Video Shows Tesla Cybertruck’s Under-Bed Storage, But Spare Tire Fitment Uncertain

Video Shows Tesla Cybertruck’s Under-Bed Storage, But Spare Tire Fitment Uncertain

A recently surfaced video ⁣on the internet showcases the ‍under-bed storage bin ‍of the highly ‍anticipated Tesla Cybertruck,‌ revealing some details that may excite or disappoint reservation holders.

Before delving into the specifics, it’s worth noting that the original source of the‌ video remains a mystery. The short clip was initially⁤ posted on X by an individual⁣ named “@DimaZeniuk,” but it was also shared on‌ Facebook⁣ by someone claiming to have shot the footage. Despite the uncertainty surrounding ‍its⁣ origin, the video does not appear to be manipulated.

Now, focusing on the content of the video, one notable observation is that the storage‌ compartment seems to be watertight. This conclusion is drawn from the presence of a ⁤rubber gasket on the ⁢lid, suggesting that water and other liquids are unlikely to seep into​ the bin.

Earlier photographs of​ the under-bed storage had indicated the existence of at least one drain hole on the upper part of the compartment, further confirming its ability‌ to prevent water and mud from entering. Additionally, Reddit users speculate that there might also ⁤be a drain plug at the bottom of the bin, which could potentially transform it ⁣into a portable cooler. By adding ice and removing the plug when the ice melts, the water can easily drain out. However, the​ drain plug itself has not been directly observed ​in any​ available ⁤footage, so this feature should be taken with caution until⁢ further⁢ confirmation.

Comparisons have been⁣ drawn between⁣ the under-bed⁢ trunk of the Cybertruck and the⁣ rear storage bin of⁣ the Rivian R1T. However,⁣ unlike the Rivian, the Cybertruck’s storage bin does not appear to be large ⁤enough ‍to ⁣accommodate a full-size spare tire. ⁤Instead, the video suggests that the space‍ was filled with a car cover, similar to the ones previously used to protect prototype units from adverse weather conditions or prying eyes.

It is worth noting that the ​Cybertruck may not include a spare tire ‍compartment altogether, which could present challenges for owners who encounter a flat tire in ‍remote areas. While it may ⁣be possible for owners to carry a spare tire in the bed ⁤of the truck, this would undoubtedly reduce the carrying ​capacity, making it less ideal for individuals who frequently transport large loads.

More information about the Cybertruck is expected to be⁤ revealed during the November 30 delivery event, where ⁢the first customer-intent units will be handed over to owners. ​As⁢ we await further details, we invite you to share your thoughts and‌ opinions in the comments section below.
Video Shows Tesla Cybertruck’s Under-Bed Storage, But Spare Tire Fitment ‌Uncertain

The highly anticipated Tesla Cybertruck has been making ⁣headlines ever since its groundbreaking launch​ late last year. As​ Tesla enthusiasts eagerly await further updates and information about ⁣the electric pickup⁣ truck, a‍ recent video has ‍shed some light on one of the⁣ vehicle’s intriguing features – its under-bed storage. ​However, questions still remain regarding the Cybertruck’s ability to accommodate a spare tire.

In this futuristic era of electric vehicles, Tesla has always⁤ managed to push boundaries and challenge traditional ‌automotive designs. The Cybertruck is no exception. Its angular, exoskeleton-like stainless-steel body, inspired by ​science fiction movies, has drawn both praise and skepticism from automotive enthusiasts worldwide.

One of the standout features of​ the ‌Cybertruck ‍is its​ vast under-bed storage. Unlike conventional pickup trucks, which typically prioritize cargo space above everything⁤ else, Tesla has ⁢managed to tuck a useful storage compartment under the back bed of the Cybertruck. This feature could potentially revolutionize the way users utilize their trucks, ⁣as it provides a secure ​and spacious area to store ‍tools, gear, or other ‍essential items.

A recent video⁣ released by a Tesla enthusiast showcases the Cybertruck’s ​under-bed storage ⁢in action. In the short clip, the truck’s rear bed opens, revealing a commodious compartment capable ​of accommodating various items. The video also demonstrates the convenience of accessing the storage area from both sides of the⁣ truck bed, ensuring ease of use⁢ for owners.

However, while the under-bed storage feature has impressed⁢ many, ‍there has been speculation ⁣regarding the Cybertruck’s ability to accommodate a spare tire. Unlike traditional pickup trucks, the Cybertruck’s design does not appear to include a dedicated space for securing a spare tire. This has raised ⁤concerns among potential customers, as a spare tire is an essential safety component, especially when venturing off-road or in remote areas.

Tesla has not‌ addressed the⁣ spare tire fitment⁢ issue directly, leaving consumers ‌hopeful⁣ for further updates. It is possible ‍that Tesla intends​ to‍ address ‍this concern in‌ future iterations of the Cybertruck or through optional accessories. If the automaker manages to successfully integrate a spare tire solution into​ the futuristic design, it will undoubtedly enhance the Cybertruck’s appeal ​to a wider range of buyers.

While the Cybertruck’s ⁢under-bed storage has been positively received, the absence of a clear solution for a spare ⁢tire remains a significant consideration for potential‍ buyers. Tesla’s innovative approach to ⁣automotive design has⁤ garnered praise and‍ proved successful in the past. It remains to be seen whether the company will rise to the challenge and incorporate a ‌solution ​for secure‍ spare tire storage in the impressive Cybertruck.

As ​Tesla continues to refine and fine-tune the Cybertruck ahead of its⁢ production, it is expected ⁢that more information regarding this concern will emerge. Until then, enthusiasts and⁤ prospective buyers eagerly await further updates from Elon Musk⁢ and the Tesla team, ⁢hoping to ‍gain insight into how the company plans to address this crucial aspect ⁢of the Cybertruck’s design.

In conclusion,⁢ while a recent video highlights the​ impressive under-bed storage capabilities of the‍ Tesla Cybertruck, the uncertain fitment of a spare ⁣tire‍ remains a point of concern. This issue emphasizes the challenges​ that arise when pushing the⁤ boundaries of conventional ‌automotive ‍design. As Tesla continues to innovate and refine its groundbreaking electric pickup truck, future updates will ultimately determine whether the ‍company successfully addresses the issue and ensures ‌the Cybertruck’s appeal to a wider⁣ range of customers.