Enhancing E-Mobility Efficiency with Vitesco and Infineon

Enhancing E-Mobility Efficiency with Vitesco and Infineon

Vitesco Technologies and Infineon Technologies AG have signed a multi-year agreement to expand their partnership in the e-mobility sector. The agreement, set to begin in 2027, is expected to generate over one billion euros in sales volume. This collaboration is crucial as the automotive industry rapidly shifts towards electrification and requires a consistent supply of essential components.

Vitesco plans to utilize Infineon’s AURIX TC4x microcontroller family for their upcoming electric-electronic vehicle architectures and new electrification system solutions. This partnership aims to enhance the efficiency and affordability of electrified vehicles.

The collaboration focuses on optimizing efficiency and system costs for future electrified vehicles. Vitesco will integrate Infineon’s AURIX TC4x microcontroller range in its next-generation master and zone controllers. The partnership also emphasizes functional safety and cybersecurity, aligning with ISO 26262 and ISO/SAE 21434 standards.

By partnering with Infineon, Vitesco ensures a steady supply of crucial components, solidifying its role in the e-mobility transformation. Vitesco will benefit from Infineon’s wide-ranging high-performance microcontroller offerings and manufacturing capabilities, ensuring a reliable supply.

Microcontrollers play a vital role in modern vehicles, overseeing systems such as electric powertrains, E/E architectures, and ADAS. Infineon’s AURIX TC4x microcontrollers integrate power, performance, virtualization, AI modeling, functional safety, cybersecurity, and network functionalities. This partnership between Vitesco and Infineon will shape the trajectory towards software-defined vehicles, driving innovation and efficiency in the evolving e-mobility landscape.
Enhancing E-Mobility Efficiency with Vitesco and Infineon

As the global need for sustainable transportation increases, the electric mobility sector has gained significant momentum. Governments, organizations, and individuals are actively striving to reduce carbon emissions, promoting the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) as a viable alternative to traditional combustion engine vehicles. However, to ensure the widespread acceptance and success of e-mobility, it is crucial to address the key challenges surrounding EV efficiency, range, and cost. Vitesco Technologies and Infineon Technologies have joined forces to tackle these obstacles, presenting a comprehensive solution to enhance e-mobility efficiency.

Vitesco Technologies, a leading provider of solutions for vehicle electrification, has a strong focus on developing innovative powertrain technologies for electric and hybrid vehicles. The company boasts a vast portfolio of products that cater to various electrification needs, including electric motor (e-drive) technologies, power electronics, and software solutions. By leveraging their expertise and experience, Vitesco Technologies aims to reduce the cost and complexity associated with electric powertrains without compromising performance and efficiency.

On the other hand, Infineon Technologies, a renowned semiconductor leader, specializes in developing cutting-edge solutions for power electronics systems. With a deep understanding of the automotive industry’s requirements, Infineon offers a wide range of power management and driver ICs (integrated circuits) that enable efficient energy conversion in electric vehicles. Their solutions not only enhance EV performance but also contribute to reducing overall power losses, thereby maximizing the efficiency and range of electric vehicles.

The collaboration between Vitesco Technologies and Infineon Technologies brings together their respective strengths to provide comprehensive solutions aimed at improving the efficiency of electric mobility. One notable development resulting from their cooperation is the Vitesco Power Module, which integrates Infineon’s HybridPack™ power module technology. This breakthrough solution combines state-of-the-art power electronics with advanced thermal management, resulting in significantly higher efficiency and power density compared to conventional solutions.

The Vitesco Power Module leverages Infineon’s latest silicon carbide (SiC) technology, known for its exceptional power efficiency and high-temperature performance. SiC-based power modules enable higher switching frequencies, leading to reduced power losses and increased energy efficiency. By incorporating these modules into electric powertrains, Vitesco Technologies and Infineon Technologies aim to enhance the overall efficiency of EVs. Additionally, the improved thermal management within the Vitesco Power Module ensures optimal performance and reliability even under demanding operating conditions.

Furthermore, Infineon’s 48V technology plays a crucial role in enhancing electric vehicle efficiency. This solution enables the electrification of auxiliary functions within vehicles, such as power steering and air conditioning. By replacing conventional belt-driven systems, 48V technology significantly reduces energy consumption and ultimately extends the range of electric vehicles.

In conclusion, the collaboration between Vitesco Technologies and Infineon Technologies has yielded innovative solutions that address the key challenges surrounding the efficiency of electric mobility. Through their cutting-edge power electronics, advanced thermal management, and SiC-based power modules, these companies are enhancing the performance, efficiency, and range of electric vehicles. By pushing the boundaries of e-mobility technology, Vitesco and Infineon are driving the transition towards sustainable transportation and contributing to a greener future.

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