Shanghai Welcomes the Launch of HiPhi Model Y

Shanghai Welcomes the Launch of HiPhi Model Y

HiPhi, China’s Best-Selling⁣ Premium EV Brand, has officially launched its ‍latest model, the HiPhi Y, at ​an event in Shanghai. The HiPhi Y joins ​HiPhi’s flagship models, the X ‘Super SUV’ and Z ‘Digital GT’, and combines ​bold ‌styling with the latest⁢ technologies. The company aims to expand its sales beyond⁢ China ⁢to ⁣Western Europe and beyond.

The HiPhi Y is a luxury​ mainstream model that follows​ the same LuxTech philosophy as its predecessors. It features several first-in-class features,‌ including ⁢second-generation no-touch⁢ automatic wing-opening doors, a robotic arm-mounted infotainment screen,⁢ and‌ active​ all-wheel-steering.

With a length of almost 5 meters and​ a width of 2‍ meters,⁤ the⁤ HiPhi Y offers ample ⁢storage space. ⁢If it is priced‌ under £50,000 in the ⁣UK,‍ it will ​directly compete with Tesla’s Model Y.

HiPhi’s ⁢designs align with its ‘holistic 3-Smart ⁤Strategy’, which aims to create Smart Vehicles that contribute to Smart Transportation and ​Smart ‍Cities.

The HiPhi ⁣Y offers multiple versions, including Flagship, Long ‌Range, Elite, and Pioneer. The⁣ Long Range ​model ⁤comes with a ​115kWh battery ⁢that provides a WLTP range of close to 400 miles. The ⁢standard battery is 76.6kWh, offering ‍a WLTP ‌range of⁣ over‌ 260 miles.

The⁢ HiPhi⁢ Y is available in four-wheel dual motor versions with peak power of up to 371kW ​and acceleration​ from 0 to 60mph‌ in ⁢under 4.6‍ seconds. Rear-wheel-drive single motor versions have ‍peak power of 247kW. The car is equipped with advanced front double ⁣wishbone suspension, rear five-link suspension, and an active all-wheel-steering system for stability and ​agility.

Inside, the HiPhi Y features three advanced screens, including a 17-inch OLED ⁣centre display, a 15-inch HD front passenger touch screen, and a 12.3-inch full LCD instrument screen. The car⁢ also includes ⁢a 22.9-inch HD colour heads-up‍ display and a 9.2-inch streaming media​ rearview mirror. The interior is equipped with a Meridian Audio‍ System with up ⁣to 25 speakers, offering a powerful and ⁢immersive sound experience.

The HiPhi ​Y is already available to order in China, and European⁣ customers will also be able ⁢to order it before the end of 2023. HiPhi is expanding ⁤its operations centers ⁢to Munich and Oslo to provide ⁤after-sales⁣ support.

HiPhi sees itself as a ⁤technology company focused on revolutionizing the​ future mobility experience. ‌The company integrates the best of the traditional automotive industry with ‍advanced computing, ​digital connectivity, and ​artificial ‍intelligence to create innovative and ⁢software-defined vehicles.

Overall, the HiPhi Y presents a combination of luxury, cutting-edge technology, and ⁢impressive performance. It will be interesting to see how it performs in the global market and ‌how it compares⁢ to its competitors.
Shanghai Welcomes‌ the​ Launch⁢ of HiPhi Model Y

Shanghai, the ‌dynamic and innovative hub ⁣of China,⁤ recently witnessed the⁤ launch of HiPhi Model Y, a⁤ game-changing electric vehicle by Human Horizons. This event marked a significant milestone in‍ the fast-growing electric ‍vehicle industry, capturing the attention of not only automotive enthusiasts but‍ also industry experts and environmentalists globally.

HiPhi Model Y, the latest addition to the HiPhi brand’s impressive lineup, ⁤showcases the cutting-edge technologies and​ forward-thinking design concepts that have become synonymous ⁤with the brand. The launch event brought together high-profile individuals, including ⁤government officials, industry leaders, and prominent figures in the automotive sector, ⁤demonstrating the importance and popularity of this ​highly anticipated vehicle.

One of the most striking aspects of HiPhi Model‌ Y is its commitment to sustainability and environmental friendliness. The⁣ vehicle features ‍a fully electric powertrain, which not only reduces carbon emissions but also contributes to a ⁣cleaner and greener future. With‌ the ever-increasing importance of combating climate change and reducing the carbon footprint, HiPhi Model​ Y stands⁤ as a testament to Shanghai’s ⁣dedication to sustainable mobility solutions.

Furthermore, HiPhi Model Y ⁤possesses innovative technologies that redefine the future of transportation. The vehicle boasts an impressive driving range, thanks to its advanced battery technology, eliminating range anxiety commonly associated ⁢with electric vehicles. The intelligent connectivity ‍features ‌ensure a seamless integration between the vehicle, its occupants, and the outside world, providing an unmatched driving experience for the tech-savvy generation.

The launch event showcased the profound impact HiPhi Model Y has on the local economy. Shanghai has long been an influential⁣ player​ in the automotive industry, and this⁢ latest addition ⁤further solidifies its⁣ position as a global leader in electric vehicle production. The ⁣opening of the HiPhi Model Y factory in Shanghai not‍ only creates employment opportunities ​but also facilitates the ⁣transfer of technology ‌and expertise to the local workforce.

Shanghai’s welcoming embrace of HiPhi Model Y resonates with the city’s‍ dedication to innovation⁣ and its ambitious goals towards sustainable development. The Chinese government has been actively supporting the growth of the electric vehicle industry, offering‌ incentives for consumers and manufacturers alike. Moreover, Shanghai’s‌ robust infrastructure, including a well-developed charging network and favorable policies, provides a ⁢conducive environment for such groundbreaking vehicles.

The launch of HiPhi Model Y in Shanghai also represents the growing demand for electric vehicles globally. With increasing concerns about air pollution, rising fuel costs, and the need for sustainable transportation solutions, more and more consumers are embracing electric vehicles. HiPhi Model Y addresses these challenges by offering​ an attractive, high-performance electric ⁢vehicle that⁢ meets the needs and aspirations of​ modern society.

As​ Shanghai rolls out the red carpet for HiPhi Model Y,‍ the future of electric vehicles appears brighter than ever. The launch ​of ‌this game-changing vehicle ⁣showcases Shanghai’s commitment to sustainable mobility, technological innovation, and the forward-thinking mindset that the ⁢city embodies.⁣ It not only demonstrates how Shanghai leads the way in the electric vehicle industry but also sets⁤ a benchmark‍ for other cities and manufacturers to follow suit. With HiPhi Model Y, Shanghai paves the path towards a ⁢greener​ and more connected future.

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