Updated Tesla Model 3 Performance May Get A Big Power Bump: Leaked Docs

Updated Tesla Model 3 Performance May Get A Big Power Bump: Leaked Docs

Tesla’s second best-selling car globally, the Model 3 electric sedan, got some much-needed cosmetic and mechanical upgrades back in August. It became more chiseled, got some aerodynamic oomph, and received a bunch of new features. Now the fun one, the Model 3 Performance, seems right around the corner with unique upgrades of its own.

Unsurprisingly, X (the social media channel formerly known as Twitter) users haven’t been able to hold their curiosity. One X user posted screenshots of a leaked document from the South Korean Ministry of Environment. The document, which InsideEVs cannot independently verify at this time, revealed the addition of a new 412 hp rear motor.

If this addition is indeed true, it could give the electric sedan a substantially big power boost. Some have also speculated the car could be renamed the Model 3 Ludicrous, but that also remains to be seen. 

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The Tesla Model 3 got a big upgrade last year.

Tesla revamped its second-best-selling electric car last year. It gets slimmer headlamps, better sound insulation, improved efficiency, and a bunch of new features. But Tesla launched it in only RWD and Long Range AWD variants. The Model 3 Performance was missing. That is about to change. 

The previous Model 3 Performance had a combined power output of about 505 hp. The leaked documents suggest that the new rear motor, labeled 4D2 (different from the Model S Plaid 5D2 rear motor), has been rated for 406 hp. Meanwhile, the front motor retains its 211 hp rating.


Enthusiasts quickly reacted by adding these numbers to conclude that the Model 3 Performance’s combined output would be 618 hp, a 113 hp boost over the prior model.

While the power boost could certainly be substantial, the combined power output isn’t just the sum of individual motor outputs. The motors could have a different transmission ratio, and the power distribution managed by the EV’s computers could be optimized differently. So take that exact power figure with a grain of salt for now.

tesla translate chart

A translated chart showing the Model 3 Performance’s updated specs.

The leaked document also indicates that the rear motor would reach peak power at a higher speed, 68 mph versus 47 mph previously, so expect more punch at the top end. Typically, electric cars have neck-snapping acceleration off the line. As you gain speed, the torque curve flattens, depending on the model.

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Also impressive is the possibility of the weight being identical to the earlier Model 3 Performance. The EV tips the scale at 4089 pounds, the same as before. It could also get the same 82 kilowatt-hours of battery capacity, with a speculated range of around 267 miles. That’s apparently based on a stricter testing cycle—the EPA range will likely vary.

We might have the official details as early as tomorrow afternoon. Tesla’s Chief Designer Franz von Holzhausen and Vice President of Vehicle Engineering Lars Moravy will stream a live chat on the new Model 3 tomorrow at 5 p.m. ET (2 p.m. PT). Tesla’s livestream will also coincide with another big reveal tomorrow—the Rivian R2.

Updated Tesla Model 3 Performance May Get A Big Power Bump: Leaked Docs

The Tesla Model 3 Performance may soon receive a significant power boost, according to leaked documents that have surfaced online. This news has generated excitement among enthusiasts and consumers alike, as the Model 3 Performance is already known for its impressive acceleration and performance capabilities.

The leaked documents suggest that Tesla is planning to increase the power output of the Model 3 Performance by a substantial margin. While specific details are not yet available, it is rumored that the updated version of the Model 3 Performance could see a significant increase in horsepower and torque, making it even more formidable on the road.

This potential power boost could have a significant impact on the performance of the Model 3 Performance, allowing it to accelerate even faster and deliver an exhilarating driving experience. With an already impressive 0-60 mph time of around 3.2 seconds, the updated Model 3 Performance could potentially shave off even more time, further solidifying its status as a top-performing electric vehicle in its class.

In addition to the rumored power increase, the leaked documents also suggest that Tesla may be implementing other upgrades and improvements to the Model 3 Performance. These could include enhancements to the vehicle’s handling, suspension, and overall driving dynamics, all of which could further enhance the driving experience for owners.

While Tesla has not officially confirmed the details of these leaked documents, the potential for a power boost in the Model 3 Performance is an exciting prospect for fans of the brand and electric vehicle enthusiasts in general. With Tesla’s track record of innovation and continuous improvement, it is not surprising that the company is looking to push the envelope even further with the Model 3 Performance.

As more information becomes available, it will be interesting to see how Tesla plans to implement these upgrades and improvements to the Model 3 Performance. Whether it’s a power increase, improved handling, or other enhancements, it’s clear that Tesla is committed to continually evolving and refining their vehicles to deliver the best possible driving experience for consumers.

In conclusion, the leaked documents hinting at a potential power boost for the Tesla Model 3 Performance have generated significant buzz and excitement among fans and enthusiasts. If these rumors prove to be true, the updated Model 3 Performance could be a game-changer in the electric vehicle market, further solidifying Tesla’s position as a leader in the industry.