The Driven Podcast: The Growing Momentum of Vehicle-to-Grid Technology

The latest episode of The Driven features Mark Gregory from Flinders University, who discusses the exciting development of vehicle-to-grid technology and the future potential of cars as batteries on wheels.

In this episode, Gregory highlights the significance of vehicle-to-grid technology, which allows electric vehicles to not only consume energy from the grid but also send excess energy back to the grid when needed. This innovative concept has the potential to revolutionize the way we use and distribute electricity.

The conversation delves into the benefits of this technology, including its ability to provide storage solutions for renewable energy sources. By utilizing electric vehicle batteries as storage units, we can overcome the challenge of intermittent renewable energy generation and ensure a more stable and reliable power supply.

Gregory also discusses the implications of vehicle-to-grid technology for the electric vehicle market. With cars becoming batteries on wheels, the demand for electric vehicles is expected to increase significantly. This presents both opportunities and challenges for automakers and energy providers, as they need to develop the infrastructure and systems to support this transformative technology.

The episode concludes with a discussion on the future potential of vehicle-to-grid technology. Gregory emphasizes the need for collaboration between different stakeholders, including government bodies, utilities, and manufacturers, to accelerate the adoption of this technology. He also highlights the importance of educating consumers about the benefits and capabilities of vehicle-to-grid technology to drive its widespread adoption.

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The Driven Podcast: The Growing Momentum of Vehicle-to-Grid Technology


In recent years, the convergence of the automotive and energy industries has led to innovative solutions that could revolutionize the way we consume and store electricity. One remarkable development gaining traction in the field is vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology, which allows electric vehicles (EVs) to play a pivotal role in the overall energy ecosystem. In this article, we will explore the growing momentum of V2G technology and how it has captured the attention of experts and enthusiasts alike. We will also delve into The Driven Podcast, which has become a prominent platform for discussing and disseminating knowledge about this groundbreaking innovation.

The Concept of Vehicle-to-Grid Technology

Vehicle-to-grid technology involves harnessing the potential of EVs to function as energy storage devices that can transfer electricity back to the grid when not in use. Unlike conventional EV charging, where power flows solely from the grid to the vehicle, V2G allows the two-way flow of electricity between the grid and EVs. This capability positions EVs as mobile energy assets, capable of both absorbing and supplying power as required.

The Benefits of Vehicle-to-Grid Technology

V2G technology offers immense benefits, both for EV owners and the broader energy grid. It enables EV owners to monetize their vehicle’s idle capacity by participating in grid services, such as peak demand shaving or frequency regulation. By utilizing the excess energy stored in EVs during periods of low demand, the grid can effectively manage its resources and reduce reliance on fossil fuel-fired power plants.

Moreover, V2G technology contributes to grid stability by providing a distributed source of energy storage. As more EVs become part of the grid, their collective storage capacity can help mitigate the challenges posed by intermittent renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind. Vehicle-to-grid technology also supports the integration of renewable energy into the grid by facilitating efficient storage and utilization during periods of low demand or oversupply.

The Driven Podcast: A Platform for V2G Discussions

The Driven Podcast, hosted by leading experts in the EV and renewable energy sectors, has emerged as a remarkable platform for exploring the potential and challenges of vehicle-to-grid technology. Each episode of the podcast features in-depth conversations with industry professionals and researchers who are actively involved in V2G development and deployment.

The podcast provides a comprehensive understanding of the various aspects of V2G technology, including the underlying technicalities, policy considerations, and potential commercial applications. Listeners gain insights into the latest research, pilot projects, and regulatory initiatives shaping the future of V2G. Importantly, The Driven Podcast explores the potential societal and environmental implications of V2G adoption and helps bridge the gap between academia, industry, and the general public.


Vehicle-to-grid technology has captured the imagination of researchers, policymakers, and EV enthusiasts worldwide. Its potential to transform both the energy and transportation sectors cannot be overstated. The Driven Podcast serves as an invaluable resource to explore, understand, and appreciate the growing momentum behind V2G technology. As the world moves towards a sustainable energy future, V2G has positioned itself as a critical enabler of grid stability, renewable energy integration, and a decentralized energy ecosystem.