True Size of Tesla Cybertruck Revealed as it Supercharges Next to Model Y

The Tesla Cybertruck, one ⁤of the most highly anticipated electric vehicles of recent years, is getting closer‌ to first customer‌ deliveries. And while hundreds of thousands of order⁢ holders patiently wait, more⁣ details of its size​ have come to light.

In new‌ drone footage ⁤from a⁤ Texas-based drone operator and factory ‌build enthusiast,⁤ Joe Tegtmeyer, the size of the Cybertruck is ⁢highlighted‌ as it’s parked supercharging next⁣ to‍ two red Tesla Model Y vehicles.

The Cybertruck appears to⁤ take the⁢ full length ‍of⁤ the charging bay with the V3 supercharger cable ⁢just reaching the charge port.

The parked Model ‌Y, with a length ​of 4,750 mm, ‍looks to​ be considerably shorter​ than the ⁣Cybertruck. This ‌would​ put ‍the utilitarian ⁣pickup closer ‌to 6 metres in length, well‍ over half a metre longer than Australia’s sales‍ chart-topping Ford‍ Ranger ute.

In​ the drone footage, ⁣it also appears to‍ be wider than the Model Y which would make the interior⁤ very spacious, and bulky on the road.

At Tesla’s Q2 earnings call in July, Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, shared some insights about the size of the truck,​ emphasising the⁤ space that ⁢can be expected ⁣on the ‌inside:

“It’s the‌ biggest on the outside‌ but⁣ is even bigger on the​ inside. That’s one of the elements of good design. It should feel​ bigger on⁤ the inside ​than it looks ‌on the outside.”

After seeing this latest sighting of the Cybertruck parked next to Tesla’s best-seller, the Model Y, it’s clear to see what the vehicle ‍is expected to deliver in⁢ terms of ‌spaciousness. Many ‌fans also took to X ⁣to share their thoughts⁤ on the size.

“Looking at the ⁢picture. Cybertruck seems⁣ to be about 2 ‌feet longer than Model Y. Do you feel the same?”, one ⁢asked the community.

Others also shared their⁢ insights into the size and expected customer ⁢delivery timeframe: “It’s going to be​ under 20⁤ feet. They are probably still ⁣working on RC, release ​candidate cars. Don’t expect production models ​for a⁣ few more weeks at‌ least. ‍Maybe not even until⁢ mid September.”

As previously disclosed, the unofficial Cybertruck⁢ order reservation tracker estimates more‍ than a million reservations for the​ product, ‌which had its first unit rolling off the‌ production line last month.

Musk at Tesla’s Q1 2023 earnings said the product is a “hall of famer … people will not be⁢ disappointed in it at ​all, It’s amazing”.