The full-sized EV version of Tamiya Wild One MAX now on sale.

The full-sized EV version of Tamiya Wild One MAX now on sale.

The Tamiya Wild ‍One MAX, ​a full-scale,​ road-legal electric vehicle inspired by ‍the iconic off-road R/C car​ from the 1980s, has been ⁤unveiled by The Little Car Company. ⁤This announcement⁢ comes ahead of its public​ debut ‍at the ⁣Goodwood Festival of ⁤Speed. The concept of upscaling a remote control toy into a street-legal car for two adults is both unique‍ and exciting.

The Tamiya⁣ Wild One MAX is the result of careful ​design and feedback from users of‌ the original toy car. ‌Numerous upgrades have been made to ensure safety, performance, and usability. The car is ‌hand-built at The Little Car Company’s headquarters⁤ in the UK and is available for sale worldwide.

The Wild One MAX features premium elements such as Cobra bucket seats with 4-point harnesses, a ⁣5″ digital screen with marine-grade switches, Brembo disc brakes,⁢ and adjustable Bilstein dampers paired with ‍Eibach springs. It also comes equipped with 14″ Maxxis off-road tires for optimal performance. The specifications include a power of 28 kW peak/ 15 kW continuous, a 4 kWh battery capacity, an estimated range of ‍110km off-road and 200km on-road, and ‍a top speed of 62 mph/ 100kph.

Safety and comfort were important considerations during the design process. The cockpit‍ has⁣ been⁣ widened⁣ to accommodate two adult passengers, and improvements have been⁤ made to the front suspension, visibility, and⁢ pedestrian safety. The car now measures 3.6m in length and 1.9m in width, and a windscreen with a wiper mechanism has been added.

The Wild One MAX ⁣is​ powered by eight swappable battery​ packs, providing ‍a total⁢ capacity‌ of 14.4kWh. It has an estimated ‌maximum⁢ range of 200km on the road and 110km off-road, with⁤ a‍ top speed of 62 mph (100 km/h). The vehicle ‍weighs approximately 500kg. The company has developed a road legal pack in compliance with L7e⁢ quadricycle‍ regulations for the UK⁤ and EU markets.

The first 100 customers to place a deposit will ‌receive the Tamiya Wild One MAX Launch ‌Edition, which includes exclusive extras such as a titanium ‍plaque, ‌carbon fiber dashboard, and a matching carbon fiber key fob.‍ Additionally, Tamiya ‌will reintroduce a limited number of the original Wild One R/C model​ kits. Production of the Tamiya Wild One MAX will begin in early 2024, and‍ prices start from £35,000 (€41,000) with a non-refundable deposit⁤ of £3,500 (€4,100).

Orders ​can ‌be placed on the official website starting from July 13th, 2023. The public will have the opportunity to‌ see⁣ the vehicle up⁤ close at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. The CEO of The Little Car Company, Ben ⁣Hedley, expressed his excitement about bringing the Tamiya Wild One to life ⁢as a full-size car,‌ capturing the nostalgia of the 1980s while showcasing the potential‌ of electric ‍vehicles.

Overall, the Tamiya Wild One MAX is a unique and innovative ⁤electric vehicle that combines⁣ nostalgia with modern technology. Its impressive features ⁤and performance make it an exciting ‌option for off-road enthusiasts.
The Full-Sized EV Version of Tamiya Wild One MAX Now on Sale

Tamiya, a renowned name in the world of RC cars,‌ has⁢ taken a giant leap towards sustainable transportation with the release of⁢ the full-sized electric vehicle (EV) version of their iconic Wild One‌ MAX. This newest ⁤addition to Tamiya’s lineup symbolizes the company’s commitment to embracing green ⁢technologies while staying true to their deep-rooted passion for automotive excellence.

The Wild One MAX has a special place in the hearts of RC enthusiasts worldwide. Originally introduced as a radio-controlled 1/10-scale buggy in 1985, this legendary model has captivated generations with its unique design, exceptional performance, and unmatched durability. Its ‌popularity has endured and flourished over​ the years, making it a⁣ timeless icon.

However, Tamiya’s latest iteration of the Wild One MAX ⁣takes the renowned buggy to a ​whole new level. By revamping their beloved creation into a full-sized EV, Tamiya has not only⁣ expanded its capabilities but also made⁤ a remarkable statement in the electric vehicle industry.

This innovative transition to an all-electric powertrain brings numerous benefits. The electric‌ power system ⁢ensures an environmentally friendly driving ‍experience, as it produces ⁢zero-emissions, significantly reducing the carbon footprint compared to traditional combustion engines. This aligns ‍perfectly with Tamiya’s vision of fostering sustainability within the ‌automotive sphere.

The Wild One MAX EV comes equipped with cutting-edge technology and features, making it a‌ truly exhilarating ride.⁢ With a top speed of 30 mph, the electrified buggy is ​a force to be reckoned with. Its robust suspension allows for off-road adventures,⁢ tackling rough‍ terrains with‌ ease. The vehicle’s battery boasts an impressive range of 25 miles, ensuring extended enjoyment on and off the track.

Tamiya has spared no expense in the design and construction of the‍ full-sized EV.‍ The vehicle retains the distinctive and eye-catching aesthetics that have made the Wild One MAX an instant classic, with its vibrant blue and yellow color scheme, complemented by a sleek and modern touch. Careful attention has been given to preserving the buggy’s iconic silhouette, creating a seamless blend of nostalgia ‌and innovation.

To make this sustainable driving experience accessible to all, Tamiya has‍ ensured a user-friendly interface for both seasoned enthusiasts and newcomers alike. The Wild One MAX EV comes with an intuitive dashboard that allows drivers to ‍select various driving modes and track real-time data, ‍such as remaining battery ⁤life, speed,⁢ and distance traveled. This ensures an engaging and ⁣informative‍ experience behind the wheel, irrespective of previous ‌driving experience.

As⁤ Tamiya continues ⁢to make strides in the world of electric vehicles, the⁢ release of the ​full-sized EV version of the ⁢Wild One ⁣MAX solidifies their commitment‌ to environmental consciousness and sustainable mobility. With their unrivaled expertise in RC cars and a forward-thinking approach, Tamiya‌ will undoubtedly become a noteworthy player in the global shift towards electric transportation.

The full-sized ‍EV version​ of the ​Tamiya Wild One MAX is now available for purchase, welcoming a new chapter in the Tamiya legacy. This groundbreaking release is a testament to the company’s dedication to providing top-of-the-line products while actively driving‍ the adoption of clean energy in the ⁣automotive industry. As we‌ witness the evolution of Tamiya​ RC cars into full-sized electric vehicles, we can only anticipate what exciting innovations lie ahead.

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