Tesla’s priciest model hits the market in Australia

Tesla’s⁤ 2011 Roadster Sport is currently up for sale in ‍Australia, with a price tag of⁣ $349,000. This makes it potentially the ‍most ⁢expensive Tesla ⁣to be sold in the ⁣country. The car, which has only clocked 23,000 km, comes in ⁢the iconic Roadster color, ‌”Very Orange,” with ‍black sections on the bonnet and wheels. It also features a black lip spoiler on the rear, giving ⁣it a sporty look.

According ‌to the ⁢seller, the car⁢ has‌ been maintained by one of only two certified Tesla Roadster Technicians in Australia. The battery has⁣ also been recently refreshed, just 4,000 km ago. This refresh has improved the battery’s performance, ‍allowing for ⁣a driving range‌ of⁢ up⁤ to 394 km.

The 2011 Tesla ​Roadster Sport is known for⁤ being one of the lightest electric ⁣vehicles on the market, with ‍a tare weight of just 1,260 kg. In comparison, a Tesla‍ Model 3 weighs almost half⁤ a ⁤tonne more.

Although there are not many examples of this iconic EV left in the country, those that do come up for sale often fetch over‍ $100,000. A recent​ auction‍ saw a red 2011 Tesla‍ Roadster⁤ Sport ⁣sold for ​$106,000 in Melbourne.

The $349,000 price‍ tag on the orange Roadster reflects the rarity and immaculate ​condition‌ of the‍ vehicle. In 2011, the original driveaway price for the Sport version was ⁤$260,535.⁢ These cars produced 215 kW of power and 400 Nm of ⁤torque.

Even outside of Australia, ⁤the Roadster is a highly ‍sought-after vehicle, with examples‌ fetching hundreds‌ of thousands⁣ of dollars. Recently, three‍ original Tesla⁣ Roadsters were found in a Chinese shipping container in ⁣nearly⁣ new condition and ended up ‍selling for ⁤over $1.1 million.

As the supply of these classic ⁢electric cars continues to dwindle, it is expected that records for the price they fetch will ​continue to be broken.⁢ The Tesla Roadster ‌will always be remembered as ⁢one of the most important vehicles ever⁢ built.

About the author:
Riz Akhtar is the founder of carloop, a Melbourne-based company specializing in⁣ Australian⁣ EV data, insight reports, and trends. With a background in mechanical engineering, Riz spent the first seven years of his career building transport infrastructure before starting carloop. He is passionate about⁤ cars, particularly EVs, and aims to help reduce ⁤transport emissions in Australia. ‌Riz currently drives a ‌red Tesla Model 3.
Tesla’s Priciest Model Hits the Market in Australia

Tesla, the revolutionary electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer, has‍ released its most expensive model yet in the Australian market. The launch of ⁤the new ‌Tesla Model ‍S Plaid signals a significant milestone for both the company and the country’s EV industry.‍ With its cutting-edge technology, remarkable performance, and ⁣luxurious features, the Model S Plaid aims to reshape the landscape of automotive experiences ⁢in Australia.

The ​Tesla Model ⁣S Plaid is the latest addition to a growing range of EVs in Australia, which are gradually gaining popularity among environmentally conscious consumers. Priced ‌at a ‍staggering ⁤AUD⁤ 189,990, this premium electric sedan promises prestige, innovation, and unmatched ‌speed. ‍Equipped with three high-performance electric ‍motors, it can accelerate from 0 to 100 ‍km/h⁢ in just 1.99 seconds, making⁤ it the fastest production car currently⁣ available. This ⁢astounding ‌acceleration⁢ showcases‍ Tesla’s unrivaled engineering prowess.

In addition to ‌its sheer speed, the Model S Plaid boasts ‌an ​impressive range of​ 628 kilometers with a single charge, allowing drivers to comfortably commute long distances. Tesla’s renowned Supercharger network, ‌conveniently scattered across ‍Australia, eases concerns regarding charging⁤ infrastructure limitations. With over 2000 Superchargers in Australia alone,​ owners can enjoy an⁣ extensive charging network, making long journeys feasible and worry-free.

The Model ⁢S Plaid’s interior ⁣delivers an ‌unparalleled luxurious ‌experience. The cabin design encompasses a minimalist approach with ⁣premium ⁣materials, ‌creating an ‌ambiance comparable to a high-end ​luxury vehicle. The centerpiece is‌ an enormous 17-inch touchscreen display, providing⁤ seamless control of the car’s features. Tesla has also incorporated advanced technology, including over-the-air software⁤ updates, autopilot capabilities, and various driver-assistance features. These advancements highlight Tesla’s commitment to delivering‍ the ultimate‌ driving experience.

Furthermore, the Model S⁢ Plaid comes equipped ⁣with an advanced‍ sound system, ensuring an immersive audio experience for passengers. The “Tri-Motor” ⁤design not ⁣only enhances acceleration but also delivers exceptional⁣ handling capabilities, guaranteeing a smooth and comfortable ‍ride.⁢ This amalgamation of ‌power, elegance, and​ sophistication showcases Tesla’s diligence in providing‌ a⁢ holistic ‌driving experience.

Despite ⁤its hefty price tag, the Model S Plaid represents ⁣a step towards sustainability and a greener future. With ‍zero tailpipe emissions and ⁢significantly ⁤reduced carbon footprints, Tesla’s⁢ commitment to‍ environmental conservation shines through. The ‌increased availability of Tesla’s premium offerings signifies a landmark moment in Australia’s ‍transition⁢ towards sustainable transportation.

Australian⁣ consumers have shown a growing interest in EVs, driven by a ⁣combination of environmental ‌awareness, ‍evolving​ government policies, and increasing infrastructure investments. With the release of the Model S Plaid, Tesla has‍ strategically positioned itself at the forefront of this emerging market, setting new benchmarks for performance, luxury, and ‍eco-friendliness.

As⁤ Tesla ‍expands its presence in Australia, it is also ⁣expanding its commitment to sustainable energy solutions. ⁤The company actively strives ‌to make ‌EVs more accessible and affordable to a wider ⁣demographic. ‍The release of the Model S Plaid is a testament to Tesla’s⁣ dedication ‍to innovation and ‌its ⁤mission to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy.

In conclusion, the launch of Tesla’s most expensive model, the‍ Model S ‍Plaid, in the Australian market signifies a significant milestone for both the company and the ⁣EV sector in‍ the country. This premium electric sedan, with its remarkable ⁤speed, extensive range, and luxurious features, establishes new benchmarks for the automotive industry.⁤ By combining cutting-edge‌ technology with ‍sustainability goals, Tesla continues to lead the⁢ charge ⁢towards a greener‌ and more⁣ sustainable future ⁢on Australian roads.