Test Driving the Cupra Born: Australia’s First Electric Vehicle from the VW Group Showcases Unique Features

The Cupra Born is the first fully electric car from Cupra in Australia, and it is also the first car to be based on the Volkswagen group’s Modular Electric Drive matrix (MEB) platform. This platform is also used for VW’s ID range of electric cars, Skoda’s Enyaq iV, and the Audi Q4 e-tron, although those models are not expected to arrive in Australia until 2024.

Despite being a newcomer, the Cupra Born has been selling reasonably well, with 86 sales in July, making it the seventh best-selling electric vehicle (EV) for the month. The starting price for the Born is $59,990 before on-road costs, which falls below the threshold for state EV rebates but is higher than the cheapest EVs on the market.

The Born is equipped with an 82kWh (77kWh usable) battery pack, which offers a driving range of up to 511km according to the WLTP test cycle. However, if you opt for the optional Performance Pack ($2600), which includes Dynamic Chassis Control, larger 20″ wheels, and wider tires, the range drops to 475km. The car also offers the option of an Interior Package ($2900) which adds heated massage seats, microfleece seat material, and a premium sound system. However, selecting either package removes the middle seat in the rear, turning it into a 4-seater. The Born supports DC fast charging up to 170kW and AC charging up to 11kW via 3-phase power or 7kW on single-phase.

To test drive the Cupra Born, interested customers need to request a test drive and wait for a Cupra Specialist to contact them. Cupra Garages are well-fitted with cars and merchandise on display, as well as areas to relax while waiting for the test drive.

The Cupra Born has an attractive design and stands out on the road with its aggressive front. The signature copper color of Cupra is featured on the logo and other design elements. However, the Born lacks practicality, with a relatively small 385L boot and no usable frunk (front trunk). Inside the cabin, the interior feels premium, with copper highlights and generous cup holders and storage bins. However, the rear seats can restrict visibility.

On the road, the Born feels sporty and quick, thanks to its single motor rear-wheel-drive setup with 170kW and 310Nm of torque. It offers multiple driving modes, but the difference between them is not significant. The suspension is well-tuned and handles bumpy roads and speed bumps comfortably without being too firm or soft. The steering is fairly direct, and the car handles well around corners. However, there are a few quirks with the Born, such as the inability to switch off creep mode, the absence of built-in satellite navigation and automatic trip planning with charging stops due to technical reasons, and the counter-intuitive and hard-to-use capacitive swipe buttons on the steering wheel and dash. Cupra has acknowledged these design issues and stated that they are working on software and hardware fixes.

In conclusion, the Cupra Born is worth considering for those who prioritize design and driving dynamics. It remains to be seen if the introduction of sub $40,000 EVs will affect the Born’s market share, particularly with the MG4 offering a similar sporty driving experience. Cupra may need to introduce a smaller battery version to attract price-conscious buyers. If the connectivity and infotainment quirks are deal-breakers, it might be wise to wait for future model years when these issues have been addressed.

Key features and specifications of the Cupra Born include a starting price of $59,990 plus on-road costs, optional packages such as the Performance Package and Interior Package, an 82kWh gross battery size (77kWh usable), a range of 511km according to WLTP (475km with Performance Package), 170kW of power and 310Nm of torque, charging speeds of 170kW DC and 11kW AC, CCS2 combo charging socket, and a service interval of 15,000km or 12 months.
Test Driving the Cupra Born: Australia’s First Electric Vehicle from the VW Group Showcases Unique Features

Electric vehicles are rapidly gaining popularity across the globe, and Australia is no exception. As more people become environmentally conscious and seek sustainable transportation options, car manufacturers are rushing to meet the growing demand. Keeping up with this trend, the Volkswagen (VW) Group has unleashed its first all-electric vehicle in Australia under the Cupra brand: the Cupra Born. The new addition to Australia’s EV market boasts unique features and promises to revolutionize the way we perceive electric cars.

The Cupra Born is a result of the VW Group’s commitment to electrification and sustainability. It showcases advanced technology and innovation, representing the future direction of transportation. This EV exemplifies Cupra’s aim to create high-performance yet eco-friendly vehicles, providing drivers with a guilt-free, exhilarating experience behind the wheel.

One of the distinctive features of the Cupra Born is its stunning design. With its sleek and dynamic aesthetic, this electric hatchback stands out among its competitors. Its clean lines, muscular curves, and aggressive stance give the car a sporty yet sophisticated look. The attention to detail is exceptional, as Cupra’s designers have thoughtfully crafted an aerodynamic body that enhances both the car’s performance and efficiency.

Under the hood, the Cupra Born is powered by a state-of-the-art electric drivetrain. It boasts an impressive 77kWh battery pack, enabling a range of up to 500 kilometers on a single charge. With its fast-charging capabilities, the Cupra Born can charge up to 80% in just 35 minutes, making it practical for long journeys without prolonged charging stops. This EV accelerates from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in just 6.6 seconds, proving that electric vehicles can deliver a thrilling driving experience.

The Cupra Born also exemplifies the VW Group’s commitment to sustainable manufacturing practices. The car’s interior showcases responsibly sourced materials, such as recycled plastics and vegan leather upholstery. Furthermore, the manufacturing process adheres to a stringent environmental agenda, minimizing the vehicle’s carbon footprint. With the Cupra Born, owners can drive with confidence, knowing that they are contributing to a greener future.

Safety and connectivity are also at the forefront of the Cupra Born’s features. The vehicle comes equipped with an array of advanced driver assistance systems, providing a secure and effortless driving experience. Additionally, the infotainment system offers seamless connectivity, integrating with smartphones and providing real-time data on charging stations and range estimation. With the Cupra Born, drivers can stay connected and informed, ensuring a worry-free journey.

Test driving the Cupra Born provides an immersive experience that leaves a lasting impression. The instant torque delivery, smooth acceleration, and silent operation exemplify the strengths of electric vehicles. The intuitive handling and agile performance make driving the Cupra Born an absolute joy, proving that eco-friendly options need not compromise on excitement or functionality.

In conclusion, the Cupra Born is a remarkable addition to Australia’s electric vehicle market, representing the VW Group’s commitment to innovation and sustainability. Its unique design, impressive performance, extensive range, and eco-friendly manufacturing process make it a frontrunner in the EV revolution. As Australia embraces greener transportation options, the Cupra Born showcases the limitless potential of electric vehicles in delivering driving pleasure while reducing our environmental impact.