with solar panels that cover almost its entire surface, potentially extending the truck’s annual driving range by up to 5,000 kilometers in Sweden. The research also involves the development of lightweight tandem solar cells that combine Midsummer’s technology with innovative perovskite solar cells. This collaboration aims to double energy generation efficiency.

Additionally, the project examines the impact of these solar-powered trucks on the electrical grid, exploring the potential for two-way charging and the resale of surplus energy. The Scania truck boasts 560 horsepower as a plug-in hybrid and is covered by 100 square meters of solar panels with a maximum efficiency of 13.2 kWp. It is estimated to deliver 8,000 kWh annually in Sweden.

The solar-powered Scania truck project represents a significant advancement in greening transportation. Not only does it offer the potential for substantial reductions in operating costs and emissions, but it also sets the stage for future integration of renewable energy sources in commercial vehicles. With its innovative solar panel technology and focus on grid interaction, this project serves as a crucial blueprint for future sustainable transport solutions.
Road-ready Scania Truck Harnessing Solar Power and Hybrid Technology


In the quest for sustainable transportation solutions, Scania, the renowned manufacturer of heavy-duty trucks, has unveiled its latest innovation – a road-ready truck that integrates solar power and hybrid technology. The new truck aims to significantly reduce emissions, decrease reliance on fossil fuels, and provide a more environmentally friendly and cost-effective option for long-haul transportation.

Solar Power Integration:

The highlight of Scania’s latest creation is its harnessing of solar power to reduce energy consumption and decrease fuel dependency. The truck is equipped with solar panels installed on the roof and sides, effectively capturing and converting sunlight into electrical energy. This electricity is then used to power various truck functions, reducing the load on the conventional engine and saving fuel. By utilizing solar power, Scania’s truck can operate more efficiently and contribute to a greener future.

Hybrid Technology:

Complementing its solar power capabilities, Scania’s road-ready truck also incorporates hybrid technology, further enhancing its environmental friendliness and performance. The hybrid system combines a traditional combustion engine with an electric powertrain, enabling the vehicle to alternate between electric and traditional power sources based on driving conditions. This innovative design reduces emissions and noise pollution, and optimizes fuel efficiency by utilizing the electric powertrain during low-speed, stop-and-go situations. The hybrid technology makes the truck more versatile, allowing it to perform effectively in a wide range of driving scenarios.

Reduced Environmental Impact:

Scania’s road-ready truck brings forth significant benefits towards reducing the environmental impact of long-haul transportation. The integration of solar power and hybrid technology ensures decreased emissions, minimizing greenhouse gases and contributing to climate change mitigation efforts. By harnessing the power of the sun and utilizing electric power during specific driving conditions, the truck can substantially reduce its carbon footprint and play a vital role in creating a sustainable transport sector.

Economic Advantages:

Apart from the environmental benefits it offers, Scania’s road-ready truck also brings economic advantages to users. The reduced fuel consumption resulting from the integration of solar power and hybrid technology leads to cost savings in the long run. With the rising costs of fossil fuels and increasing global awareness of environmental issues, this truck presents a financially viable and socially responsible option for companies involved in long-haul transportation. Moreover, as governments globally emphasize the importance of reducing emissions, the adoption of such sustainable solutions can result in financial incentives and preferential treatment for businesses choosing to invest in eco-friendly vehicles.


Scania’s road-ready truck, combining solar power and hybrid technology, represents a significant advancement in the field of sustainable transportation. By utilizing renewable energy sources and reducing reliance on traditional fossil fuels, this truck not only minimizes environmental impact but also provides cost-effectiveness to businesses. As world leaders and industries strive towards decarbonization and a greener future, Scania’s innovation offers a compelling solution for the heavy-duty transportation sector. With its solar power integration and hybrid technology, this road-ready truck paves the way towards a more sustainable and efficient transport industry.

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