Two Significant Features Accompany Tesla Model Ys Now Being Shipped to Australia

Tesla has introduced two major hardware updates to its Model Y vehicles in Australia. Starting from late May, new Model Y vehicles now come equipped with a parcel shelf in the boot and a Pedestrian Warning System (PWS).

The parcel shelf provides owners with the ability to hide valuables in the back of their Model Y SUV boot, as well as reducing noise from items moving around. Tesla’s website states that the parcel shelf can be folded, unfolded, or removed entirely, but heavy objects should not be placed on it.

The Pedestrian Warning System (PWS) emits an audible sound to warn pedestrians of an oncoming car when the vehicle is traveling below 24 km/h. This feature was spotted by new owners alongside the Boombox feature, which allows the outside speakers of the Tesla to play sounds when parked. The Boombox feature can be found in the Model Y’s entertainment section under the “Toybox” menu.

These new features come on the back of recent price drops and a new referral program offering discounts on Tesla EVs. The updates are likely to be well-received by new Model Y owners in Australia.

[Author: Riz Akhtar]
Two Significant Features Accompany Tesla Model Ys Now Being Shipped to Australia

Amidst the growing popularity of electric vehicles in Australia, Tesla’s latest offering, the Model Y, has begun arriving on Australian shores. The Tesla Model Y, often touted as a crossover electric vehicle, boasts several significant features that are expected to revolutionize the Australian automotive industry.

One of the most notable features of the Tesla Model Y is its impressive range and efficiency. Equipped with cutting-edge battery technology, the Model Y offers an extensive range of up to 505 kilometers on a single charge. This range sets a new benchmark for electric vehicles in Australia, providing the necessary confidence for potential buyers concerned about long-distance travel capabilities. With Tesla’s ground-breaking battery technology, the Model Y offers industry-leading energy efficiency, ensuring drivers can cover more ground without compromising on performance.

Furthermore, the Tesla Model Y introduces an innovative self-driving feature, known as Autopilot. This advanced driver-assistance system employs an array of sensors, cameras, and radars to enhance the vehicle’s safety and convenience. Autopilot enables the Model Y to automatically steer, accelerate, and brake within its lane, making highway driving safer and more efficient. This feature is particularly noteworthy as it paves the way for a future of autonomous driving, aligning with Tesla’s long-term vision for transportation.

In addition to these impressive features, the Tesla Model Y also offers a spacious and versatile interior, incorporating a seven-seater capacity option. The vehicle’s minimalist design, characteristic of Tesla, provides a seamless and uncluttered driving experience. Passengers can enjoy a comfortable ride with ample legroom and headspace, while the expansive glass roof allows for an enhanced feeling of openness and natural light.

Another aspect that distinguishes the Model Y is Tesla’s dedicated Supercharger network, which is now spreading across Australia. This network of high-powered charging stations ensures that Tesla owners can recharge their vehicles quickly and conveniently, reducing concerns about range anxiety. With more Supercharger stations being installed across the country, Tesla is demonstrating its commitment to providing a seamless and sustainable driving experience for its customers.

Moreover, Tesla’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond its vehicles. The Tesla Model Y, like other Tesla models, is produced with a strong emphasis on environmental friendliness. Tesla’s manufacturing processes strive to minimize waste, energy consumption, and carbon emissions. By choosing the Model Y, Australian consumers can contribute to the reduction of their carbon footprint and support a cleaner future for the planet.

As the Tesla Model Y makes its way onto Australian roads, it is poised to transform the country’s automotive landscape. Its impressive range, advanced self-driving capabilities, spacious interior, and commitment to sustainability make it an attractive option for environmentally conscious consumers. Tesla’s Supercharger network further solidifies its place as a leader in the electric vehicle market in Australia.

As more Model Ys are shipped to Australia, Tesla’s presence is bound to grow stronger, and the shift toward sustainable transportation becomes increasingly tangible. This exciting development signals a significant step forward for the Australian automotive industry, prompting other manufacturers to follow suit and prioritize the adoption of electric vehicles and cleaner technologies.

In conclusion, the arrival of the Tesla Model Y in Australia is accompanied by two significant features that set it apart from other electric vehicles in the country. The Model Y’s impressive range and energy efficiency, coupled with the introduction of the Autopilot feature, position it as a force to be reckoned with in the automotive industry. With its commitment to sustainability and the expanding Supercharger network, Tesla is undeniably revolutionizing the way Australians view and embrace electric vehicles.