The Tesla Cybertruck Seems To Have A Powered Frunk After All

The Tesla Cybertruck Seems To Have A Powered Frunk After All

A (very) short clip of what looks to be the Tesla Cybertruck’s powered frunk lid has been posted on X by the user @gx47006YT, giving us a first look at how the front trunk lid can be closed without touching it.

There have been photos and stories online in the past that alleged the soon-to-be-delivered electric pickup has some sort of powered mechanism for the nose lid, but we haven’t actually seen the system do its thing until now.

Mind you, we still don’t have the full picture yet, with the GIF that was posted on X showing just a couple of seconds of the trunk lid’s motion, but at least we know it works. Moreover, the original poster explained in the comments that he didn’t get the chance to shoot a full video of the trunk closing because the Tesla employees who were using the Cybertruck closed it too fast.


He did, however, get multiple photos of the updated frunk, which has had some new bits added since we last got a good look at it. There’s a pair of courtesy lights too, you know – see what’s inside – but the lid itself still doesn’t have any kind of sound-deadening material on it, which might prove to be a source of unwanted noise, considering the truck itself is close to silent, as is the case with most EVs.

The Cybertruck logo that first appeared during the vehicle’s reveal in 2019 is still there, but we can’t see any kind of lid that could maybe be opened to reveal some sort of power outlet. Maybe there are some outlets in the bed, but we don’t know.

For what it’s worth, Tesla did a pretty good job of keeping official information under wraps, so much so that we still don’t have a clear idea of what the Cybertruck will offer in terms of range and power, although there are reports out there that say the pickup will be available in dual- and tri-motor setups at first, with a single-motor version probably coming later.

With the first deliveries set for November 30, Tesla’s first-ever pickup will also get adaptive air suspension and rear-wheel steering, as shown in the many sightings we came across in the past six months.

The Tesla Cybertruck, the highly anticipated all-electric pickup truck from the innovative automaker, has been making waves ever since its unveiling in November 2019. One of the most talked-about features of the Cybertruck is its unique design, including its futuristic stainless steel body and angular, geometric shape. However, one aspect of the Cybertruck that has sparked much debate and speculation is whether or not it will have a powered front trunk, or “frunk.”

In the initial unveiling of the Cybertruck, Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, claimed that the vehicle would not have a frunk. This caused some disappointment among fans and potential buyers who had hoped for the convenience and extra storage space that a frunk can provide. However, recent developments suggest that the Cybertruck may indeed have a powered frunk after all.

A recent video posted on YouTube shows a Cybertruck driving on the highway with what appears to be a powered frunk opening and closing while the vehicle is in motion. In the video, the driver demonstrates how the frunk can be opened remotely using the Tesla mobile app, adding to the intrigue surrounding this potential feature.

If the Cybertruck does indeed come with a powered frunk, it would be a welcome addition for many customers who value the convenience and versatility that extra storage space can provide. The frunk could be used to store groceries, luggage, tools, or other items that need to be kept secure and protected from the elements. Additionally, having a powered frunk could add to the overall utility and practicality of the Cybertruck, making it even more appealing to potential buyers.

While Tesla has not yet confirmed whether or not the Cybertruck will have a powered frunk, the recent video evidence suggests that this feature may be in the works. As Tesla continues to fine-tune and develop the Cybertruck ahead of its anticipated release, fans and enthusiasts will undoubtedly be eagerly awaiting more details and confirmation about the presence of a frunk on this groundbreaking vehicle.

In conclusion, the Tesla Cybertruck seems to have a powered frunk after all, based on recent video evidence that suggests the presence of this convenient and versatile feature. If true, the addition of a frunk would further enhance the appeal and functionality of the Cybertruck, making it a highly desirable option for those in the market for an all-electric pickup truck with cutting-edge design and technology.Tesla fans and potential Cybertruck buyers will no doubt be eagerly awaiting further confirmation and details about this exciting development.