Tesla prepares to upgrade factories as refreshed Model 3 is seen on the road once more.

Tesla’s upcoming refreshed version of the Model 3 has been spotted on the roads in California, indicating that the company is preparing to update its factory production lines to accommodate the design changes. A Reddit user named gio6a shared a video of a white Tesla Model 3 driving on a highway, revealing some noticeable updates. The front cover of the car now features sharper and sleeker headlights, while the rear indicators have been redesigned to be vertical instead of horizontal.

Enthusiasts were pleased with the changes seen in the video, with one commenting, “Pretty good view of the new rear turn signals. Looks awesome!” This sighting occurred just before Tesla’s Q2 earnings call, during which CEO Elon Musk hinted that Q3 production numbers may not show the same growth as Q2 due to global factory shutdowns for upgrades.

Musk’s statement suggests that these factory upgrades may be for the refreshed Model 3, also known as Project Highland. If that’s the case, it’s likely that the first official production cars with the updates will start rolling off the production lines in Q4 2023.

The Tesla Model 3 was originally launched in 2017, and deliveries in Australia began in 2019. Since then, it has been the best-selling electric car in Australia for multiple years, although it lost its crown to the Model Y in 2023.

Riz Akhtar, the founder of carloop based in Melbourne, provided this article. He is a mechanical engineer with a passion for cars, particularly electric vehicles, and aims to help reduce transport emissions in Australia. He currently drives a red Tesla Model 3.
Tesla, the pioneering electric vehicle (EV) company led by the visionary Elon Musk, has been making significant strides in the automotive industry. Recently, sightings of a refreshed Model 3 on the road have sparked excitement among EV enthusiasts. As the anticipation for this latest version builds, Tesla has been busy preparing its factories for the imminent upgrades.

Undoubtedly, the Tesla Model 3 has been a game-changer in the EV market since its initial introduction in 2017. Its sleek design, long-range capabilities, and impressive performance have catapulted Tesla to the forefront of the industry. Now, with the sight of a refreshed Model 3 being spotted on roads once more, speculation about the upcoming enhancements is rife.

The refreshed Model 3 is expected to incorporate numerous improvements that not only strengthen its appeal but also align with Tesla’s overarching goal of sustainable transportation. While exact details of the enhancements remain under wraps, reports suggest that the design updates will draw inspiration from Tesla’s flagship sedan, the Model S. This move signifies Tesla’s commitment to a cohesive design language across its vehicle lineup.

One of the key changes anticipated in the refreshed Model 3 is an interior overhaul. Tesla’s reputation for cutting-edge technology and minimalist aesthetics sets high expectations for the vehicle’s cabin. Speculators suggest an upgraded infotainment system, improved materials, and enhanced connectivity features as possible additions. These enhancements undoubtedly aim to continue raising the bar for in-car experiences, a distinctive feature of Tesla vehicles.

Notably, the refreshed Model 3 is not merely a cosmetic upgrade. Tesla is known for its continuous pursuit of innovation and technological advancements. Therefore, it is widely anticipated that the new version will incorporate improved performance and, potentially, an increased range. With each iteration, Tesla strives to push the boundaries of what is possible in the EV market, ensuring that their vehicles remain top contenders.

In line with the upcoming upgrade, Tesla has been actively working behind the scenes to prepare its factories for an increased production capacity. The company recently announced the expansion of its manufacturing facilities globally, with plans to establish new Gigafactories in Berlin, Shanghai, and Texas. These strategic moves underline Tesla’s commitment to meet the ever-growing demand for its vehicles.

Tesla’s expansion plans align with the company’s ambitious vision for a sustainable future. By increasing production capacity and reaching a wider audience, Tesla aims to accelerate the global transition to emission-free transportation. The company’s innovative approach, coupled with their commitment to sustainable practices, sets Tesla apart from its competitors, fortifying their position as leaders in the EV market.

As sightings of the refreshed Model 3 continue to generate excitement, Tesla enthusiasts eagerly await the official unveiling of the upgraded version. With the promise of improved design, advanced technology, and enhanced performance, the refreshed Model 3 is poised to push the boundaries of sustainable transportation even further.

Tesla’s relentless pursuit of innovation, coupled with its commitment to expanding production capacity, demonstrates their determination to lead the charge towards a greener future. The arrival of the refreshed Model 3 heralds yet another significant milestone for Tesla and the EV industry as a whole. With Tesla’s factories gearing up for the upgrades and anticipation reaching a fever pitch, it is a thrilling time for Tesla enthusiasts and anyone invested in the advancement of sustainable transportation.