Winter testing in New Zealand reveals sighting of new Tesla Model 3 Highland

During winter testing in New Zealand, Tesla’s Cybertruck with a large front trunk opening was recently spotted. It now appears that the new upgraded Tesla Model 3s are also being tested as part of the winter testing fleet. Tesla enthusiast CybertruckNZ shared two photos from the Southern Hemisphere Proving Grounds (SHPG) in the South Island of New Zealand on Twitter.

The photos show three black Tesla Model 3 vehicles with covered rear trunks and two front bumpers covered with a black protector. One of the vehicles has a slightly updated wheel design. Another interesting observation is the presence of vertical tail lights, which have also been seen on recent Model 3 test vehicles in California.

In addition to the Model 3s, the rear of the same Cybertruck from the previous week’s camouflage sighting is also visible. This time, the Cybertruck is out in the open and not being prepared in a container.

The new Tesla Model 3 is reported to have a larger battery pack, providing more range for the vehicles built in Shanghai. Sources indicate that mass production of the vehicle is expected to begin around September. Other details include the removal of stalks from the steering wheel for gear selection, moving to an all-screen experience similar to the refreshed Model S and Model X vehicles in the US.

The Autopilot cameras are also expected to receive an upgrade with higher resolution and a new Autopilot computer, known as the Hardware 4 (HW4) upgrade. This upgrade was first seen on Tesla Model S and Model X vehicles earlier this year and has since been included in the Model Y vehicles.

These updates and the ongoing winter testing are creating excitement among existing and new Tesla customers. It will be interesting to see what Tesla has in store for its customers in the coming months.

Riz Akhtar, the founder of carloop based in Melbourne, provided this article. He is a mechanical engineer with a passion for cars, especially EVs, and aims to reduce transport emissions in Australia. He currently drives a red Tesla Model 3.
Winter Testing in New Zealand Reveals Sighting of New Tesla Model 3 Highland

The automotive world has been abuzz with excitement recently after reports emerged of the new Tesla Model 3 Highland being spotted during winter testing in the beautiful landscapes of New Zealand. This unexpected sighting has left enthusiasts speculating about Tesla’s plans for expanding its electric vehicle lineup and tapping into the popular SUV market.

New Zealand’s breathtaking terrain has long been a favorite choice for car manufacturers to test their upcoming models in extreme weather conditions. The country’s mountainous regions provide a perfect testing ground for evaluating a vehicle’s performance, stability, and all-weather capabilities. Tesla, known for its emphasis on quality and advanced technology, clearly understands the significance of this rigorous testing process.

The Tesla Model 3 Highland, an upcoming SUV iteration of the immensely popular Model 3 sedan, was caught on camera by an eagle-eyed car enthusiast, and the images have since gone viral across various social media platforms. The vehicle stands out with a slightly elevated ground clearance, beefier wheel arches, and what appears to be an enhanced suspension system, indicating its readiness for off-road adventures.

The sighting of the Model 3 Highland comes as no surprise, as electric SUVs have been gaining substantial traction in the global automotive market. This move by Tesla further solidifies their commitment to being at the forefront of electric mobility, catering to the diverse needs of consumers who desire both comfort and off-road capabilities.

Details regarding the powertrain and range of the Model 3 Highland are still scarce, as Tesla keeps its upcoming vehicles under tight wraps until an official announcement is made. However, it is reasonable to assume that the new SUV will boast similar technological advancements found in other Tesla models, such as impressive range, quick acceleration, and cutting-edge autonomous driving features.

Moreover, Tesla’s commitment to sustainable transport remains a core principle of the company, and it is expected that the Model 3 Highland will employ the same eco-friendly technologies that have made Tesla a pioneer in electric mobility. With the world’s increasing focus on reducing carbon emissions, the demand for electric SUVs is rapidly growing, and Tesla aims to position itself as a key player in this market segment.

The sighting in New Zealand has undoubtedly added fuel to the anticipation for this upcoming Tesla model. As the news spreads, car enthusiasts and Tesla fans worldwide eagerly await further details and an official unveiling of the Model 3 Highland. It is anticipated that Tesla will unveil the vehicle in the near future, once the testing phase is complete and tweaks and improvements have been made based on the valuable insights gained from the harsh winter conditions in New Zealand.

In conclusion, the sighting of the new Tesla Model 3 Highland during winter testing in New Zealand has generated significant excitement and speculation within the automotive community. Tesla’s decision to expand their lineup by introducing an electric SUV reflects their dedication to offering innovative, sustainable transportation solutions. As Tesla continues to push the boundaries of electric mobility, the Model 3 Highland promises to deliver exceptional performance and off-road capabilities, while maintaining the eco-conscious ethos that has become synonymous with the brand.