Examining the Roof Bars of the Tesla Cybertruck in Detail

The‍ highly anticipated Tesla Cybertruck is set to be delivered at the end of November, and as the date approaches, ​more details are​ emerging about the electric pickup.‍ Photos posted on the Cybertruck ⁣Owners Club forum have revealed that the truck will feature roof-mounted bars that can be used for various ‌accessories.

Unlike previous photos that showed the ⁣bars mounted on the roof, the new images show the bars mounted over the truck bed. This ⁤suggests that the Cybertruck will have four distinct mounting locations for these accessories. This design​ feature opens up possibilities‍ for carrying long or heavy items, as users will be⁤ able to mount four‍ bars at once.

The straight edge of the Cybertruck’s roof allows for easy mounting and⁣ removal of the bars, making it convenient for overlanding enthusiasts who may want to use them to secure a large tent ‌on⁢ top of the vehicle. This feature sets the Cybertruck apart from other electric pickups like the Rivian R1T, which can also ⁣accommodate four roof bars but requires ⁣them to be separated into two pairs due to ​its more conventional design.

The ⁤Cybertruck’s black‍ bars appear to be of the telescoping variety, ‌allowing for adjustment to‌ accommodate⁣ the variable width of the ‌roof. Rivian offers a similar feature with its cargo crossbars, which can carry up to 250 ⁣pounds while driving and are available⁤ for purchase at the company’s official gear shop.

While it is​ still unknown how much weight the Cybertruck’s roof bars will be able to withstand or ⁤how ⁤much they will cost, it is worth noting⁢ that‍ two identical pairs will be available for purchase, offering interchangeability.

One remaining question⁤ is where the Cybertruck’s crossbars can be stored when not in ⁤use.⁢ Unlike the Rivian R1T, which has ⁤a designated gear ‌tunnel between the bed and passenger compartment for accessory storage, the Cybertruck does not have a similar feature.

More details about ⁤the Cybertruck and its accessories are expected to be revealed once ‍deliveries begin on November‌ 30. However, considering the truck’s history of delays, it remains to be seen if the ​delivery ​event will proceed as planned.
Examining the Roof Bars of⁢ the ‍Tesla Cybertruck ⁣in Detail


The⁤ Tesla Cybertruck, unveiled ⁢in ⁣late 2019, has created quite ​a stir in the automotive world. From its futuristic ​design to ‍its powerful ‍electric capabilities, ​it promises to revolutionize the‌ pickup truck market.‍ Among its unique‌ features are the roof bars, which not ​only add⁤ to its‍ distinctive ‌appearance but also serve ​a practical purpose. In this article,⁤ we will delve into the details of the Tesla Cybertruck’s roof bars, examining their ‍design, functionality, and potential⁣ benefits.

Design and‌ Functionality

The roof bars on the Tesla Cybertruck ⁢are an integral part of⁣ its⁢ stunning⁢ design.‍ They follow the vehicle’s angular lines, adding a rugged aesthetic that ⁤complements its futuristic exterior.⁢ Made from a durable alloy, these roof bars are built to withstand the demands⁢ of off-road adventures and heavy-duty ‍cargo.

Functionally, ​the roof bars ⁤serve as a robust support system capable of carrying a ⁣significant load. Tesla has meticulously engineered them to securely accommodate various accessories such as cargo​ racks,‌ bike mounts, and even tents. This versatility⁢ highlights the ⁢Cybertruck’s ⁤adaptability ​and caters to ⁤different lifestyles and recreational‍ activities.


One⁤ of the key benefits of the Cybertruck’s roof bars is the increased carrying capacity⁢ they provide. With its remarkable strength, the​ roof bars can handle heavy​ loads, enabling users to transport oversized equipment, outdoor‌ gear, or construction materials without compromising ‌interior space. This ‍feature is particularly advantageous for contractors, outdoor enthusiasts, and those with​ an ‌active lifestyle.

Moreover, the secure ⁤attachment points‍ on the roof bars ensure⁣ stability during transportation. ‍This reduces the risk of damage​ to ‍both the‌ cargo and the vehicle, ensuring a safe and worry-free journey.

Additionally, by utilizing the roof as⁤ a storage area, the Cybertruck maximizes the utility of its overall design. This adds to⁣ the​ vehicle’s ​versatility, separating⁤ it‌ from conventional pickup trucks ‌that are limited to ⁣bed storage. The additional storage ⁢space provided by the roof bars enables ⁤users to free up the ⁤bed ⁣for other purposes, such as loading larger items or accommodating passengers.


The Tesla Cybertruck’s roof bars are⁢ not merely a ‌visual feature⁤ but ⁣an essential component that‍ enhances the vehicle’s functionality. With their striking design, superior strength, and ‌versatility, they position the Cybertruck as a truly innovative and practical pickup ⁤truck. The roof ​bars provide users with the ability to carry substantial loads securely while adding an element of style to the overall aesthetic. Whether it’s for work or play, the Cybertruck’s roof bars elevate the traditional pickup truck experience to a new⁤ level.