The New Tesla Model 3 Is ‘Mind-Numbingly Boring,’ Doug DeMuro Says In Review

The updated Tesla Model 3 brought several improvements over the outgoing model, such as a quieter interior, a smoother ride, and a redesigned exterior. This prompted Doug DeMuro, who made a name for himself after publishing down-to-earth car reviews on his YouTube Channel for over a decade, to review the so-called “Highland” EV.

With over 1,000 YouTube videos and almost 5 million subscribers under his belt, the man known for his “quirks and features” segments analyzes almost every single thing–good or bad–about the American-designed sedan. But it’s his conclusion that stood out for us.

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Tesla’s cheapest car reviewed by car-loving YouTuber

The facelifted Tesla Model 3, also known as the “Highland,” went through the hands of Doug DeMuro, a down-to-earth guy and YouTuber extraordinaire.

The man has published over 1,000 videos on his YouTube channel over the last decade or so and has almost 5 million subscribers. He’s also a huge car nerd, which is why his video of the Model 3 caught our attention. In his words, the EV is “the greatest appliance ever made,” but that’s not really a bad thing.

After detailing what every button does, how there’s no traditional instrument cluster or steering wheel stalks, how responsive the center screen is, and so on, Doug comes to the conclusion that the new Tesla Model 3 is the best appliance ever made, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Tesla’s most affordable car on sale is “mind-numbingly boring to look at, to drive,” but that’s ok, even from a car enthusiast’s perspective because “it is very, very, very, very good at doing what it is supposed to do, which is just point A to point B without complaint, making life easier,” DeMuro said toward the end of his video.

As for the “Highland” name, Doug mentioned that Tesla representatives said in an email that they had no idea where the name came from and that it is not used in any promotional material or even internal documents. However, the moniker appeared several times on all sorts of parts labels and there were references to it in the filenames used in the official parts catalog. It was always an internal codename and not necessarily something meant to be used for marketing purposes.

In any case, go ahead and watch the video. You can let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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The‌ New Tesla Model 3 Is ‘Mind-Numbingly Boring,’ Doug DeMuro Says In Review

Renowned automotive journalist Doug DeMuro has ​recently sparked⁤ controversy with his scathing review of the new Tesla Model 3, dubbing it as ‘mind-numbingly ‍boring.’ DeMuro is known for his brutally honest critiques of cars, and his latest‌ assessment‍ of Tesla’s popular electric⁤ sedan has certainly raised eyebrows within the automotive world.

In his review, DeMuro criticizes the Model 3 for its lackluster performance, unremarkable driving experience, and overall lack of excitement. He points out that the electric car lacks the thrill and dynamism​ that many enthusiasts seek in a vehicle, calling it a disappointment in terms of driving dynamics.

DeMuro also takes issue with the interior design and features of the Model 3, noting that it lacks⁣ the premium feel and luxury touches expected ‍in a car in its price range. He criticizes‍ the minimalist approach taken by Tesla in designing‌ the interior, stating that it comes across as cheap and unimpressive.

Despite his criticisms, DeMuro does acknowledge‍ the Model 3’s impressive electric range, sleek design, and⁤ advanced technology features. He praises the car for its efficiency and environmental friendliness, as well as its innovative Autopilot system and large touchscreen display.

However, DeMuro ultimately ⁢concludes that ‌the Tesla Model 3 falls short in terms‍ of⁣ excitement ​and driving⁣ pleasure, labeling it as ‘mind-numbingly boring.’ ‍He suggests that while the car may appeal to eco-conscious consumers‍ and tech enthusiasts, it may not satisfy those looking for a more engaging ⁣and thrilling driving experience.

The review has sparked a‍ heated debate among automotive enthusiasts and Tesla fans, with some agreeing with DeMuro’s assessment‌ while others vehemently defend the Model 3 as a groundbreaking and revolutionary vehicle. Regardless of differing opinions, one thing is clear – the new Tesla Model 3 has certainly stirred⁢ up ⁣strong reactions and raised⁣ important ‍questions about the future of electric vehicles and the ‍evolution of the automotive industry​ as a whole.

In conclusion, Doug DeMuro’s review of the Tesla Model 3 ⁣as ‘mind-numbingly boring’ may not sit well with some, but it serves as a reminder that different people have different preferences when it comes ⁣to cars. ​While the Model 3 may not be ‍for everyone, it‌ undeniably represents a bold step forward in the world of ⁣electric vehicles and paves the way for a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future.